How to Elevate Your Energy

How to elevate your energy

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Hello Conscious Creator,

Welcome to another Sunday Edition of the Limitless Master Letter.

In today’s letter, I’m going to cover how to elevate your energy levels to new heights.

By following the simple protocol suggested in this letter you’ll be able to increase your levels of energy by 2-3x – depending on your unique situation.

So before we dive in – it’s time to get yourself a cup of coffee, kick back, relax- and let’s begin.

Energy is the Master Resource

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While cars run on oil, All humans run on the most important resource for our well-being and livelihood – Energy.

When speaking about energy, I refer to all types of energy – whether physical, mental, or spiritual. They are different in their composition and effects yet eventually, they are all one and the same.

For the sake of simplicity and clarity, we’re not going to differentiate in this letter between the different Energy types.

Your Energy Level determines how you experience and perceive life. The higher your energy levels are, the smoother life tends to go and the broader your viewpoint becomes.

When life is High Energy – you have fewer problems, or at least experience them differently.

A person who lacks energy, life force, chi, etc as referred to by different cultures is more prone to illness, problems, malfunctions, and a negative downward spiral loop. This happens because in life there is no vacuum.

What do I mean by elevating your natural energy?

How to elevate your energy

Imagine your body to be a Vessel through which light can enter. When the Vessel is filled with light it naturally repels the illness and negative occurrences in your life.

Yet when your body is filled with blockages (Muscle memory trauma, negative emotions, stress, etc) it interferes with the natural flow of energy in and out of your body.


Your body is the most delicate and advanced instrument that can be adapted and aligned to these natural sources of energy that exist in reality.

You can become attuned to these delicate forces by raising your sensitivity levels to life.

By increasing your awareness you can create a body of harmony, growth, health, and prosperity fairly easily.

The subconscious blockages that are present in your mind and body are what’s stopping this natural flow of energy and creating all illness and lack in your life.

All lack, stress, illness, and negative circumstances are generally self-made or at least aided by the emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness of the human being.

The 2 directional process to Elevate your Energy Levels

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For you to become a stronger, healthier, happier, and more prosperous human being you have to maintain two simple actions that are working in two simultaneous directions:

1. Release your subconscious blockages from the system – this is done with daily subconscious reprogramming – both on the side of releasing old negative thought patterns and belief systems while creating new and powerful belief systems and ways of viewing the world that accelerate the desired vision to come to life. As you release more blockages you increase your capacity to enter more light (life) into the system. Learn more about the process in my course The Subconscious Architect

2. Increase your natural energy levels – as you release blockages you are now primed to increase the level of energy that both goes into and stays within your body. By adapting your habits, actions, environment, and thoughts to a higher level of energy you will naturally open up to more of the natural energy of the universe that is always present and available to tap into.

These are the two most important directions you can take action towards. Most other problems or challenges will resolve themselves when you strengthen these areas of your life.

Release and Increase.

Remember this mantra. As you release more subconscious blockages and increase your natural energy life becomes better. Blissful, full of opportunity and success.

At this point, I could conclude the article and let you figure out yourself how to release and increase…

But as you already know I never leave you hanging.

On releasing your subconscious blockages and creating the foundation for a Limitless life I have written extensively on my blog, in my book “Beyond Limits”, and inside The Subconscious Architect. I highly suggest you go through them for that matter.

You can get all of them by choosing The Ultimate Bundle on this page and experience a profound breakthrough in your energy levels, well-being, and growth as you go through the programs.

The simple Elevate Your Energy Protocol

Let’s focus on 7 simple ways you can increase your natural energy today:

1. Be in nature

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This is the first and most straightforward way to elevate your natural energy levels. Just by going out to nature and spending time in the sun you’re going to experience a rush of energy flowing through your body and heart.

By enjoying your time in nature you’ll realize that you have suppressed a part of yourself deep down inside and it is time to allow it to flow. When that energy blockage is released you’ll realize that there are many more of these blockages stored within your body and you’ll become aware of the possibility to release them as well over time.

2. Natural and Whole diet

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As you go out into nature and spend time in the sun every day you can begin to reshape your diet to natural, whole foods that are more rich in vitamins and nutrients. Perhaps this is one of the most important aspects to elevate your energy levels and create real change in your inner chemistry.

The food you eat is what you become. Industrial food is one of the worst foods to bring into your system. Opt for only natural ingredients – it’s that simple. You don’t need to be a genius or a nutritionist to know what’s good for you or not. Your body already has the answers – if it’s natural, it’s better for you.

3. Sleep 8 hours

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This is an amazing tip for you to naturally enhance your energy levels. You’ll be surprised how much sleep is important for your energy levels if you are chronically sleeping less than 7 hours at night. Additionally, the quality of sleep matters. You should aim to have a pitch-dark room, a cold environment, and a heavy blanket. This is the recipe for the deepest sleep you’ve ever experienced

4. Energy Meditation

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One of the best meditation to increase your energy levels is one that focuses on harnessing the infinite light that is present in the universe at all times. You can find my personal energy meditation enjoyed by 260+ students inside The Subconscious Architect which will significantly increase your vitality, energy, drive, and focus to conquer your vision and goals.

5. Clean and organized environment

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When your environment is scattered, your attention goes all over the place and releases a lot of energy from the body and mind to the external. When your environment is clean and organized, you naturally feel an increase in your energy levels. This happens due to your attention becoming more organized and focused as well.

Additionally, a clean environment creates a more natural flow of energy in the space which energizes the body as well. You don’t need Feng Shui to master this concept. You need to follow your intuition and what “feels right” – As you practice this method of intuitive feeling you will naturally feel the energy in the room and know how to organize in the best way.

6. Music as an Energy enhancer

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the right music can greatly energize you. By using music from an energy perspective it can create a surge in your inner energy that matches the frequencies and vibrations of what you are listening to. Energy from music can come in many different forms.

For example, if you’re looking for a mild energy boost that is more mellow and less distracting you can use classical music. For a more powerful boost you can use hard-rock/metal – yet it can also be more distracting and won’t fit every activity. As you experiment with different types of music you can see what works for you. This type of energy enhancement is typically for a more specific time frame rather than a general one.

7. Prayer and Gratitude for your life

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The fastest way to experience a huge surge of energy is to be grateful for your life and what you have. As you pray, as you give gratitude for your being, and ask for the infinite light of creation to become a part of you, you chemically change the composition of your body.

You begin to create a gratitude-based living rather than an entitled-based one. It’s in your hands to change your whole reality and it starts by being happy with what you currently have.


As you begin changing and adapting these 7 principles in your life, you are bound to experience a surge of new energy that has come up from being buried in blockages in your body. We will discuss more ways to increase your natural energy and how to leverage this energy in the best directions in further letters and blog posts.

Ready to Elevate Your Energy Levels? Take the Next Step.

I’ve laid out the foundations for you to elevate your energy levels and transform your life. But the journey doesn’t stop here. Dive deeper, explore more, and accelerate your journey to a Limitless life.

Get The Ultimate Bundle now, and unlock access to my book “Beyond Limits,” The Subconscious Architect program, and more invaluable resources crafted just for you.

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This is a great time to take action. Clear your subconscious blockages Elevate your natural energy and transform your life today.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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