How to create energetic protections

This one’s especially important…

Energy builds up, just like a dam builds up in the river.

Every stick counts.

Energy works similarly.

When you visualize something repeatedly it creates an energetic stream in that direction

Think of it like adding layers upon layers of energy, and increasing the energetic force you are sending to the object in question.

Let me share with you a simple method to create energetic protections:

Find yourself a quiet place

Close your eyes, and immerse yourself into a meditative state.

Now, while your eyes are closed and your mind is relaxed

Begin to visualize white light entering from the top of your head and into the body.

Allow yourself to completely be immersed in this light in every part of your being.

As you’re filled with light energy, you are now ready to begin spreading that energy and directing it for protection.

For example, if you want to protect your house, direct your attention to your house.

Set the intention to protect it with your energy.

Visualize a dome of light covering the house and your neighborhood

Immerse yourself within that vision while feeling how the energy is flowing through you and to the house to create the protection.

You can do this to anything you wish to protect – another person, animal, object, place, and so forth.

Daily/weekly repetition is key for the process and effectiveness of this practice.

This basic light energy protection method can be enhanced with your own prayers and constant affirmation of the protection by saying and knowing:

“I am protected.”

This is the highest form of protection in the world –

Knowing deeply that you are protected by God.

That’s it.

Protect yourself and your loved ones, and make use of this tool for positive uses only.

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