“A righteous man decrees, and God fulfills”

“A righteous man decrees, and God fulfills” – צדיק גוזר והקדוש ברוך הוא מקיים

When a righteous man, a man that is pure and blessed decrees, God fulfills

Understand that a true righteous man is God’s representative on earth

When he speaks, it is made to be – as the word of God.

It is because he is a person that God is happy and satisfied with, and He can see through his heart and soul to it’s great measures and degrees.

There is a connection beyond words that cannot be explained in any other way than a divine connection.

To become such a person is to let go of all that is only self-driven, and become a person that is a channel of light for the world.

The world stands on the shoulders of people who are able to break their ego’s negative traits and bad measures and reflect a higher perspective in reality.

This does not mean to lose yourself, but to find yourself in a higher version.

Over time when your word becomes stronger and stronger with God, then your word is fulfilled.

Your word and God’s word become one.

There is also the flip version of this.

You will see an evil person who is able to speak and curse others with ease, able to inflict damage and pain to others just by the speech of his tongue.

This is very similar to the traits of a Snake, that is sly, evil, and full of malicious intents.

A person that harms and wishes ill on others is always coming from the dark side.

This person is a dear friend with the Sitrah Ahra, the darker forces of reality, and gains his power from there.

But there is always a price.

Though he may seem more successful to the simple minded who gazes him from the side, he is tormented and burned from within.

Every evil person knows exactly where they are headed, yet go their with their head held up high.

It is said that hell exists for the most wicked souls that even when presented with a chance to repent, to change their ways, they stick with the path that creates suffering.

There is no rest or peace for these wicked beings.

A righteous man may suffer in his lifetime but he is promised a world of good. And even when he lives, he cannot suffer much when God is always nearby, walking the path with him.

Either way, the evil person can never inflict any harm to a just, enlightened being, or to any being more benevolent than him.

When you walk with God nothing can harm you, you are protected.

God is good and merciful. There is justice to all beings. Be of light, love, peace and strength – and you will see miracles and blessings in your life.

If you are truly blessed and righteous enough you will see your word materializing into existence. You will gain the measure of the highest of all, the One that spoke and the world was made. “אמר והיה העולם”

The good, mercy, grace and being a gentle being in creation is the highest measures of a person to live blissfully within the universe.

Guard your word, guard your soul, make a commitment to be a good person. There is nothing to gain in reality if it takes a piece of your soul, absolutely nothing.

Blessings and peace.

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