How clutter is ruining your mental clarity and well being

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The Clutter Speaks

How clutter is ruining your mental clarity and well being

Have you ever felt that you’re entering a cluttered place and all of a sudden your senses are swarmed, your energy is sapped, and your mental field is distorted?

This is a common phenomenon for anyone, and even more for highly intuitive and sensitive people.

When I say sensitive I refer to people who have a stronger ability to sense energy, rather than emotionally sensitive.

The fact of the matter is that every object in your space is sending millions of electrical signals to your brain and they are all grabbing a piece of your attention.

Additionally, there is little to no harmony in the compilation of items in most modern environments.

This creates huge dissonance in the energy and vibration of the space, making most modern places an extremely chaotic place for the mind and your energy field, whether you consciously realize it or not.

Spaces that are energy takers vs givers

One of the reasons you get energized when being in nature is the natural order and harmony in the chaos. (See also: How to Elevate Your Energy)

Even though nature also has a huge variety of items – animals, plants, trees, and so forth – the elements have a natural way of blending together and creating a harmonious environment that elevates your natural energy.

When you go to the mall, your energy gets sapped away.

You do not get energized because there is no inherent harmony and energy flow in the space.

The lighting is artificial, the stores are bombarded with signs calling your attention, and the wide variety of smells/noises/sights blend to a cacophony of signals that takes energy away.

A farmers market for example is way higher on the energy scale, especially if it’s in an open space and offers fresh produce with minimally decorated stands in nature.

This can be a very energizing and refreshing experience compared to the mall.

As a general rule of thumb, the less cluttered and the more simple it is – the higher the energy it emits and gives you.

Your Home is your ground base of energy

At home, the place where you spend most of your time, or at least a majority of it, the clutter is even more important to manage and order.

When you have a cluttered home your whole being becomes cluttered and distorted.

Your mind cannot function to its highest degree when there is clutter all around you.

Even if the clutter is in your basement or attic – you will always subconsciously be aware that your home is not ordered.

Your attic and basement are symbols for your subconscious mind and therefore it is crucial that you create a harmonious order in all spaces of your home.

Homes of people that are not ordered create many internal blockages of energy and problems for their owners.

For those of you who still haven’t made the connection between your inner and outer world this may seem an exaggeration.

Yet as a consciousness researcher, I have studied this phenomena widely and I assure you that people’s homes have one of the most profound effects on the psyche.

A cluttered home is a clear signal of a cluttered psyche and many more internal resistances that have to be dealt with such as: fear of lack/poverty, anxiety and stress, lack of trust in the source of abundance, and negative subconscious memories/trauma/experiences.

The reason all these problems are manifested as a cluttered home is two-fold:

The first reason is that a cluttered home is an opportunity to focus on external problems rather than addressing the internal turmoil that holds the person back.

When they create an external problem that is so large and mighty, the internal problem is pushed further away in the psyche and goes even deeper into the subconscious.

The second reason is that the person is vibrating on the level of energy of clutter, therefore it is almost impossible for them to identify with a higher, cleaner, and more harmonious version of reality before changing their inner vibration.

If you’ve noticed, the first reason is an external one, and the second is an internal one – which are both different sides of the same coin.

So what’s the solution?

In fact, every problem you have manifests both internally and externally – and you can begin solving it through acting in any of these directions.

In this specific problem, if a person finds it easier to go higher on his energy level and begin working on himself from the inside out, he will find that the home is getting tidier and clearer every day, without much challenge, just as his mind is increasing in clarity and power, and his spirit is evolving.

This is a natural transition across timelines, it will happen without lifting a finger.

The person will simply begin to raise and expand her consciousness levels and create a more harmonious version of reality which will have to manifest as a new and better environment.

How it will happen practically is beyond my ability to explain detail by detail, but there will be a synchronistic chain of events that will propel a change in the external environment.

For example, the person may suddenly find that he has the urge to do a huge yard sale and dispose of all their excess materials, or they will one day come back home and find their partner had cleared up the basement and the attic, or their mother will offer to renovate.

Asking “HOW” or “WHEN” or even wishing it to be in one single way is a huge limitation in this process, and in any process of reality creation.

For another person who finds it challenging to begin working on their inner world and waiting for the change to manifest naturally, the solution is simple – start clearing up the environment by yourself.

Through doing so, you’ll immediately experience an increase in your energy levels – and therefore you have shifted your internal world.

This is the process of all Reality Creation

The whole process of reality creation, manifestation, and expanding consciousness is realizing you can operate on both vectors to bring the solution and reality you wish forward.

The best way of being is always operating from these two vectors and bringing forth change both internally and externally.


Working on your mind and spirit, your subconscious beliefs, your internal resistance and blockages. Setting intentions, visualizing your end goal manifesting.


Doing the work that’s needed. Taking action from a place of BEING – as the person you wish to become. Taking aligned action with your purpose and vision.

Aligning the energy in the space

I want to emphasize an important point here – you decide your energy and vibe.

There is no set of rules that confine you to its systems of energy – believing so creates a low-vibration existence and experience.

Systems like Feng Shui for example should be taken with a grain of salt. Take what works and discard the rest.

We are ascending the age of dogma and rules into a more intuitive and energetical based one.

If it feels like the right setting and harmonious to you, then you’re on the right path. Gain insight through experience.

What will work for one person will not work for the other.

The value in a set system is that over time people have found common patterns for what works or doesn’t in terms of energy flow in a home or any other space.

This creates more harmony and a stronger flow in the home that enters the body and spirit.

In general, I tend to believe that the less you have the better in the home.

Not from a minimalistic or ascetic approach – but from a holistic point of view.

By having fewer items and objects cluttering your space you are able to have a stronger flow of energy in the house and focus on the elements that are important to your being.

For example, I enjoy having plants, crystals, wooden furniture, books, electric guitars, stereo speakers, and art in my living room. That’s my preference and anything I add to that takes away from the essence I aim to create.

It’s not about the amount of ingredients you add to the recipe but the way they all combine and harmonize together.

Focusing on your spirit

We’ve talked a lot about organization in homes and other spaces in this letter, but the key takeaway is that these concepts reflect in any area of your life.

In wealth, relationships, health, and communication with others – if you manage to create harmony and reduce the clutter, you’ll find more of the signal.

This is why I believe the elements of working on your mind, spirit, and energy are the most important and crucial in the process of creating a successful and prosperous life.

If you have a clear and quite mind, everything organizes and harmonizes naturally and effortlessly.

Just like in nature.

The river of energy flows with extended power and the subconscious blockages are resolved.

Whatever holds you back in life always has roots somewhere in your consciousness, as a mental program or subconscious blockage that is manifesting as an issue.

Every illness, negative experiences/relationships, or losses all begin in the root of the mind that is creating stress, worry, doubt, and fear.

Over time it is like a cocktail of negativity that creates real life consequences.

The key to avoid materializing this negative energy is changing the energy at the root.

To not allow toxic energy to flow in your life, and replace the root with a pure, clear, beautiful energy that affects all areas of life with positivity, growth, and blessings.

Things automatically resolve when addressed from the root cause, from the spirit, and a higher energy level.

If this process of inner cleansing and the creation of a new empowering reality interests you, I welcome you to enroll in The Subconscious Architect Course and get step-by-step guidance in your journey inward to create clearer and higher vibration, energy, and reality that fit your ideal vision of life.

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As always, thank you for your attention and for being a part.


Aaron | Limitless Master

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