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Raise your vibe with these 12 Healing High Vibrational Foods

High Vibrational foods are those that we can rely on to help us sustain our physical body and elevate our senses. These foods are high in energy and radiate at a higher vibration than other types of foods out there.

When you consume high vibrational foods, you will experience an expansion in consciousness, especially when combined with other healthy living and practices such as fasting, meditation, drinking clean water, and eating moderately. They can also help you balance your Chakra System by mellowing down or enhancing energy when needed.

Raw Honey

honey - one of the high vibrational foods

Honey is one of the most important materials in nature. It is one of the materials that are the most healthy and high vibrational foods that give great relief and solace from various dis-eases, sicknesses, and other harmful effects. The Honey heals the body, has antibacterial effects, and heals pain. Especially Raw Honey that wasn’t processed/heated.

You can also spread honey on your body to heal your skin if there are any ailments. You can eat honey when your throat is sore or even if you’re mildly cold. It is best to eat honey daily to maintain a healthy body and increase your natural immunity.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is one of the healthiest oils. It is blessed with incredible health properties for the proper functioning of the body. It is great for the digestive system and it gives strength and vitality to the body. When you consume olive oil the body strengthens and grows to new mental and physical heights.


Sage has incredible healing properties for wisdom, understanding, and spiritual growth. There are great natural ingredients in Sage for the brain, stomach, digestion system, and the rest of the body. Additionally, it is also antibacterial.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is one of the highest vibrational foods when consumed in moderation. It has powerful anti-oxidants and grants clean energy to the system. Be sure to consume 75-80% of cacao or more for the best effects.


Chamomile is great for relaxing the body and for deep sleep. It has a great calming effect and relaxes the body. It gives great peace and happiness to man’s spirit. Chamomile is excellent to unwind the soul.

Black Seed Oil

Very healthy, full of quality and abundance that streams in your body as a detoxifying material. When you take it you can immediately feel the strong cleansing and healing effect, as if you’re drinking an alchemical potion that grants you elite health.

Black Coffee

Black coffee contains many anti-oxidants and is extremely healthy and energizing. Coffee has incredible power in vitalizing the body and increasing your natural energy, while raising your awareness and focus levels.

Korean Ginseng

Great for heightened physical and sexual energy in the body. It increases heat energy that radiates to all of your body and your physical abilities. It greatly aids in focus and deep concentration.


Tumeric is one of the foods that can immensely aid in healing you within. It is a miracle herb that holds anti-cancerous traits and fights inflammations in the body. It is highly recommended to consume daily in a pill.


Consuming Ginger will already feel as if you’re consuming a potent medicine – the taste and effects are almost immediate if you are fine tuned to energy. Your body loves ginger as it has strong cleansing and elevating effects. Recommended to drink with Honey and Lemon as Tea for immunity strengthening.


Garlic is natural antibiotics. It has very strong physical and energetical healing effects. It is also a spiritual protector and guards you against evil energies that may reside in your body or home. Highly recommended.


Coriander is great for soothing your body and providing a natural relaxing effect. It relaxes the nerves and allows you to digest better. It also tastes great in various recipes.



A type of sugar that helps with deeper sleep and muscle building. it is a great addition to a healthy diet and opens up a new dimension for the mind and soul.


Is a great supplement to build muscles and increase the body’s natural growth abilities. Will help you add a lot of muscle mass while increasing your energy and strengthening the body.


Magnesium is a rich mineral that aids the muscles functionality and improves the quality of sleep. It is proven to reduce muscle cramps and it aids in improving your mood and general energy.

How to Identify High-Vibrational Foods?

When you tune in to your senses in the body, you’ll learn how to pick up on the energy that a food type emits. Once you are able to do so, you’ll be able to read the energy level of the food and understand if it’s a good food for you to consume or not – and to what extent.

How to eat more high vibrational foods regularly?

The foods in this list are highly recommended to incorporate in your daily life. They can easily become part of your regular diet by combining them in your favorite dishes or intaking them separately as part of a routine.

For example, you can start cooking your eggs with olive oil instead of butter. You can start eating a cube of quality dark chocolate after your meal. Garlic can easily become part of your daily meals. You can make a strong tea of chamomile with honey, ginger, and sage.

Play around and mix up these ingredients and you’ll see how your vibrational frequency keeps growing and expanding. These high vibrational foods will be essential on your journey to expand your consciousness and raise your natural energy levels.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspired you to try new types of foods in your life – and add some of those on the list to your menu. I am sure you’ll find these high vibrational foods powerful in your personal spiritual path – and generally, enhance your food dishes at home.

Let me know in the comments below if you have other healing and high vibrational foods that you live by and want to share with our community.


Aaron | Limitless Master

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