How to create your own vibe and become larger than life


Something I noticed is that the most successful people create their own vibe, their own little universe around them

When you get near them you can easily feel their gravity force pulling you in, regardless if you like them or not

They are completely and truly themselves and have the ability to create an atmosphere that is easily identified once you know it.

They manage to do so through –

  • Language
  • Speech
  • Unique voice
  • Imagery
  • Symbolism
  • Pattern of thinking
  • A unique worldview
  • A mix of developed thoughts on multiple subjects
  • A blend of ideas that isn’t generic

Another observation is that they speak with utter conviction.

The more you stick around them and soak their unique worldview you’ll start adopting some of it to yourself.

It can be a great thing for the young apprentice who is paving his road to mastery but it can also become a distracting factor.

Those who have this type of personality radiate a larger-than-life aura.

People easily gravitate towards these charismatic beings as they offer a simple solution to life’s biggest question

They shed light on the mysteries of life and the universe and they hint on how you can do the same.

So how can you implement this yourself?

Most of the time the secrets to their success is more nuanced and revolve around their unique and captivating personality, rather than a certain trait or piece of knowledge.

The most important part to emphasize here is to avoid the temptation of copying or imitating their behavior in a carbon copy manner.

You will fail hard and the copy would be obvious

if you’re interested to develop your own personality, you have to dig deeper and find those traits that are inherent to you,

and the unique combination that you hold.

Just like the DNA strings in your body,

you have a secret combination of ideas, thoughts, skills, and strengths.

These allow you to unlock your magnetic aura,

that will radiate much stronger than a pale copy of a figure you look up to

Over time, you’ll be able to move the masses in your favor as well,

and this charismatic and enigmatic behavior will allow you to wield power that is reserved for the few who were disciplined and driven to find their special edge.

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​I hope this brought you value in your unique journey of mastery and self-development.


Limitless Master

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