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Aaron Avraham - Holistic Psychotherapist

Teaching Consciousness, Energy Levels, and Conscious Creation


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Hey, I’m Aaron Avraham, author of the books “Beyond Limits” and “Meditation Master”, a holistic psychotherapist, and Consciousness & Energy Researcher. I completed my BA in psychology in 2023, with a highly praised seminal work on meditation’s benefits. As a holistic psychotherapist I help individuals reach new heights of performance, awareness, and higher states of consciousness. I believe you can attract new experiences into your life by changing your inner state, raising your Energy Levels, and connecting to higher versions of yourself. I teach internationally about Consciousness, Energy, and Conscious Creation through my books, website, private group, and 1 on 1 work. 

I invite you to explore this website and my work to enjoy the materials, which are found by people to be fun, enjoyable, and beneficial in creating rapid improvements in all areas of life.

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