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You may have been wondering, What is FLOW STATE LIVING, what it means, and perhaps, how to embrace this way of being… wonder no more!

In today’s issue, I’m going to dive into FLOW STATE LIVING as a way of being, why I think it is the optimal experience for human beings, and how you can embrace it into your own life with natural ease.

There are so many gems in this issue, so make yourself a hot cup of coffee, and some classical music in the background if you like, kick back, relax, and enjoy the read.

Before we dive in, let’s talk about The need from which FLOW STATE LIVING arises…

In today’s world, without a doubt, we are more distracted, unfocused, negative, and polarized than ever.

There is only one thing to blame… Our smartphones.

They are the root of all evil.

Or are they?

Lol ok ok. Of course not, I’m just messing with you. With all seriousness, there’s something much more problematic going on here…

The Blockers of FLOW

In fact, throughout history, there was always a form of distraction… Newspapers, magazines, the show at the town square, mundane gatherings, alcohol, gambling, and so forth.

Nothing of that is new – it only became much more instant and accessible… but without doubt, YOU are the one who is responsible for your well-being and feeling better.

Yes, it may be harder nowadays to find your focus, your center, and your inner peace. I’m not dismissing that.

I just want you to understand that for every situation and place we are in life, we get to choose whether are we in an INTERNAL Locus of control – “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my ship, I can change the reality to shape around my desires”

Or are you giving out your power to an EXTERNAL Locus of control – “Things happen TO me, I have no control over my life, Everything is coming to get me” kind of mindset? It’s important that you choose correctly.



With that being said, when we are able to shift the paradigm in our favor, we can begin to look at life from a Flow perspective and embrace the human experience as an enjoyable, beneficial state to be at.

The whole essence of Flow State Living is to make life an experience worth living.

When a person is immersed in the Flow State, he is able to make any situation or occurrence into a delightful experience. They are able to transform even the most mundane into a complex and challenging experience that is very rewarding.

What is Flow?

The Flow state is in fact what people experience in a deep session of work, playing music, writing, reading, walking, exercising, cooking, meditation, having conversations, and also during sex, eating, focused vision, and focused listening.

It is the state where you are deeply immersed in the task that is both challenging and interesting to you at the optimal level for your competence, you enter the state of Flow.

For example, a violin player practicing a new piece slightly beyond or matches their level of competence will enter Flow. It challenges and invigorates their being and makes them fulfilled.

Yet, if the piece is too hard, or too easy, the player will lose interest and neglect the craft.

To decide on embracing FLOW STATE LIVING is much like deciding whether we are making everything in our life more enjoyable, gamified, fun, and prosperous.

The reason is that we are becoming more naturally curious, influenced, and immersed in life. We become more aware of the possibilities laid in front of us and we focus on maximizing our engagement with them – we start to look WITHIN for the challenge and the fulfillment of accomplishing the goals we have set.

It becomes less interesting to watch others perform when you can do so yourself, or rather it becomes more enjoyable to invest your time in activities that make you Better, Stronger, Smarter, and more capable.

To push yourself to the edge, both physically, mentally, and spiritually, and discover the rare potentialities and gifts that are waiting for you inside while practicing your own crafts.

The Essential FLOW STATE LIVING Paradigm:

The Stages of Flow – By Limitless Reader

When each stage is mastered, there is a sense of mastery and fulfillment in life. When you are devoted to a craft, and a worthy purpose and goal – you begin to ascend higher – both mentally, physically, and spiritually. The stages are usually not linear. You may jump from one to the other even in the span of one day. It is important to learn how to enjoy each of these stages while being less and less in the Flow Blockers level.

The whole purpose of FLOW STATE LIVING is to bring order to your consciousness and allow you to exert more energy towards higher pursuits.

When you are living in a state of chaos, doubt, and fear, it becomes increasingly hard to bring the energy and mental focus toward the goals you have set to achieve. That is why Homeostasis the basic needs should be met and maintained at all times as a foundation to FLOW STATE LIVING.

When all is working in a beautiful rhythm it becomes a positive feedback loop that allows you to enter an upward spiral and enjoy the continuous benefits of this magical state…

Some of the immediate benefits one may experience would be:

  • Enhanced Focus
  • Increased Creativity and Inspiration
  • More life energy and vitality
  • Ability to enter peak performance, and get more done in less time
  • Higher states of consciousness and a connection to a higher source of wisdom
  • The Auto-telic experience – becoming one with the craft and the path
  • Release anxiety, worry, doubt, stress, and negativity and focus on the present, wherein all power lies.
  • A Deeper connection to the Untapped, Unconscious part of the mind, and an ability to bring new insights and processing power forth
  • Enhanced cognitive processing
  • New perceptions and perspectives of life
  • Higher fulfillment, Joy, Ecstasy of being, Peace, Radiance

And so forth.

The benefits are endless but these are the main ones that stood out to me throughout my own experience.

There are probably a 100 more that I can mention, some major, some more nuanced that will require sophistication and creativity to deliver within the framework we have in this edition’s newsletter.

The best way to experience and explore more of these benefits is to embrace FLOW STATE LIVING as your own way of life. If you’re interested in diving deeper into this philosophy in a practical and actionable way,  I recommend you check out my Course The Subconscious Architect , which opens the door to these experiences, mastery over the unconscious mind, and many more.

HOW to enter and embrace FLOW STATE LIVING

Now that we’ve gained a certain understanding of the philosophy and way of being, we can discuss how we can further facilitate the state as a natural way of being.

In order to enter flow, you may want to create a life based on these principles. I will break this down in a meta-analysis fashion:

1. Remove distractions from your environment -> As I’m writing this letter to you, my phone is located in the other room. I have closed all my browsers and writing on an app called Obsidian (which allows me to further connect ideas and notes). I removed any major obstacles that may hold me from my ability to focus.

2. Complete Immersion in the task -> In order for me to write this letter proficiently, I am fully immersed, fully present, and being, almost merged with the task ahead. Time is slowing down, or fastening up, but I am not aware of it at the moment. I am here and now. The whole world does not exist at this moment but me and this letter!

3. Focus and skill -> The level of focus and skill that I have cultivated in order to reach this point is a degree of years of practice in the craft of writing, distilling ideas, and developing my inner ability to focus and concentrate. The level of this letter matches my current level of competence in the art of writing. I may choose to stretch it slightly above the current mark and in fact push my abilities to the max, as long as it doesn’t become too hard and kicks me out of the Playful aspect. Does this mean you have to practice for YEARS to become good? No. It just means that the more you practice and enter flow, the more you’ll improve and find joy and meaning in the work… while reaping the rewards of your work.

4. Meaning and objectives -> As I am writing this letter, I have a clear outcome in my mind. I outlined how I want to write this letter and what I want to convey, so all I have to do is write it. I am not thinking too much of how it will come out or what it would look like in the end (Setting the rules before you start) and therefore flow becomes more natural

5. Environment, Rituals, and Flow enhancers -> Everyone thrives in certain environments, and rituals can help you get faster into FLOW. For example, for me, I go to sit down at my desk, with a cup of strong black coffee, put on my studio headphones, tune in with some classical music, and then begin to write. This sequence is HARDWIRED in my mind like a program, I in fact Programmed myself that just by smelling the fresh coffee my mind is already primed and ready for the task. As I lay my fingers on the mechanical keyboard they start typing on their own, there isn’t much thinking involved in the process. Remember the chart above, it is the state of being, of becoming one with your craft.

This is the peak experience of FLOW STATE LIVING and it only keeps expanding and compounding over practice & time.

The Golden Triangle of Performance

Throughout my experiences I have found the perfect combination that allows one to BE in a state of perpetual Flow, the way that creates the positive feedback loop of success.

This applies to all fields of expertise and lines of work that require deep focus and concentration, with immersion and creativity. To tackle the unknown.

I outlined this in 3 simple states that multiply and compound exponentially when cultivated regularly inside THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF PERFORMANCE:

caption for image

Here it is with examples to help understand the Golden Triangle Of Performance:

The Writer Triangle (No, ChatGPT isn’t a writer lol)
The Musician Triangle

As I am mainly a writer and a also a musician as my passion, I wanted to check if this formula fits other fields in which I am less immersed in.

The results surprised me in a positive way, it aligns perfectly:

caption for image
caption for image
caption for image

And so forth with any field of expertise that requires this level of performance.

Feel free to encourage and or challenge my idea with a reply, if you’re a working professional in one of these fields, or share a word of encouragement\support if you find this resonates with your own field of expertise as well.

Bringing in the magic into Existence ->

Within FLOW STATE LIVING, life becomes a magical event.

This state of making your experience of life richer, and more abundant with love, experiences, relationships, wealth, prosperity, and creation.

As this state becomes your modus operandi, your natural way of being you become what you admire. You become the writer you look up to, the singer who moves your heart, the speaker that people gravitate towards, and the salesman who persuades from a place of power, and integrity, not force. You become the beacon of light in your life and others.

This is true mastery over life and reality begins to bend around you. Your will becomes divine will through which everything happens naturally without effort, without friction.

Yes, there may be hard times and events, but through your mastery of the experience of LIFE which is in fact what FLOW STATE LIVING is all about, you realize YOU are life, YOU and LIFE are one. They are both one and the same, as you gain the ability to shift any circumstance into your personal field of gold.

This is the magic that the ancients have spoken about, where one creates as they speak, when one’s being is tuned to the natural gifts and talents – he becomes powerful and creative. He embraces the natural stream of life, and through the power of imagination, creation, thinking, speech, and a strong purpose to be of service to others everything flows naturally.

Through consistent practice and improvement of your craft, with a state of deep awareness and expansion, you become a more complex being, and the Self gains more power over its surroundings. The FLOW STATE LIVING is the key to all you wish to come true in your life, and through it, material objectives become less and less important and relevant, in a paradoxical way. The experience itself and its impact are at the front, and that is what brings a truly virtuous and fulfilling life.

I invite you to embrace the FLOW STATE LIVING Philosophy, share it with your family, friends, and loved ones, and tag me whenever you have an insight or deep understanding you want to share. Together we’re able to make this way of being the cure from which society and humanity become better, through individual transformation and change, and not through imposing standards.

As you change, the world around you changes. As you transform, others are transformed through your presence. This is the key to bringing the change, love, and prosperity you desire into your world and others.

If you’re determined to bring FLOW STATE LIVING into your life and want guidance to create this ideal experience in all areas of your life, I am confident you will find  The Subconscious Architect course  a profound, life-changing experience that will open the door for you to access and tap into these states on command.

Unlock a richer experience and achieve landmarks you’ve never imagined are possible, in a fraction of the time – and to gain mastery over your mind & subconscious mind, to create the ideal 2.0 version of yourself that is naturally in the state of flow at all times. A You that is Prosperous, Abundant, and Fulfilled, without the limiting beliefs, negativity, and doubt, that block you from enjoying life.  Join here. 

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

P.S Thanks for all the kind and warm words you shared with me this week on the newsletter issues. I am grateful. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you being here! If you’re inspired, I love when you share with others, encourage writing back to me, and further deepen our connection.

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Special thanks to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi for his work and contribution to understanding the Flow State as we know it in modern times.

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