3 Simple ways to expand your consciousness

Consciousness wants to always keep expanding and growing…

To experience more and be more.

Yet the simple question is how do we allow it to expand?

How do we help it keep growing?

The answer is not in DOING… the answer is in BEING.

Chanting Om

One of the most powerful ways to clear blockages and release tension that stops your natural energy to expand and grow is chanting OM.

Chanting OM vibrates the molecular/cellular structure of your body and allows you to feel cleansed from the inside.

Just by Chanting Om regularly you’re already going to experience an incredible surge in energy and natural power.

your consciousness will find new vantage points to reach and explore from, and interesting experiences will occur to you.

Regular Meditation

If you’ve been an avid reader of my newsletter, content, and work in general you will find a common theme/thread throughout – MEDITATION.

Meditation is a superpower that few truly understand or possess in this fast paced reality we all live in.

Especially during times of high stress – at work, in your personal life, or with family…

you will feel the urge to let this one slip away and carve more time for WORK. DOING. PUSHING THROUGH.

In those times meditation doesn’t seem intuitive, and I can totally understand.. but it is not favorable to let that go.

You must have a routine in place or else you’ll fall back to old patterns.

Regular meditation will ground you and show you a path to the garden within, a place of deep tranquilness and energy to take with you wherever you go – especially if you practice in the mornings.

Giving Love

One thing that will help you raise your consciousness to new heights and perspectives is giving love…

forget about getting for a day or two… just give, give, give


Let its beautiful and sacred energy become a part of your reality and engulf you in a cosmic ray of light.

Be the light for a day or two… forget about getting back or wanting to take…

Try it for a bit… see how that feels, where it takes you, and how the people you meet interact with you…

Be and become love

Just by trying you are already going to produce a profound shift in your perception.

By working on these 3 points I suggested you are going to experience a surge in love, energy, and abundance.

The streams of abundance will open up and your prism of reality is going to become lighter and better.

Give it a go in the next few days and see what happens…

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