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The 3 Energy Levels of Business

The 3 Energy Levels of Business is a model I created to observe the market from the Energy Levels and consciousness perspective. These levels determine the market you are in, the customers you serve, and the type of business model you build. There are generally three types of businesses with 3 different Energy Levels: If […]

What is your life’s purpose on earth?

Have you ever wondered what is your life’s purpose on earth? Why are you living the life you are living? What is the secret reason for your specific existence on this planet? Through my research, exploration, and experience in this topic I have found many conflicting ideas that come up. These can all be considered […]

Find the way back home

There was a time in your life when you were less worried. Less tired. Less fearful. There was a time in your life when you were filled with happiness, hope, and joy. There was a time when you had more and more energy every single day and things just worked themself out for you. It […]

How would a Higher Consciousness Society Look Like?

On my path to a higher consciousness living, a way of being in the world that is more harmonious with people, animals, and nature I often ask myself this question: “How can we make it higher consciousness?” Higher consciousness means more energy, better vibes, more harmony, more flow. Less: resistance, negativity, lack, low vibrations, fear-based. […]

Money is Energy

Money is a type of energy. Everything in life is energy – yet there are many types of energies that manifest in reality. Each of these elements has a different flavor, taste, hue, fragrance, or frequency. The energy of money is one of the most interesting ones to explore and discover – especially if you […]

Consciousness is not confined to the head

Most people walk around with the feeling that their consciousness, their awareness is chained to the head. If we look at it objectively, it makes sense as most people connect their sense of awareness to their brain. This is a common misconception that can limit your ability to experience different realms of consciousness, and different […]

The Power of Energy Healing

Energy healing is 100% real. It works fast and efficiently with great success. In simple, you can heal someone by placing your hands above them and channeling energy in their direction. This is how it works. There are more techniques and levels to this, of course, that would make the healing much faster, powerful, and […]

What is Shadow Work

Shadow work is one of the most unusual practices you can apply in your path to becoming your Limitless Self. Shadow work is very similar in a sense to working with trapped emotions What are Trapped Emotions – though it involves more specific patterns that keep repeating and recurring in your life on a periodical […]

Releasing Addiction

Releasing Addiction

Releasing addiction is about understanding what addiction really is – and why it keeps repeating. Why are you addicted to something? When does a behavior move into the realms of addiction? Why does addiction happen? And how can YOU let it go from your life? I am going to discuss these questions today, and share […]

Reaching The Core Self

Underneath all the layers you have accumulated during your living in this world is the core of your true self, a place where you are fully complete. The CORE SELF is another perspective into the Limitless Self, one can say they are one and the same. The name Core Self is to define your core, […]