How to surf the endless waves of life

Life is a wave function. I always find it funny when people think I am being metaphorical or trying to sound poetic – while I am at other times, with this phrase, I am being 100% literal. allow me to explain.

When you look at everything in nature, you’ll observe the natural phenomenon that everything happens repeatedly, in cycles, and in waves. The seasons, the day and the night, the waves at sea, the cycles of women There is always a motion happening in a circular direction

Let’s go deeper when you seek the atomic level you’ll observe how everything always vibrates. The atom is always in a state of motion, and inside the atom, the electrons are constantly spinning around the nucleus of the atom like the earth revolves around the sun.

It’s as if nature has a pattern that repeats itself through micro and macro. Now when we look at how the pattern of the atom’s movement presents itself, we can observe the following example of a wave function – there is frequency and vibration, then there is energy:

The understanding is that everything constantly moves in patterns and in a steady motion. There is not a moment of silence or quiet. There isn’t a moment of complete freezing in time.

If you are made up of atoms, and you are one with nature itself, then it is safe to assume you operate under similar laws. The laws of vibration, of movement, of frequency. you are an energy being that looks as if it has a physical experience.

When you realize this – things become more simple to understand. The phases you go through are all a natural part of the process of the phenomenon we call life. There is a constant shifting and turning of ups and downs. Your life is a wave function.

There isn’t a moment of complete peace and quiet and even if there is once you reach it there comes another moment, always shifting, turning, pushing you over to another realm and experience. There is no stability.

There is no common ground or a rock you can lean on other than your own sense of self – the essence within you that is observing and everlasting in its presence. Even in the best of times, there is a sense of shifting and turning.

Even in the worst of times, there is a change looming on the horizon. The impermanence of your life is the only given in this formula. Now here is how to surf the waves of this turbulent reality – don’t resist the wave that’s coming…

Sometimes the wave will take you to a marvelous place. Sometimes the wave will crash on the rocks. Allow yourself to crash if you have to. Just stop resisting. Learn to be patient and see the beauty in each experience.

The more you hold on to the sensations and experiences you have the harder it gets to find joy in the life you are living. This is the only way to reach a state of inner piece. To become a mental surfer that knows how to play around the waves instead of against them.


To ride the waves sounds like simple advice and it is. the only thing that can happen is that you’ll forget this advice. It will sound perfectly logical now, but when you’re in a downtrend your mind will forget. When you’re in a good phase you’ll get worried – cause it might end-

Don’t. Do your best to remain poised and surf with what comes on the ride. When you are enjoying yourself, when you are accepting the harshest conditions with love, you learn to transmute these negatives into positives – just like the alchemists transform lead into gold.

I’ll end this thread with one mantra i used in hard times, in good times, in weird times, or just boring ones – perhaps it will resonate with you as well: “I choose to see the gold in everything.” Thank you for reading.

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