Everything in your reality was created by you.

Everything in your reality was created by you.

Either you have asked for things to unfold this way in a “soul contract” or you have created this through persistent thought patterns and your belief system.

And since you now know, you can now change – and reshape the way you view the world to be.

To break the barriers of your thinking you have to amplify thoughts and beliefs you wish to cultivate and experience while killing those you wish to stop experiencing.

If you always see yourself as the small person with small dreams, you will never find an opportunity to change that or create an alternative scenario.

From a belief it becomes a phenomenon – just as the sun will rise again tomorrow, so will you wake up with small aspirations and perceptions of your Self.

This sounds strange but if you think about it you’ll see that your beliefs really do make up reality.

Rewiring your own belief system is one of the most powerful steps on your journey to ascend to a new reality – to a higher vibrational state where you are more in tune with your true self

The barriers between your true self and reality shorten and you bring yourself into expression more clearly.

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