A higher vibe creates higher energy

The higher your vibe the mellower the energy you need to EXPERIENCE life.

When you’re in a lower vibrational state you require a huge load of sensory stimulation to experience the same feelings you can experience in a higher state of being

For example, when your taste buds are constantly bombarded with sugar and sweets

you’re going to need a huge, ever-increasing load of sugar to experience the same taste of sweetness you’re used to

The same goes with any addiction or compulsive behavior ->

You never experience the same high as the start because your dopamine system is wrecked

If we look at energy on the lower levels of vibration it is extremely DENSE

For you to enjoy a song or a meal when you’re in the lower levels of vibration it has to be filled with larger amounts of denser energy.

A song that appeals to people on a lower vibration must be high volume, full of lots of noise, and at times vulgar/aggresive content

If you constantly eat junk food you won’t be able to taste broccoli without a huge serving of butter, salt, and sugar involved in it (essentially making it a candy)

The more you desensitize your nervous system, the harsher the energy you need in order to FEEL something, anything.

This means that you are bombarding your physical body and your brain with nasty chemicals and stimulants

More important than the wrecking of your body is the destruction of your brain, the physical component of your psyche

The machine that allows you to experience your spirit and interprets reality for you

Over time your brain will collapse and your spirit will not be able to manifest itself fully in its natural containers- the body and brain

The less external stimulation needed for you to experience and feel, the higher your vibration in life and the more energy you have

The more you neutralize your nervous system, the more you’ll be able to experience and feel subtly in reality

Even a glass of water will become a fresh spring of nature that you can enjoy and marvel at when your senses are attuned to the higher vibrations of life.

It’s all about increasing your awareness and sensitivity to life.

The simplest sounds and noises will be able to excite you again, and your whole perception of the beautiful things in life can come back to your divine natureā€¦

The smile of a baby
Animals in the wild
Training hard
Holding the hand of your lover
Walks in nature
Tasteful music
Fighting for what’s right, rather than trendy
Natural meals with your family and friends
Playing an instrument

These will all become more enjoyable and natural over the degeneracy our modern world offers you as the default path to enjoyment of life

Lower vibrational activities like:

Junk food
Alcohol and Drugs
Excess TV and video games
Fighting on social media
and so forth

Will stop being that attractive because you’re vibrating on a whole different level now

The beauty of life begins when you regulate your nervous system, master your mind, and operate from a higher energetical state

I believe this is when you truly begin to live again after years of a suppressed state of mind induced by the unnatural ways we are living in today.

Start today, and see how you’re living a new life 6 months from now.

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