3 Ways to clear negative energy in your home

Hello Conscious Creator,

Aaron here, as promised in the email earlier this week, I wanted to share with you the best methods to clear negative energy from your home.

Let’s dive in.

The home is where we reside, where we rest and prepare to undertake the missions in our world.

It’s important that our state of being within the home will be as peaceful and energizing as possible.

If you’ve read my last email How To Raise your Home’s vibrations you’ll have discovered that the energy within places and events is largely determined by the people inhabiting those spaces.

It is less about the place itself, which usually tends to be neutral.

The place itself may have had an energetic imprint that brought it out of balance – for example an extremely happy family that made the place shine with energy and light, or on the contrary, a horrible incident that stamped a permanent negative vibration in the frequency of the home.

In this email, I will suggest 3 methods to clear negative energy from your home.

Unlike some other teachers and guides, I will aim to explain the rationale behind them so that it sits logically within your mind.

The methods I will suggest are a good starting point. They are not to be taken as laws or rules one must follow.


  1. Energy is always determined by the people inhabiting the house.
  2. The person with the higher and more dominant energy field will always overpower lower frequencies if they stay the course and do not comply.
  3. There is nothing that you cannot handle in terms of negativity or pain. You are the sovereign power of your home, mind, and life. You do not NEED these EXTERNAL methods to succeed in having a clear and healthy environment. Treat them like a supplement

This is NOT like the tarot cards or astrologers who want you to become dependent on them to navigate your life. This is not like fortune telling that takes the power FROM YOU – FROM WHERE IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

Working with energy is simply like physics, mathematics, music, and nature. You are not practicing witchcraft or anything like that.

This is why working with energy is superior to all of the above. It is simply understanding the dynamics of the world and reality, the mechanisms that we may or may not see with our naked eyes.

Nothing I will ever share with you is deterministic or disempowering, it will never try to shackle you down to something that takes power from you.

Now with all that being said, let me share the 3 methods you can use to cleanse your home.

Solfeggio Frequencies

When I started listening to Solfeggio Frequencies I would sense that they are a very powerful cleansing method.

They have the ability to rejuvenate your mind and heart and release a lot of tension. When played out loud on your speakers in your home they vibrate and clear any unwanted frequencies from the house.

Think about how energy flows naturally – like a river. Now imagine there are sticks in the way. The energy stops mid-way and has to wiggle through, so the flow is slowed down.

This creates blockages and creates impurities in the natural flow of energy. Now think of the solfeggio frequencies as if they are clearing the pathways. Sound travels in your home.

It breaks apart the frequencies that are not aligned with the wave it creates. This is the rationale behind it.

Placing garlic in corners of the house

The corners of your house are the most suspicious places for energy to get stuck. Think of it like dust and dirt. Usually, corners are the least attended to and gather most of the dirt in your home.

Now let’s understand why garlic. Garlic is a natural remedy and antibiotic for the body. Whatever an item does on a physical level it also does on a spiritual/energetic level. Just like when you are tired physically – it becomes harder to think.

This works the same way. Now a garlic also has many angles, if you think energetically speaking of waves – they travel through the home and gather in the corners as there is nothing to keep them moving from there.

Now when you have a garlic clove, because of it’s shape it deflects it to a new direction and doesn’t allow negative energy to build up.

Cleansing with herbs

A lot of people may already know about this method. Some people take sage and cleanse the house with smoke. This method is great because it resets the energy of a house.

It clears the air from impurities and realigns the house by killing any negativity or positivity the house held. It’s like doing a reset to the home.

The idea here is that the smoke suffocates anything that is able to exist in that space. Where there is smoke there is no life.

It has also been proven that burning sage releases anti-bacterial properties into the air.

Where there is smoke there is no energy – it is clearing the air and making a new fresh start. This is great to do before you begin rearranging your home according to more energetical laws and decorations, you can read more on the last article I published here: How To Raise your Home’s vibrations


I appreciate all of you who read so far, and I believe that once you try these practices out you can have a better feel for what it does on an energy level.

I hope you enjoyed this letter and that you found it valuable. If so, feel free to share it with a friend and shoot me an email back.


Aaron | Limitless Master

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