How playing video games or sports can help you in Reality Mastery and Manifestation

One of the reasons I enjoy researching video games/sports behaviors and rituals is that they reveal a lot about human nature, consciousness, and how energy works

These fields are a direct reflection of reality but simply on a higher speed of events

Many people who play video games/sports use these principles, which are also directly related to Reality Mastery and Manifestation:

1/ Deciding to win

When you are stuck on a certain level, a boss or a challenging scene – or when the enemy team is about to obliterate you in the match

There’s this moment you’re close to giving up.

But then many times there’s this inner decision that one makes to win – and it usually happens.

Good examples are games that look like they’re lost, but the other group/player makes a huge turnaround and wins.

This is a strong example for an act of spirit – and works the same in manifestation

2/ Self-talk and the power of speech

People who play games oftentimes speak to themselves and to the game

Many times they ask for something, think, intend, and want an outcome to happen

At times it can be “trash talking” against other players to assert dominance

Other times it’s simply asking out loud as a wish for an event to happen.

This is another principle of reality creation -> State your intentions and speak them out. Keep talking to yourself and pushing yourself to excellence.

This creates an energetic shift in reality towards the intention you set.

3/ Everything happens for the better

A strong element in most games is the uncertainty of the game.

There are many events and incidents that can happen on the path to winning

The strongest players adapt to the game and see everything as happening for the better.

This is another strong principle in reality creation.

Trust that everything happening is part of the plan and make the best of your conditions.

4/ Constant improvement

People who are gamers/athletes often take their craft very seriously.

It becomes something they want to excel in and perform better.

So they spend time learning new tactics, practicing, and constantly improving.

They don’t just wish to be better – they also face the practical side and make moves to improve.

This is another important principle in Reality Mastery and manifestation.

Practice and action are key to materializing a reality.

5/ Faith in themselves and the process

I’ve seen how people who take gaming or sports seriously believe in themselves.

They have unwavering belief in themselves and in the process.

In fact, it can sometimes go as far as delusional belief.

It’s crucial on the path to Reality Mastery as you have to fully believe in your goals.

Only 100% conviction in your right to win will lead you to victory.

In conclusion

These principles are interesting to look at from the side as they are the exact same you can use in reality to bring enormous change and growth into your life.

The reason they are more easily implemented in a game rather than in reality itself is that games are faster versions of reality.

Your actions have a faster response rate to an effect – so you are trained more strongly towards these types of actions that create change.

In reality, you have a longer delay between the action and the feedback, which creates a slower learning process.

Nevertheless, understand that everything is a model of reality.

If you can make it happen within a video game or a sport event, you can easily make it happen in reality.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Let me know in the replies below what other principles you noticed in games/sports that can also be used in reality mastery and creation.

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