How I helped my friend naturally improve his stutter Part 2/2

On the last post, I shared with you how I helped my friend use Hypnosis to immensely improve his stutter and start speaking more fluently with Flow.

Through using Hypnosis, he understood that he should think less about what he speaks and just… let it happen and let the words flow

Now, after doing that – he was facing a new problem

My friend: “Aaron, How do I know that what I’ll say will be ‘appropriate’? How do I know I won’t spur out the nonsense in my speech?”

My friend told me this was something he was dealing with for years – with various therapists telling him to just “stop thinking about it” and talk fluently.

Way to be useful…

But I knew that he needed something more.

He needed another tool in his toolbox

And it was time for him to start using Subconscious Programming to get his desired result

So this is what I answered…

Me: “You can’t REALLY speak ‘without thinking’ “

Him: “Huh?”

Me: “Yep. You can’t really stop thinking, even if you wish to. You see, your subconscious mind is already doing the heavy lifting in the background”

He is starting to get it.

Me: “When you’re speaking, your s.mind uses its known patterns and words, you will always find the right words to use and say that are appropriate. Just as when you’re walking in the street and you need to move through people and obstacles. You are not really thinking about it, it just happens. Things always just happen – we are just the conscious observers but most of it is happening automatically”

Him: ” 🤯” – mind blow sounds – (sorry, low budget sound fx on the blog)

Me: “Yes. And when you talk from your s.mind – you enter the flow state, and the words will come out on their own. It is all a matter of practice. So now, you know how it works, and it will be much more effective. You will not talk nonsense as you’re always in complete control”

Him: “This is what I needed to hear after years of therapists – no one knew how to explain this”

My friend keeps practicing and improving with my methods, and he is gaining better speech abilities by the day.

If you’re dealing with something similar – or any other dis-ease know this:

  1. There are remedies, practices, and tools you may have not tried yet
  2. Most dis-eases are rooted within the mind and specifically stress
  3. Therapists and doctors are not the only solution. Natural healing is potent and powerful
  4. With that being said, therapists and doctors are also doing the Lord’s work and this is by no means an attack on their service

I hope you found this 2 part post valuable, and if you are experiencing anything such as – stress, fear, self-doubt, or other severe limitations you believe are rooted in your mind – feel free to shoot me back an email or Contact me here and I will see how I can help you to find the best solution FOR YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.

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