“CREATING MORE TIME” on your own

This post will guide you on the journey toward Personal Time Dilation

How many times have you tried to get more done in less time, but miserably failed? How many times did your task list just kept on growing and growing, and you were just sitting there devastated by the weight of it? I believe I have finally found the solution…

For those of you already reading me for a while, you know I’m a big fan of the Flow State and the FLOW STATE LIVING philosophy which I stand for. The Flow state has been one of the best solutions for most challenges I found in the modern world ESPECIALLY time management…

For those of you who’ve never been into the FLOW STATE, it is a state of heightened perception and focus, where you are fully dedicated to the task at hand and can do more in the span of less time.

Through tapping into the Flow State you are able to become one with your task and enter the Auto Telic state. This state is highly beneficial in getting things done, fast, and achieving your goals with quality output. The question that arises is how exactly does this happen?

In my own experiences with the flow state, I have discovered I can get exponentially more done in less time – it went beyond the normal conventions… In some sessions, I would be able to output ~5000 words in just 2 hours of writing. This is a very high output. but how?

Now here comes the mind-blowing and fantastical part which I’m sure will sweep you off your feet. When I started to think about this phenomenon I came to one conclusion: There is no other explanation than time dilation.

My subjective perception of time must have shifted during the flow state experience Yet how would that be possible?

Well, if you study the theory behind time dilation and the relativity of time, you’ll discover pretty quickly that the higher the mass of a body, the slower time moves near it compared to a lighter mass. Additionally, you can take a look at this equation – E=MC^2

This equation states that mass and energy are proportionally tied together. The higher the mass, the higher the potential energy of it. So, if we take this back to my observation, the higher the energy, the higher the mass as well.

Now, in the Flow state, your energy is magnified as you are putting all of your attention and focus into the power of the moment. This means that if your energy increases, then your mass also increases.

Through this equation, you are also experiencing time moving more slowly. If that is the case, your flow state is a tool to bend time and get more time out of the day. The skeptics will say it is marginal and makes no difference, but I argue differently.

We can say that everything is marginal, yet if you take your body temperature by 1 degree up or down, you will feel sick. If you drink a glass of cold water you will feel a cold rush. And so forth, our body is a very sensitive instrument.

When you learn how to use different mental states right, you can bend the fabric of space and time – you can allow your spirit to exist in a state of expansion, and eventually experience more time, which is equal to more life. The Flow State is just one of these special states.

I talk about this phenomenon in more depth inside of my book. If you want to learn about how to bend the fabric of space and time, understand the different types of mental states, and how you can bend reality to your will, I invite you to get a copy of my new book “Beyond Limits”. Check it out here

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