Audio Subconscious Programming

If you have read my last article Subconscious Programming – The secret to stop working hard – you may have been interested to learn more specifically about Audio Subconscious Programming.

If you also wondered what is the fastest way to reprogram the subconscious? Then audio programming may be the most effective way to do so.

This is one of the topics I am fond of and use a lot in my daily life. I have been using Audio Subconscious Programming for the last 9 years, even before I understood or knew that this is what it was called and over the years have combined more of my musical knowledge into the process.

How Audio Subconscious Programming helped me

When I joined the military at the age of 18 I was feeling very stressed and anxious from that transition. I read a few articles online and they all suggested using affirmations – so I told myself, let’s give it a go. I began using affirmations when I was in the military to help me increase my self-confidence and inner strength.

I won’t lie, as I began using them it felt a bit stupid. I would stand in front of a mirror and begin repeating the affirmations I created to help me increase my self-confidence and resilience.

The days passed and over time the results have astounded me. I discovered the affirmations I was using were extremely effective in getting me into a state of power and strength.

How affirmations work

Audio Subconscious Programming

Your mind has a filter to information that is based upon your beliefs. If you are of the belief that being healthy is the exception of the norm – then you’re going to experience health issues.

If you believe that making friends and maintaining contact is easy, you’re going to have an abundance of friends. If you believe people always love you and want to be around you… You will have many awesome people around you. This goes to anything in your life

Why does it work that way? Because your mind looks for confirmations in reality to match its assumptions. This is a way for the mind to ensure your survival and ability to stay safe. These are safety mechanisms.

If what the mind thinks isn’t true anymore – it means you are no longer safe in that position – and it will do everything it can to bring you back to the belief system that corresponds to your natural state.

This is why in order to CHANGE and REPROGRAM the mind you have to learn your deepest wiring and beliefs that the mind operates in.

The fastest way to change these beliefs on a core level is Audio Subconscious Programming

What is Audio Subconscious Programming

Audio Subconscious Programming on the very basic level is recorded affirmations usually coupled with high vibrational music that helps the message seep in more naturally. They are an efficient tool to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Audio Subconscious Programming is the fastest way to change beliefs as it’s passive and can be done in many places. You can use the affirmation tracks in the gym, while washing the dishes, while taking a walk or just before going to sleep.

The beautiful thing about these affirmations is that they allow you to release control over the process, another key element in subconscious programming, and let the affirmations repeat again and again and again for long periods of time.

As you listen to the affirmations over and over again, you begin to believe that they are true. They become your new beliefs.

Through repetition and seeing the affirmations bring real changes into your life, you are able to let go of the old limiting beliefs as well.

The power of subconscious programming is unmatched when you couple it with meditation, conscious living, and high-impact action taking.

As you use these tracks, you begin to attract more abundance and growth into your life with ease.

What affirmation tracks should you use?

The answer here is highly individual. If you have a definite goal such as improving your health, your financial status, or romantic relationships then you can focus on one aspect. The key here is repetition – it takes at least 10,000 repetitions to make an affirmation a deeply ingrained belief.

That is why you should consider carefully what you invest time in, and realize that whatever you affirm WILL come to life – sometimes in ways that will surprise you

That is why it’s important to create affirmation tracks that are empowering and allow you to experience the full power of these affirmations.

You want to make the affirmations forward-moving and impactful, not wishy-washy affirmations that hold no energetical weight.

Another point to think about is taking affirmations from the web is not a guarantee for high-quality work.

Some people place subliminal messages that benefit them rather than you. This isn’t said to spread fear or panic – just to make you aware that you are consuming from a source you trust and intuitively feel called towards.

Personalized affirmation tracks

Since I believe that affirmations and subconscious programming are some of the most powerful solutions to create a more harmonious and successful life, one of the solutions and services I created is Personalized Affirmation Tracks.

I believe that every person has unique needs and a unique energetic field that needs different attention, words, and feelings. Every person has a unique vibe and to really enhance the journey of the person to its fullest potential, the process should be personalized as well.

The process is a special and unique experience that allows for deep self-discovery and realization of your true path and the vision you aspire to create.

In this process, I meet with the client to understand what their special vision and goals they wish to manifest and bring forward to existence.

We then create a personalized and potent affirmation list that will correspond to the goal, or multiple lists for several goals.

Afterward, the affirmations are recorded by the client, as having affirmations that are self-recorded are the best possible ones.

In the meeting, we also assess the musical vibes and taste of the client and match them to the energy and vibe that the client wishes to experience. This creates an added layer of harmony and correspondence with the vision and the person. This creates an energetic match between them.

When I have all the materials, I go into the studio and record a personalized track for my client, I add in the layers that we discussed – whether it is waves from the ocean, a breeze from the mountains, raindrops in the forest or the sound of a crackling fire. We also add soundscapes and solfeggio frequencies that match the energy my client wishes to bring to life. Here’s a solfeggio frequency I created from my youtube channel.

If you want to manifest more physical goals we will fine-tune the music to the lower frequencies which are more dense in their energy such as 174 Hz or 417 Hz. If the goal is more ethereal, spiritual, or ascension related it would be on the higher frequencies on the 741 Hz or 963 Hz.

The finalized result is a custom-made track that you love, and enjoy, and will accelerate you into a higher state of success, fulfillment, and manifestation of your vision and goals.

You’ll be able to listen to it anywhere and at any time – especially in the morning after waking up or in the night before going to sleep. This will create a ripple effect of momentum, flow, and achievement in your life.

If that interests you, I welcome you to schedule a session with me here and we’ll create an awesome personalized audio subconscious programming for you together.

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