How starting my first business changed my life forever

My greatest love in life was always – music and writing.

When I was in the military I was once put in a bunker in the snow for 6 months. It was an emotional, mental, and physical grind.

Makes me laugh so hard when I see the guys online saying they’re building businesses in the “trenches” lol.

Either way, there were days that I was really starting to lose my mind in that hole. Barely any sunlight, not much activity, and very monotonous routine of patrols, guarding, and studying the territory.

One day in my down time I just couldn’t bear reading another book or watching another stupid YouTube on my phone (was way before quality education was on youtube, or I wasn’t really aware it existed)

So through my darkest hour, I went out for a “walk” in the 100 square meter parameter. I happened to find a few wooden planks thrown outside on the snow…

At that moment, an insight out of nowhere hit me – I can use these to make a Cajon (a box you can drum on) and make valuable use of my boredom.

This project lasted for a few days, and after I finished building this I had a Frankenstein box that I proudly called a “Cajon” that we could drum on.

When I got out for vacation, I decided to build a proper one…

So I got all the tools I could find, bought wooden planks, and a snare net, and built my first proper Cajon.

I shared this with a few friends and people I know, and all of a sudden, through word of mouth and a bit of posting on facebook groups people wanted to buy it from me.

I was shocked, it was the first time I ever made money from my own labor, from something I enjoyed and did for fun.

From there it turned into a mini-business, people from all the country would come to buy this Cajon from me. Music producers, big drummers, and rock stars came in, as well as regular folks with a passion for music. I really couldn’t believe it.

Till this day, I still see my Cajons in festivals and music gatherings I go to from time to time.

The Cajon taught me so many lessons – I’ll share the very best with you:

1. It taught me that every creation you put out there in the world, develops a life of it’s own that people can enjoy.

2. That you can create value with your bear hands or mind and generate a living out of it. That you are far more creative and imaginative than you care to realize.

3. That even in your darkest hours, in rock bottom, your creative forces are beyond your rational understanding. That the love you share comes back multiplied

4. That you CAN do what you LOVE and have a PASSION for and win in life.

Now this business didn’t make me rich, but it made me some extra cash. As a “broke” soldier, I could afford to do more things on my vacations, I bought a new guitar, I bought new clothes, and had incredible experiences with friends in shows, festivals, etc.

So even while I’m writing this email, I can still recall the amazing feeling I have unlocked for life – the feeling that creation will bring you more pride, joy, and fulfillment than anything else.

That is why if you have a dream, if you have a love for something in this life, you must pursue it, as the world will align to make it happen.

If I could do it as a soldier in the army, with zero free time, with almost no money, with pain, emotional burden in the background, and being tired all the time, you can also find that spark within you – and find a way to make it work.

And if you need guidance on how to overcome the doubts, the fear, the worry of bringing your dreams to life… guidance on becoming the 2.0 person you wish to bring to life… I know that The Subconscious Architect will help you do that​

The course will help you reprogram your mind to remove the negative programs and install a new mindset of prosperity, abundance, Self-belief, and effortless Flow to reach your personal vision and goals you’ve created.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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