How to deal with your money blockages

A lot of people I know have money blockages – and many of you also asked me about how to deal with them.

I myself have dealt with many “money mindset” blockages that I had “installed” from childhood – with some major breakthroughs in the last few years

The root of these blockages is important to tackle but in this email I want you to ask yourself a different question…

the real question I want you to ask yourself is what exactly stops you from making more money? From bringing more abundance into your life?

You know, you really earn only as much as you believe you deserve. It’s pretty incredible how it works

Every day there are people out there that are getting rich but they are not necessarily smarter than you, more skilled than you, or even working more hours than you.

They just hold the BELIEF they are worth more and they DESERVE it – so they are playing a different game.

It isn’t a myth. It’s raw facts – once you open your eyes to this reality you will realize you are either:

A. Not aiming high enough
B. Are afraid of success
C. Not valuing yourself enough to be worthy of the wealth/success you desire

Let me help you tap into abundance consciousness with this thought experiment.

Sit down with this scene: 

Visualize yourself as a billionaire that has whatever you want to have in your life

What would you do with the wealth?

Imagine you’ve done all the crazy private jets flying you everywhere, staff to clean your house, cook your food, and take care of your meetings

You even have a staff member that chooses what you wear that day

You have 20 houses, an island, cars, and yachts

Then, what would you do with the wealth…?

Now that you visualize this – How do you FEEL about it?

Does it feel good? Interesting? do you feel safe? Calm, relaxed?

When I imagine this personally after doing all the things money can buy – I imagine myself as having time to work on my writing, with clients, healing others, and do what I love – which is to create (music, art, poems, writing etc).

This exercise makes you realize that you don’t necessarily want or even need too much materialistic stuff in your life.

For me – as long as I have a laptop and a good cup of coffee I’m set.

Now Maybe you still visualized yourself going to the beach, partying everyday and just enjoying life to the max – and that’s perfectly fine – but maybe you’ll realize you want something different.

To work on what you love, with purpose, with people you love, and have time for your family and friends. Or maybe you want the fast lifestyle – that’s also awesome

the key here is to realize that it’s all possible – and it’s not as far away as you think

this exercise will help you: 1. Understand you are not separate from what you desire (it happens within you first) 2.realize your priorities – what you REALLY WANT – and focus on that.

And if your priorities are to make a living doing what you love then you will realize it is achievable.

Super achievable.

In a world where millionaires are printed every moment, you can find a way to make at least $5k+ a month doing whatever you love – and that’s being extremely conservative.

Any other conclusion is a limitation of the mind and a mindset blockage that will stop you from living in a state of abundance

Hope you found this email enjoyable – if you want to read more about cultivating a Limitless Mindset and creating a fearless, limitless life then get my book “Beyond Limits – The Journey Beyond Time, Space, and Spirit” here.

Talk Soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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