How To Remove Your Deep Subconscious Blockages

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Hello Conscious Creator,

In today’s issue we will discuss How To Remove Your Deep Subconscious Blockages – let’s dive right in.

As you go through life, you start picking up ideas, habits, conditioning, and programs and through repetition, they become regular inhabitants in your life. 

These programs live within your subconscious mind. They dictate and direct your life and determine the experiences and outcomes you will get. 

To me, the journey to understand the Subconscious mind and its power over my life started from a place of lack of control. There were many things in my life that weren’t in order – from habits to relationships, to wealth – things weren’t clicking. I wasn’t sure Who I wanted to be, or what I wanted to do, and I felt that I was just confused. 

Everyone is born with a certain blueprint. A certain roadmap he can follow and prosper with. Yet, this blueprint doesn’t come with a clear instruction manual we can open and look into to guide us towards our true self and purpose… this Blueprint is buried under YEARS of programs and conditions from our upbringing, schools, governments, and so forth. 

To me, the thought of something that I’m not aware of controlling my whole life and my destiny was something I couldn’t accept. I just knew there was another way to live. 

A way beyond limits and fears, and beyond the crippling grip of my own perceived limitations. Then I started researching and learning more, I started looking for answers, and I discovered the power of programs on our minds.

How did you get these programs? 

You see, the unconscious part of your mind operates and manages your whole body. It takes care of your breathing, digestion, heartbeat, sight, hearing, feeling, and so forth. It operates the billions of cells in your body with unmatched precision and makes sure your whole body functions properly, in ways that are beyond our understanding. 

Even science today, as advanced as it is, doesn’t have all the answers to HOW exactly everything operates and functions together. 

Now, the question is where in the process did you get these programs, these negative conditioning that interferes with the natural way of living – with the blueprint installed at birth? 

If we look at the brain and the mind nowadays, most scientists and neuroscientists will agree that it’s more like an interface, and our programs are the lenses through which we see reality. So essentially, none of us sees reality the same way. Each and every one of us has a different view of reality and its true potential. 

The craziest part? The true nature of reality has no limits. 

There are obviously hard-wired rules that are installed in this reality, for example, you can’t fly. There are gravity forces. You can’t snap your finger and grow your bank account. You can’t breathe underwater. 

These are just some of the hard rules in this reality. Yet, when you observe and examine reality, you’ll find there are secrets and rules that when followed and applied you can get anything you want – within the parameters that were configured. 

Okay, let’s go back to how you got the negative programs

Now, as a general rule of thumb – you were born with a clean slate. You were born with a mind that is clear of programs and conditionings. Then through life, you started learning all sorts of patterns. Through your parents, your siblings, and other family members. These are programs that were installed in you. 

Some of them are positive, and some negative that includes – fear, jealousy, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and so forth. These programs are the effect of the environment on your mind, especially in the fragile age of 0-7 where most of the programming is completed. 

During phases 0-7, your mind and subconscious mind are almost as one, and they are very open to suggestions from the environment. This is like a training phase where you are receiving all the necessary software to operate in reality. 

The thing is, You can only learn to the extent of your teacher’s knowledge and range of experiences. If your parents had an immature emotional reaction to a certain situation, you have adopted it. If they knew how to deal with it responsibly, you have adopted it as well.

Eventually, you developed patterns that are very similar to the way your environment raised you. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to blame your parents for anything. Whatever happened is in the past now. I always recommend being grateful for whatever you have received in your life – as it shaped you into where you are right now. 

And if you don’t like where you are right now, you’re one of the most fortunate people on earth that KNOWS they don’t like where they are and can commit to taking action to change that. 

This is one of the best positions to be in. The worst place is the in-between – where you’re too comfortable to grow or change, yet you don’t fully love your life. The lukewarm area. That is the place where most people are not ready to take action to commit and change themselves. 

How To Remove Your Deep Subconscious Blockages – The evolution of your programs

As you adopted various negative programs from your childhood, school, friends, and so forth – you begin to base your personality around them. 

It becomes second nature to you to do the things you do. Maybe you’ve been programmed that you’re good at math so you go and pursue an engineering degree. 

That’s fine, maybe you really love it – and that’s your real path. 

Yet at this point, most people know that something is off, and they can deeply feel it within themselves. They know that the path they are walking isn’t truly the one they need to take. 

Why does it happen? 

It happens because there are still various forces pressuring you to conform. Let’s say you discover engineering isn’t for you and you want to go become a lawyer, maybe your parents or friends will persuade you this is a dumb move. 

“You will make more money there”

“You will have more status”

“You will suffer from the transition”

And so forth… All the more if you tell them you want to pursue a creative path, oh boy, try and see their reaction. 

Now, you may or may not have talent and passion for the newfound field, and it may also be a false path as well. There needs to be a lot of clearing up of the subconscious programs and blockages in order to truly identify if this is your field, or if you’re running up a 90-degree hill again. 

Yet most people would succumb to the pressure. It’s far scarier to pursue a path that isn’t certain. It’s harder, it takes more determination and self-belief and it takes time to remove the programs that tell you “YOU CAN’T” from your mind. 

The blockages within

The subconscious blockages we discussed may be patterns or loops that are recurring and happening again and again throughout your life. 

It can be as simple as an addiction that kicks in after you fail at something, it can be a pattern of self-destruction every time you complete a goal, it can be a lack of consistency towards your craft and it can also be chasing information and knowledge without application. 

There are endless blockages and each one I’ve encountered throughout my own experience and working with clients and students has been unique. It is unique because every person is wired differently. Every person is made up of different experiences and circumstances. 

It is like untangling a complicated wire mess. You know what needs to be done but every mess is different – the same goes within your mind. You have some disconnection between the different parts of your psyche that need readjustment. 

The amazing thing is that a troubled mind is like an old machine, when you clean it up, fix the broken parts, and remove the blockages, it starts running efficiently again. Your mind starts running as a well-oiled machine that is adjusted to the newfound goals and plans that resonate deeply with your True Self and the natural Flow comes back into your life. 

How To Remove Your Deep Subconscious Blockages

It is truly miraculous. You stop getting in your own way – that’s all there is to it. 

All you have to do is remove the blockages. Every person is different in this regard. Everyone has different blockages. 

The two circles to clear

There are two most important circles in your life which you need to clean up and remove the blockages to start experiencing abundance, health, and love in your life again – especially if you feel these pipes are stuck: 

The first circle is the one that involves yourself. You need to experience self-love, self-growth, and acceptance. You need to let go of the things you don’t appreciate about yourself and start seeing yourself as a wonderful, perfect creation. It is not an easy task. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to improve – if you’re overweight, you can love yourself while working to remove the excess weight. If you’re an alcoholic, you can work to remove the addiction while still loving yourself – and so forth.

These don’t contradict. The opposite is true, if you don’t love yourself, you won’t have the strength to change. 

The second circle is the one you have with others – this can be anger at others, jealousy, hate, lack of love, envy, disgust, and judgment – all of these things are blocking your wealth, health, abundance, and romantic relationships in life. 

This is 100% true. 

If you are running these programs in your life, you are creating negative energy in your life and into others’ lives. 

What you give out – you get back. This isn’t some esoteric principle, this corresponds to science, to Newton’s 3rd law – “For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Everything in our lives and in our world is governed by rules that are according to science – and science is governed by universal rules and principles. 

The human is a small microcosm of the world and the universe. All of the forces that happen in the universe are also happening and affecting humans. 

Practical tools to remove blockages

So far, we’ve come to the conclusion that everything that isn’t going well in our lives is a result of a program, a mental faculty that isn’t aligned with nature. But why? 

The reason is that everything we are experiencing and seeing in the world isn’t happening outside of us. It is happening inside of us. Just like software – what you see on the screen isn’t happening on the screen, it happens inside the computer. The brain and the mind run the show. They are the ones pulling the strings, and until you gain awareness of this wonderful fact – that you are the master and the slave, that you are the puppet and the puppeteer, you will stay stuck. 

I know this newsletter is filled with a lot of mind-bending concepts but I hope you’re still with me here and enjoy the ride… this is the truth, and the truth is that if you only focus on the actionable levers you see in front of you, you will always be stuck within the same parameters that are already configured within your mind. 

To truly ascend it – you need to change the parameters. To reprogram the machine, which is your mind. 

You can keep changing the brightness, the pixels, the amount of color on the screen all day long (reality) – but as long as you don’t attend to the computer, that runs the show, that runs the script and the programs (your inner world) – nothing changes. 

This is the truth about subconscious reprogramming and removing blockages.

It’s a process, it can sometimes be very easy and sometimes very complicated. It depends on your awareness levels and the severity of the negative programs + how long they have been rooted in place. It also depends on your behavior with others and your misdeeds but this is a topic for another letter. 

The tools I use are powerful and efficient and are meant to remove the problems from the root – while installing new programs to replace the old. 

Just like fertile ground, you want to plant in, you need to both remove the weeds and then plant your new seeds (and water them daily). If you only remove the weeds or only plant a new seed in an unclean environment, you won’t see any results. 

Additionally, if you plant a seed and don’t water it – you won’t see any results. 

This is where The Subconscious Architect will help you. It will give you all of the practical and potent tools to remove the blockages from within – so you can allow the channels of abundance and growth to re-open.

It will guide you in a proven, step-by-step process to identify your True Self and inner purpose, craft a powerful vision, and then remove all blockages, weeds, and negative programs from your mind. 

It will methodically and precisely remove all programs and conditionings that don’t serve you and are blocking your abundance, wealth, and health in life. Then you will plant new seeds in accordance with your vision and as you water them daily, you will see them sprout and bring new fruit of growth, abundance, and success in your life. 

Simple as that.

This isn’t an exaggeration as you’ve come to understand from this newsletter – subconscious blockages are a very serious problem if left unattended.

If you’re ready to get out of your way and clear your path to allow more abundance, success, and growth into your life – join the course here.


Aaron | Limitless Master

P.S – Would love to hear your comments down below.

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