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How to Master Your Reality

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Hello Conscious Creator,

As an aware being you begin to notice there are many conflicting stories and narratives told in the world.

The age of social media and excessive information is an incredibly confusing time to live in if you lack the skill and art I am about to talk about in this letter.

I am talking about Mastering your Reality – this is both a skill and an art.

By studying the ancient teachings and diving into the energy of this reality I have come to the conclusion that we are all living in a different reality.

Have you ever wondered about your own unique energetic signature?

We are all experiencing different truths, worldviews, people, places, connections, sights, visions, and thoughts. Every one of you reading this is a world on his or her own.

The beauty of this is that we are simply converging at a certain point of time to meet, discuss, learn, and evolve to different directions.

When you realize this you can begin to detach from the societal programming and the tribalistic tendency that creates a lot of suffering.

Every one of us has a different frequency and vibration that is uniquely individual and special in its own way and by mastering this unique vibration – you master your reality.

What would it mean if you truly mastered your own reality?

To Master Your Reality means that you’ve learned how to master your own frequency and vibration in your own unique way.

Every one of us is living in a different cycle and span of time. We are not experiencing the world in the same way. We are not viewing life from the same viewpoint. Both from a physical and spiritual point of view.

Once you realize that you’re not on the same pace as others there’s a huge relief and sense of coming home to your own frequency and vibration.

Mastering Your Reality is a process of seeing the beauty, and simplicity of living life while acknowledging the complexities are simply a fabrication of our minds.

The truth is simple and elegant. It is as clear as day when one sees and witnesses it firsthand.

In the more practical sense, there isn’t only one path to attain this Mastery of your own personal reality

But there is a path that one can follow that will be of immense value to start this journey towards personal mastery and joy in life.

To see through the illusions and false perceptions, and to be able to master the elements of energy, consciousness, and the psyche to your own advantage and the advantage of life itself.

The path I developed is as follows:

Master your mind

Until you let the mind rule you, you will be blocked off from your Limitless True Self. The one that exists across all dimensions and realities. The Self that is not limited by perceptions, limitations, and false beliefs. The Self that is truly a limitless being. As you master the mind through meditation, affirmations, deep subconscious reprogramming and other various tools, you’ll manage to become a master of your belief system.

A master of seeing the interconnectedness of your thoughts, speech, emotions, and actions to reality and begin the process of energy manipulation in the real world.

When you master your mind, you are able to see that everything is happening for the better, you will be able to release all of your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs while being closer to your true nature and personal reality. You are able to let go of the negative mental programs holding you back – and install new brain software.

My step-by-step course The Subconscious Architect is the best place to embark on this journey towards mastering the mind, programming the subconscious mind, and the skill of belief creation.

Master your heart

Master Your Reality

The emotional side of life. Some people are born with a more developed mind. Some with a more developed heart and emotional/feeling aspect.

When one is able to have an open heart and master the vibration of their own heartbeat and emotion, they are able to transform themselves into a being filled with light and love. The personal magnetic power is unlocked and revealed.

Love is the most powerful emotion in creation. It is a healing and creation force

From Love life is created, from Love and hope we keep moving towards a better future even when the times seem dark. When your magnetic heart is open – life begins to make more sense and your path reveals itself more intensely and purposefully.

Master your Energy and Frequency

Once you have released the barriers of the heart and mind, creating harmony and peace between both realms – you can then further dive deeper into the power and magic of energy and the different frequencies you can tap into at will.

The language of Energy is one of purity and truth and cannot be hidden once the eye has been opened.

It is a world of new experience, realization, and elevation. Once your energetic body is open and strong your will strengthens, your words become iron, your mind becomes a tuned energetic beam that is powered and channeled with your hearts strongest magnets.

The true power of life becomes available to you, as nature intended. Your consciousness expands to all there is and the natural sources of energy in reality become part of your soul and radiance

I hope this excites you to delve deeper. The process outlined here isn’t linear. Some of you may have more problems in one of the areas or the other.

Every soul will have different challenges in their evolution process, but all of you can create rapid acceleration in this lifetime, as you are here on this list and you are more than ready for that.

The energy you vibrate on brought you to this type of information for a reason.

After Mastering Your Energy, there comes the phase of giving back, in your unique elements and gifts. You move from a light taker, to a light receiver to a channel of light – but that is a discussion for another time.

For now, if you are interested in embarking into this beautiful process of revealing your Limitless True Self I invite you to begin with The Subconscious Architect.

Especially with the ultimate bundle that contains The Treasure Map which is a program to help you uncover your essence and purpose and my book Beyond Limits with valuable information on reality, energy, and your true being.

These are pieces of information through my own experiences and research that are highly valuable and cannot be found easily elsewhere.

Click here to join the course.

Thank you for reading and your attention,


Aaron | Limitless Master

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