How to ascend to another level of excellence – Notes to refocus every time you drift off

This one is a special post. It comes straight from my heart to you. These are notes I read every time life takes an unexpected turn and I drift off. They help me refocus and realign with my mission, and I hope they will do the same for you.

Less phone and distractions
More books and peace of mind

Less watching the news
More discussions with the inner circle

Less mindless consumption
More mindful curation

Less anxiety and pressure
More meditation and relaxation

Less stagnation and sitting
More exercise and activity

Less time indoors
More long walks in nature

Less rumination and thoughts
More writing and journaling

Less passiveness and receptiveness
More intention and focus

Less living according to the rules
More creating your own rules

Less waiting for ‘Something’ to happen
More creating your own luck

Less bitterness and grudge
More gratitude and love of life

Less taking for granted
More appreciation and wonder

Less limiting beliefs and doubts
More programming and affirmations

Less wandering around lost
More actionable plans and goals

Less putting yourself in a box
More discovering your true talents

Less ordinary and boring
More visions and self-enhancement

Less going by and surviving
More living big and thriving

Life tends to get in the way, and you forget how to live it. Create your own set of notes to come back to and refocuse whenever needed.


Limitless Master

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