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How can rolling the dice help you become better at manifesting?

Setting Intentions is one of the fastest ways to manifest and manipulate reality

One of the easiest ways to practice intention setting is in games

The reason is that games are like a simulation to reality, just much faster and with less friction or constraints

Next time you play backgammon or any other cube game, set an intention for the dice to hit your desired numbers

6×6, 5×5, a total of 7, 3×2, 4×1, choose a different set of numbers, visualize them in your mind, and shoot the dice with that intention set

This doesn’t end here.

This may sound strange, but over time you’ll notice your hands also shoot the dice differently.

You will feel more power and control over the cubes through practice

Congratulations, you have unlocked another energy secret

The way you actually do things changes the way they manifest

As you practice setting the intention in your mind you’ll notice your hands and fingers get a certain command from the subconscious mind

Your fingers will shoot the dice differently, to resonate with the natural frequencies of the cube

It may take some time and rounds to master, but over time you’ll notice that just by thinking and throwing the dice a certain way, you can manifest a certain result

Just like magic.

This works beyond all normal statistics, I’ve checked.

also, the faces of those who play against me don’t lie…

And one last thing – don’t forget to state your intention out loud: “6 6!” “5 5!” Or any other pair you wish to manifest.

This will easily show you the connection between: Thought, Speech, Action and manifestation

They are all tightly related to your reality creation abilities.

There are many more examples and mini-games you can use to master this skill.

At the end, it all goes down to your belief on how reality operates.

If you believe – everything is possible for you.

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