How to take advantage of the 3 main seasons in life

Hey it’s Aaron,

One of the ideas that leads me in life is the seasonality of everything…

I believe that generally speaking there are 3 main seasons in life: Planting, Growing, and Trimming.

​Every season in life demands different gears and different attitudes from us.
1) The season of Planting demands faith. When you plant a seed you have to fully believe it will come to fruition. There can be no doubt or second-guessing.

2) The season of growth demands momentum – when you are growing, there is no time to sit and wait – it is time to move fast and seize opportunities. You don’t stop to think too long when you are growing. You print a destination and go with it.

3) The season of trimming demands focus and attention – after a certain level of growth, the dust settles. It is time for you to consider how you want to move forward, what you can let go of, and what is not necessary anymore in your life.

The cycle repeats – you can now plant a new seed again.

If you remember to act accordingly with your current season and you will always prosper.

The real beauty is you can be in both seasons at once – in various dimensions of life.

We are complex and unique, there is no one size fits all when it comes to our journey in life.

So where are you? Which season are you currently inhabiting? Enjoy and ride it to the fullest

Nowadays Limitless Master is growing, expanding, and creating new experiences for you to enjoy.

But it is also trimming – and clearing up room for the growth to happen.

What I am currently working on:

  1. I am building a new site where you’ll be able to enjoy valuable and in-depth content and unique experiences
  2. I am creating a place for you to read tweets, notes, past emails, stories, and threads in the site -> I want to rely less and less on social media moving forward – in due time ofc
  3. I am building a home for people like us. Where we will do, build and learn the way only people like us can. A world of self-development, growth, and spirit
  4. I am expanding my coaching practice and diving deeper and deeper with my clients to elevate their consciousness and energy levels to new heights – while evolving into their highest version.

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Wishing you the best week ever and talk soon,

Aaron | LM33

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