How to find your archetype

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One of my tweets that got some interest and curiosity this week was this:

I want to talk with you today about how to find your archetype (or archetypes) and why they matter…

This reminded me of when I was in the military

Every soldier had a different role and job assigned… Some were simple gunmen, some were in charge of communication, some would navigate, some would tell jokes, and others were medics.

Some were carrying the Mag (a huge firearm that weighs a ton)… Others had carried a stretcher for injured soldiers. Some carried water. Some food.

Some were “regular” soldiers. Some were commanders. Some were officers.

And above all? everyone was important for the mission to happen. Everyone was important in just the same way. Take one out of the team and it severely hurts the ability to function.

When I would go with a team for a mission, every soldier had a certain task – and each knew EXACTLY what they had to do to get the work done on the best level.

There was harmony and synchronization between the team members – the more each improved on their own, the easier it got to accomplish the task together.

If everyone wanted to be the commander, or if everyone wanted to handle the Mag (or didn’t want to as it was very heavy lol) then the team wouldn’t function.

There has to be balance and harmony in all roles and when one is positioned in the role he fits best, he thrives the most. When an individual thrives, the team thrives. There’s no going around that.

The sum is equal to the parts

When we realize that the individual parts eventually equate to the sum, we understand the importance of each ingredient in the mixture. When you make a cake, if your chocolate is of the highest quality but your flower, milk, and butter are of lower quality, the unique flavors of the chocolate won’t stand out. The same goes for any other team effort that you encounter.

If the individuals in the team are not truly powerful on their own, it will eventually hurt the team as well. Of course, there is the effect of synergy where 1+1 doesn’t equal exactly 2, yet when you realize how powerful a team can be when there is a strong match, the concept of archetypes makes more sense.

The types of archetypes

According to Jung, there are 12 main archetypes humans divide into, as you can see in the image below.

How To Find Your Archetype

I explain these archetypes and their meanings in further depth inside The Subconscious Architect Course – the work to identify your true archetype can only be done on a clean mind, that is free from harmful programming. Then you will be able to identify the Jungian archetype your personality matches.

How to find your archetype: The journey to becoming who you really are

I believe everyone is born with a different archetype that he grows and matures into. I do believe if one truly doesn’t want to fill that role, he can change that – yet there will be a calling, a sense of destiny when you lock up with your true archetype. Your personality matches with this archetype as it has always been guiding you in a certain direction.

It has always been there, it will always be there and it calls you to fulfill your mission. There is much more flow and a stronger stream of energy when you give in to your natural archetype. Finding your archetype is one of the crucial steps to unlocking Flow State Living

A person that is in tune with his true self, with his archetypal nature, knows more clearly what tasks and missions he can throw himself into, and the worry about whether he is on the right track or not vanishes. This allows for more mental energy to be dedicated to the task itself.

You can know and feel when you are on the right track and when you are fulfilling your true mission in life. Everyone has a mission. It may be large or small, doesn’t matter. It all has a purpose that is larger than what we truly understand. In the grand scheme of things, everything is a game, a game to be played and lived well. The game isn’t always easy or fun to play but it still is a game. An important and serious game indeed, not a child’s play, but still, a game.

When you lock into an archetype that resonates with you, you’ll see confirmations. You’ll look back at your life story and things will fall into place, things will make sense and the dots will connect. It’s as if your whole story “rearranges” itself to fit the narrative of the archetype.

It isn’t complicated. You were born with a natural set of skills and talents that you can develop and enhance and when you see that, it becomes clear as the day of light.

It DOES take work and introspection to identify your natural gifts and talents, to connect the dots back and see where your true nature lies. I’ve outlined this journey nicely inside The Treasure Map – which has everything you need to identify your true purpose, gifts, and talents in life – it takes you hand by hand to every station you’ve lived through and shines light on that journey.

You can get it as a standalone product or with The Subconscious Architect at a 60% discount on The Treasure Map itself. They work incredibly well together, especially if you’re just figuring out what you want to devote yourself for the rest of your life, and what mission calls your name.

It’s an investment worth making for a lifelong sense of clarity, purpose, and a clear vision and mission to pursue for the next 40-70 years – depending on when you’re reading this 🙂

Who knows, perhaps our generation is going to live till 100+, then working till 80-90 would definitely be the norm.

In the large scheme of things, when you identify what you really want to do with your life, retirement sounds like something unnecessary – but I digress.

Common Archetypes misconception

Many people, especially young men, believe that they have to become kings and warriors – in the modern sense of these terms.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting that, and many could definitely fit these roles. Yet think of all the people who could contribute infinitely more if they would dedicate themselves to their true calling and follow their natural blueprint.

If you would take upon yourself a task in the realm of the Explorer, to go out and discover a new civilization in the Amazonas, or search for hidden gold, yet you’re more of a Sage that would be able to research through science and develop new theories about the chemical world, then you’re missing out on your true potential.

This is the danger of following a false archetype. They may overlap by interest but they may be very different in terms of methods and the journey itself. Of course, only you can know for sure what is the right path, yet the archetypal nature that you have can tell you a lot about yourself and the ideas you’re most likely to excel in.

As much as you would like to become a king, or a warrior, think if you are not perhaps a scholar, or a healer, there is importance in all of them.

Humanity maintains balance when everyone contributes the best of their ability. The idea that the Self is separate from everyone else is a common self-centered belief. It is great to a degree to care about yourself, yet you will excel more when you realize what is it that YOU can do to help others the most.

Your true value lies not on what you can do for yourself, but others. This is how economy works and worked for the entire history.


As you discover your main archetype, you will see that it doesn’t cover EVERYTHING of your personality. That’s normal because no one is 100% of the archetype itself. It is a guiding post – a measure for clarity and guidance.

To help you integrate more of your personality and unique journey into the archetypes model, you can identify your secondary archetype.

It’s normal for people to feel drawn to more than 2 archetypes, it’s even normal to feel drawn to most archetypes in some shape or form.

This means you’re not truly tuned in to your deep sense of Self – that is your core being and anchor.

I recommend you meditate on the archetypes whenever you have a chance, and then see where it takes you. Which ones resonate the most and you’re more drawn to.

Again, if you’re operating from a state of negative programs, your mind won’t be able to embody and bring to surface your true archetypes, that are present on a subconscious level.

I know many of the students who went into The Subconscious Architect found out new truths about themselves, some even completely shifted their perspective of what their true mission is in life. This course really changes lives and brings the clarity one needs in their journey.

Operating from a clear subconscious mind is one of the greatest pleasures and privileges in life. It will open you up to stronger intuition and knowing about situations that happen to you, whether small daily ones or major decisions you have to take. The road will be cleared and paved through any challenge.

Identifying your archetype is also another model through which your personal reality becomes more fine-tuned and custom-made to your own journey, and to increase your enjoyment and fulfillment from your life.

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter,

Talk soon

Aaron | Limitless Master

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