How to Live in Abundance Consciousness

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Hello Conscious Creator,

It’s Aaron here and welcome to another edition of the Limitless Master Letter.

In today’s letter, I will guide you through How to Live in Abundance Consciousness and allow more abundance and prosperity to enter your life.

What is abundance and How to create more of it?

Abundance has an interesting etymology – it comes from the term “To Overflow”.

So when we seek abundance we seek to be in a state of overflowing, where we are in a state of circulating our own energy and resources in the ultimate flow.


This is a beautiful state and represents one of the highest potentials humans can reach.

The key to understanding this concept and creating more abundance for yourself and your loved ones

Is realizing abundance is first an internal process, a state of consciousness

Abundance isn’t necessarily about being the richest person in the world.

There are rich people who are not abundant, and there are poor people who are abundant.

The case to be made is not about being rich or poor, but rather about creating a mental state from which abundance flows more easily and naturally via our own actions and inner alignment.

The 6 main areas of Abundance

Let’s examine the parts of life where you may want to experience abundance:

1. Relationships
2. Health
3. Wealth
4. Opportunities
5. Ideas and creation
6. Experiences

There are many more areas of life in which you can experience abundance.

Yet you cannot get what you don’t know you want to get.

Through the inner distilling of your desires and visions, you are able to create the most abundant version of your Self.

If you know what abundance and an abundant life looks life, it becomes easier to align yourself with the energy field of that unique vision and path.

If you’re not sure about what you desire or want, you’ll drift into whatever the model of abundance means to someone else – or worse.

The 4 main states of Abundance Consciousness

Throughout my journey, I’ve noticed there are 4 mental states that are a direct reflection of your willingness and ability to experience more abundance in life.

Now let me be clear, if you feel stuck or lost within your current state, and abundance feels far from where you are, I understand that – but know it’s not your fault.

It’s your definitions of what abundance is, and how to create it that are at fault.

Every one of us has a unique set of expressions and an inner blueprint to thrive in abundance and growth – through the expression of your unique Soul – it happens naturally.

I also talk about the unique expression of your soul inside my book, Beyond Limits if you’d like to read more about living as your Limitless True Self.

Let’s talk about the 4 main states of Abundance Consciousness:

1. “I live in constant fear of poverty”
2. “I am getting by”
3. “I have a lot yet I crave more”
4. “I always have what I need and all of my abundance comes from God/Source/Infinity”

I believe these are the 4 main states to experience on the path to living a life of true abundance, of knowingness you are safe and provided and can experience anything you set your mind to.

Let’s break these states down and explore deeper how they relate to your abundance consciousness:

1. Living in fear of poverty

When you are living in a constant state of fear of poverty, lack, and survival – it’s hard to experience abundance. Even if you’re taken to a 5 star hotel for the weekend with gourmet food and get all of your rent paid for 3 months forward as a gift – you’re still going to live in fear of “what next?”.

This is the state most people start their life in, due to programming created from early childhood and perpetuated through adulthood.

A programming that the world is lacking, the world is based on scarcity and there can be only one winner.

The world is far more abundant than what most people truly realize it to be.

If you’ll work deeply to rewire this program, you’ll realize how infinitely abundant life truly is – and how little a person needs to basically “survive” and live.

At this state it may be the most important realization that can set you free to go up higher, to an elevated perspective and state – from which you can create and attract more abundance to you naturally.

For help with removing this negative lack of programming and beliefs, I recommend going through The Subconscious Architect that will help you reprogram your beliefs and inner architecture to lay the foundation for abundance consciousness in all aspects of life.

2. “I am getting by”

This is a state that can be very similar externally to the 4th state – 4. “I always have what I need and all of my abundance comes from God/Source/Infinity”

Yet it is very different internally. It is a state that leaves people with a sense of internal lack. In this state, you may not be in fear, yet you don’t manage to thrive and fully enjoy what you have.

You are in a state of knowing you will make it through the week, month, or year. Though you are not in fear of poverty – you are not in full abundance.

To ascend through this state you need to realize that by being more and more grateful for what you have you are immediately ascending higher and receiving more.

Also, a common pitfall is having no willingness to push through and create new opportunities. At times you will need to create bigger goals and stronger beliefs to ascend this state.

When you do, you will find more opportunities, and instances of abundance show up in your life.

Of course, this is dynamic and different from person to person, yet this is the general atmosphere and energy field of this state.

3. “I have a lot yet I crave more”

This is one of the more dangerous states to be in because it represents living in a cage of gold.

At this point of your evolution, if you don’t realize how blessed you are, you are creating a lot of suffering for yourself and your environment.

Usually, there is a lot of fear involved within this state. It is the polar opposite of fear of poverty.

You may always be on the lookout for a better and bigger opportunity, for more material desires, or crave more to feel a sense of pride and confidence.

If your inner state is determined by your external belongings or achievements – you will never feel abundant, safe, and complete. You will always seek more and it will rob you of joy.

To ascend this state you will want to work more on your inner world, on your personal relationships, and on giving back. This will fill you up more than chasing the external reality – while still building in a healthy way towards your external goals.

4. “I always have what I need and all of my abundance comes from God/Source/Infinity”

This is the highest state one can reach in their life.

In the Kabbalist wisdom, this state is called “receiving in order to give”.

This means the person has turned from the lower state of “wanting to get” – to “wanting to influence and affect life and it’s beings”.

When one is in this higher state, the flow of abundance is simple, natural, beautiful, and everpresent.

There is complete faith and trust in God to provide and show the right path one must walk.

This is a state of Spiritual Abundance that also reflects as physical abundance. The external reality is a simple reflection of your inner alignment.

When you are aligned with the energy and codes of the universe and life, abundance becomes a normal side effect of this elevated consciousness.

Just as animals in nature are provided for – so are you, as a divine being of light.

This state may sound elusive and strange for anyone who has never experienced it, yet from firsthand experience I can tell you it is a special state that is more fulfilling than any external pleasure or desire fulfilled.

Now before you scourge yourself and rush to reach any state prematurely, I urge you not to. Let it unfold naturally and peacefully.

Everyone is going through a different journey in life. Everything happens at the right time and for the better – according to plan.

Perhaps your inner path calls you to experience incredible external riches to know what true abundance is FOR YOU.

Perhaps you are called to live a more modest life where you realize the beauty in the small things – and that is your innermost desire

There is no right or wrong, there is no one path to experiencing abundance consciousness and inner wealth that reflects externally.

When one is aligned with the right desires and internal compass of their unique expression, it becomes a natural path that is met with little resistance.

The 4 stages of abundance are not linear, and you may experience them differently.

These are different states that I’ve experienced for myself and with clients that I’ve worked with on their own inner world.

The inner and personal experience is so vast and unique that we cannot cover the deepest nuances for every single person when talking in generalization, this is what I do in my mentorship/coaching program – but I hope this letter does help create a clearer picture that resonates with you.

Also important to note that these states and others may come and go.

You may have periods that you fluctuate through states…

Periods where you go higher or lower. Sideways, to new realms. Everything can be a lesson and experience that further makes you fine-tuned to your inner frequency, and eventually to true reality mastery.

Through the release of mental programs that are detracting you from your Limitless true self and unique path – you’ll find and realize what is the right state for you to be in.

If you’re interested in a step by step program to remove these extra layers that are blocking you from your true path – I discuss this and much more inside The Subconscious Architect as well – check it out here.

Kind regards and blessings,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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