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“A righteous man decrees, and God fulfills”

“A righteous man decrees, and God fulfills” – צדיק גוזר והקדוש ברוך הוא מקיים When a righteous man, a man that is pure and blessed decrees, God fulfills Understand that a true righteous man is God’s representative on earth When he speaks, it is made to be – as the word of God. It is…...

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The Pitfall of Conspiracy Theories

The greatest pitfall of conspiracy theories is not providing an alternative “The world sucks and is a dark place to live in!” “The Elites are evil!” “It’s all lies” Okay. now what? What do you propose to the people? There’s never a practical roadmap or suggestion for how to behave in the face of this […]

How to use the Alien Eyes method to get better at Reality Creation

The reality you experience is simply your unique perception of it. In order to change the reality you are currently experiencing You simply have to look at reality from a different perception and perspective The problem is that most of us get highly identified with a certain reality and viewpoint and it makes our consciousness…...

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12 High Vibrational healing plants and Herbs you can grow at home

One of nature’s greatest gifts is medicinal herbs and plants. In this article I will present 12 High Vibrational healing plants and Herbs you can grow at home. By using these plants in your day-to-day life and adding them into your diet you will bring nature’s gifts and secrets into your living. A little goes […]

How can rolling the dice help you become better at manifesting?

Setting Intentions is one of the fastest ways to manifest and manipulate reality One of the easiest ways to practice intention setting is in games The reason is that games are like a simulation to reality, just much faster and with less friction or constraints Next time you play backgammon or any other cube game, […]

How playing video games or sports can help you in Reality Mastery and Manifestation

One of the reasons I enjoy researching video games/sports behaviors and rituals is that they reveal a lot about human nature, consciousness, and how energy works These fields are a direct reflection of reality but simply on a higher speed of events Many people who play video games/sports use these principles, which are also directly […]

How to Master Your Reality

To Master Your Reality – you first need to master your own personal frequency. This Article will guide you in the process.

3 Ways to clear negative energy in your home

Hello Conscious Creator, Aaron here, as promised in the email earlier this week, I wanted to share with you the best methods to clear negative energy from your home. Let’s dive in. The home is where we reside, where we rest and prepare to undertake the missions in our world. It’s important that our state […]

How To Raise your Home’s vibrations

In this article, I will guide you in the process of how To Raise your home’s vibrations and allow more natural and powerful energy to enter your life. Let’s dive in… After spending time in many different places through my military service, traveling around the world, and also living in various cities throughout my life […]

Who’s In Your Corner? Thank You Limitless!

This post was originally posted here by my client in the Reality Master Coaching program. This was a post about the process and how he experienced our work together. Shared here with full permission. Preamble I diligently review my notes the day after my weekly calls with Limitless Master (not his real name, obviously). Usually, by that […]