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12 High Vibrational healing plants and Herbs you can grow at home

One of nature’s greatest gifts is medicinal herbs and plants. In this article I will present 12 High Vibrational healing plants and Herbs you can grow at home.

By using these plants in your day-to-day life and adding them into your diet you will bring nature’s gifts and secrets into your living. A little goes a long way.

Let’s dive into the list.

1. Sage

12 High Vibrational healing plants and Herbs you can grow at home

The ultimate herb to grow at home is Sage, one of the most powerful herbs in nature for healing and wisdom. This herb has very strong qualities that are both antibacterial and also enhance cognitive abilities. Highly recommended to make sage tea with a teaspoon of honey for a miracle potion.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an exceptional plant to create healing and alleviate your body from various pains. Especially for heat burns, the Aloe Vera will immediately give relief. This plant is a must to have in every home and can also help in sun burns. It can also be digested to heal inner gut issues. Highly recommended.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint is a great herb to make tea and cook with, it’s medical properities are wonderful in aiding digestion and also headaches. It’s easy to grow and has great aroma.

4. Lemon Verbana

This plant has an intoxicating and sweet aroma, it’s widely used in tea for helping with relaxation and reducing stress, while helping digestion. It’s easy to grow and spreads great smell in your garden.

5. Rosemary

Growing Rosemary is great to use in cooking potatoes and meat. It also promotes cognition and memory. Rosemary is also amazing for your hair growth and to remove lice.

6. Chili peppers

Chili peppers are easy to grow and add spiciness to life. It helps with your immune system and to kill germs. When you add chili peppers to your meals you also help your digestion and strengthen your body. This increases life force and chi.

7. Basil

Basil is amazing for Italian dishes and for opening the aroma in dishes. It has great anti-inflammatory properties which act as natural medicine for the body and mind.

8. Chamomile

Chamomile is amazing in tea, it helps in calming your nerves and getting you to deep sleep. It’s a great tea for relaxation.

9. Lavender

Lavender is another great medicinal herb that can help you induce deep sleep and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is highly beneficial for the body mind and spirit with incredible smell.

10. Parsley

Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals, it can help with bone health and immune function. It’s a great addition to cooked food as a freshener, to salads and to many other dishes.

11. Thyme

Thyme has strong antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, useful in treating coughs and sore throats. It also goes well with various dishes and meat. A great herb to spice your life with while adding flavor and healing.

12. Cilantro

Cilantro helps in body detoxification and is rich in antioxidants. It has unique flavor that goes well with various dishes from fish to rice and adds depth to any meal. It’s high vibrational properties will enhance any dish.


As you can see, this list is rich with various plants and herbs, and of course there are many more available. The key is to choose 2-3 herbs you are attracted to the most and start growing them asap. These herbs will help you introduce greater healing in your body, mind, and spirit while bringing beauty into your life.

Over time you can expand your garden and add more plants that you are interested in their effects.

The beauty in these plants is the ease they can be added to your day to day life, in cooking, eating, drinking, and in various teas and dishes.

Experiment and enjoy a higher quality of living.

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