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How To Raise your Home’s vibrations

In this article, I will guide you in the process of how To Raise your home’s vibrations and allow more natural and powerful energy to enter your life. Let’s dive in…

After spending time in many different places through my military service, traveling around the world, and also living in various cities throughout my life – I have noticed that certain places give out different atmospheres, energy, and vibes

Through time and experience, it became very clear and easy for me to identify the “vibe” of a room or place on the first contact with it, without having to look around or do any investigation work

I learned that I was reading the energy of the room\place I was in, the “vibe” it was emitting, and the general atmosphere that was mostly present in it.

By diving further into this and conducting experiments on what raises or lowers a place’s vibe, I identified items, objects, and emotions that affect negative or positive emotions/vibrations in a given space.

What affects the energy, vibe, and atmosphere of the room?

The number one thing that affects any space’s energy is the humans in it. Humans are the most dominant energetic beings in the field and by being in the room for a long enough time they stamp a certain energetic imprint on it.

So it is not necessarily the decoration, items, or looks of the place that CAUSE the energy it emits, but rather that the looks of the place are an EFFECT of the human inhabiting that space and creating the decoration accordingly.

I have discovered through researching and experimenting on this topic that the thought forms that the human dominantly holds are what deeply affect the space and its energetic frequency.

So if you visit a home that feels sad and low – then the main emotional/energetic state of the humans inhabiting it is probably on the same level of energy. The decoration and atmosphere will follow suit.

If you have a home that feels peaceful and beautiful – you can bet that the inhabitants of that home are on that level of energy and consciousness and creating the style and vibe of the home from that energetical state. It doesn’t mean they are always vibrating on that level every single moment of their life, but it does mean that it is their main one.

How To Raise your Home's vibrations

If there are multiple people living in the same space/house – the dominant field will impose itself on the space. So if one person is usually on a lower playing field and another person is vibrating higher with more positive and empowering emotional states, the house and the person will tend to go to the higher space – that is if the person vibrating higher is able to hold that level without giving in.

The house is both a living organism and a reflection of yourself

The house of a person with a higher, more evolved consciousness is blooming with life. It is more vibrant and looks closer to nature and its patterns of beauty. Feng Shui for example is a methodology to learn about how energy moves through the house and in the energy field, though it can be tedious to follow at times. You can also work through with the basic principles and your intuition.

As a general rule of thumb, having fresh air in your house, keeping it clean, opening the windows and allowing sunshine to come through, and perhaps lighting up some essential oils will do wonders to the energy flow in your house

As a person goes into higher states of energy and consciousness, a lot of the things they used to have or own seem redundant and even harmful to the general vibe.

For example, owning plastic boxes for food is subpar to having glass containers. Having bed sheets made out of polyester is subpar to cotton.

On a higher state of awareness and consciousness, food preferences begin to change toward more organic, natural, and healthy replacements. Industrialized materials are no longer welcome in the house.

Decoration begins to become more natural, and nature-based rather than industrial, metallic, or cheap.

The understanding that nature is the greatest force to exist and we can aim to imitate parts of it becomes a great understanding in this natural phenomenon of evolution.

The home takes shape with many beautiful items and atmospheres that allow for the house to become a breathing and living entity. Plants, crystals, and art are encouraged – all having a spirit and natural energy to them.

Essential oils are well received to cleanse the air and the atmosphere and add fragrance to the home. beautiful rugs, paintings, and symbols can accompany the rooms – and a library of books adds soul and spirit further.

I have outlined a list of ingredients at the bottom of the article that I believe will greatly help you raise the vibrations and energy levels of your house – and as a result of yourself.

The inner and outer world are connected

As you change the outer world around you, you are effectively changing the inner world inside you. This is because there is always a symbiotic relationship between the inner and outer world.

There is no real need to change the outer environment to experience inner growth and raising in levels of awareness and energy, yet it can help greatly in making you love the place you live, feel more comfortable, at peace, and have beauty surrounding you. This way, the more you grow internally, the more you’ll experience a deep sense of knowing how you want your environment to look like and shape it to your liking.

This is also a great way to learn reality creation and its principles – as you master more of your inner world, visions, and images of how your life and the world around you begin to manifest.

The ideas can be acted upon and brought into existence – and the best place to start is in your personal space, your little heaven on earth – from there which can be expanded and shared with others.

My website, writing, and work are designed to help you light a spark within you, to rise to higher states of consciousness and energy levels so you can experience more of what you want in life.

By exposing yourself to higher consciousness structures and environments such as in this site, the knowledge, the images, and the atmosphere, you are programming your mind to seek them and create them in your own life.

The items that raise your home’s vibration and energy levels

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the items that will improve your home’s atmosphere and raise the frequency of your space:

  • Plants
  • Crystals
  • Natural foods
  • Books
  • Wood furniture
  • Musical Instruments
  • Beautiful Rugs
  • Artwork
  • Pictures of masters
  • Mandalas
  • Essential oils
  • Water fountains
  • Tree of life symbol
  • Seed of life symbol
  • Natural Candles
  • Salt candles
  • Anything else that brings you happiness and joy


As you keep elevating your energy levels, awareness, and experience deeper and higher states of consciousness, you will find yourself drawn to new experiences and places, and less to others. Go with your inner intuition and voice to cultivate a higher ground and point of reference for your personal space and energy.

Once again, the energy of your home is not dependent on external items but on who you are within you. The higher you go, the faster you will naturally attract and be drawn to items to compliment those higher states. Just by meditating regularly in your home you are cleansing it and raising it’s frequency.

Remember that the path to gaining deeper states of awareness in order to experience more energy, abundance, and a greater purpose in your life begins with a clear and disciplined mind without internal blockages that hold your natural energy back.

By removing the clutter, clearing the blockages, and regaining control over your mind you can experience elevated levels of energy, power, and success in your life.

Through the process of clearing and re-designing your subconscious mind, you can begin to see reality clearly, as it is, and re-create your life to your new, higher standards.

The process is a simple yet magical one and The Subconscious Architect course will guide you to create this transformation. Check it out here.

Let me know if you enjoyed this article and check out the 3 top practices to clear negative energy from your home as well.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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