Connecting to the world of truth in a dream

To those of you who are connected to higher frequencies, you know this world is a temporary world compared to the higher realms.

Even if you are not sure, you may feel it at times in moments of fear, death or elevation, bliss

Through dreams and meditation, we can get an even better glimpse to the higher worlds of truth.

I want to share with you my story of a time when I saw this world vividly clear…

The happening was after my Grandmother passed away when I was 24.

I had a very special connection to my Grandmother, and she was a very special person to me and to my family.

From all of my family members, I had a very special connection with her as well as she had with me.

When she passed away, I remember that everyone in my family was very sad. Everyone was crying and mourning her deeply.

For some reason, I felt a bit different. It’s not that I wasn’t sad, it’s not that I didn’t care, but I felt that she was in a better place now.

When I went to sleep a few nights after, I had a powerful and vivid dream. In my dream, I saw my grandmother in pure white clothes with two beautiful angels on both sides.

When I talked with her, she told me she is taken care of, they are guiding her, and she is alright.

In my dream, she was healthy, younger, and full of light and life. I had never seen her that way, but I now knew she was in the world of truth, a world where all layers of the body are gone, and only her soul is present.

When I woke up, I knew it wasn’t just a regular dream. It was clear as day, it was like being in a different dimension but awake in that dream. I shared it with my close family and they were very happy. I was happy and from that moment onward I never mourned her again. I knew she is taken care of, and I was happy.

Later on I learned it was not a simple dream but a revelation.

After a person passes away they go to the higher worlds where they may be in a good condition or a bad condition, depending on the life they lived and the baggage they leave with.

As I researched, I read many Rabbi’s, spiritual guides, and kabbalist wisdom which say that after a person passes away, they usually comes to the person they are most close with to their dream and shares their condition.

According to that, we know if there is more we can do for the person, so that their soul can ascend to the higher worlds more pleasantly.

If the person is dressed in white light and blessed with the presence of angels, we know they are in a good place and we can let go.

If the soul tells you it is suffering, and is dressed in black clothes, there are certain prayers and actions to do to help the soul.

To be blessed in receiving such a revelation in a dream is considered a very big blessing and gift. It is something not every person is blessed with in their lives. To this day, this is one of my happiest memories and experiences in life, and I thank God for being blessed with it.

Some people I went to tell about this dream didn’t see it as something significant, even told me it was just a dream and I was exaggerating/”dreaming”, but I know what I have seen, and I know that the higher worlds exist.

This was the first moment in my life that made me realize that I see things from the world of spirit differently, that my connection to God is different than others and I want to help others experience the same.

This was one of the pivotal moments that showed me a deeper glimpse into the world of truth- and guide me in my work today.

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