How to train your mind to enhance your reality and create the reality of your choice

In a previous post, we talked about how you can optimize the brain for peak performance.

In order to get to the next level, you’ll have to learn the secrets of the mind and how to bend them to your will to enhance your reality. Read on if that sounds intriguing.

In fact, the brain and the mind are two different terms that describe different things. The brain is the physical aspect, kind of like the hardware of the computer. It is doing the physical perception, storing the information, analyzing, and more. The mind is the consciousness, awareness of your being. It’s the thoughts you have and create, the stories you tell yourself, and the way you perceive reality and the world around you. There isn’t one way to explain the mind but let’s stick to this explanation for this article.

In order for you to create the life you want, you need to start by tuning your mind into the paths that lead toward the specific life you desire.
If you have a negative\positive mindset -> everything will get filtered as negative\positive relative to your current filter.
To change your life, all you have to do is change the filter through which the outer world enters your mind.
Change the filter through repetition and as a force of habit it will start yielding the results you desire.
It can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be.

We can go deeper into the theory of how thoughts are manifested into existence and have much more power than you realize but lets leave that to another article. For now, I want to keep this article more practical and actionable. Look at it as a workbook you can implement right away.

So with that in mind, here are a few accelerators that will help you rewire your current thinking models:


The fastest way to create a positive shift in your life is to appreciate what you already have. This is a core concept to enhance your reality.
Gratitude will show you how great life is, how powerful the forces of life are, and how blessed you are to experience it.


Don’t skip this practice. Through daily meditation of fewer than 10 minutes, you’ll unlock
levels of clarity you have never experienced before.
You’ll be able to regulate emotions and thoughts with ease, and your mind will get stronger and more focused over time.


Positive affirmation and mantras work. They are something you are practicing whether you’re conscious of it or not.
Every time you repeat sayings such as:
“I hate this” “I’m always tired” “I’m never going to make it”
You are affirming this belief in your mind.
Create positive affirmations instead. They will change the way you think and view the world.
Here are some:
“I am creating my dream life every single day”
“I’m confident in myself and my path”
“I believe in myself completely”
These affirmations are a surefire way to enhance your reality.


When you visualize a certain reality, you are creating a strong image in your mind, and through subconscious activity, your mind will look for a path to create this picture. This is the essence of your journey to enhance your reality.
Say you visualize a successful interview for a job, you will see how you articulate the words correctly, how you deflect objections of the interviewer, dress sharp that day, and wake up early to be there on time.

If you focus on the negative and visualize a horrible interview, your mind will guide you to stumble upon your words, wake up in a rush, and spill coffee on your way there.
Your mind believes what it sees to be a reality, and looks for ways to create that vision as a reality.

Subconscious Reprogramming

Very similar to affirmations, subconscious programming is anything that tries to brainwash you – whether for good or bad. Commercials for example use symbols, tunes, and colors to embed the picture of the brand in your subconscious in a strong way.
You can also reprogram your subconscious mind by listening to affirmations while you sleep, and not allowing any negative sources to enter your mind without consent. Use subconscious programming to your advantage and only allow what will benefit you.

Curating consumption

You have to curate your environment to allow the best quality materials around you.
This includes:

  • Books
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Content
  • Foods
    Every piece of information that enters your mind should be monitored and applied through
    your quality filters.

Breathe work

There is a strong connection between your breathing and well-being.
Normalize breathing deeply in every part of your day. When you start observing your breathing more frequently, you will notice how shallow you sometimes breathe. You will notice how in some situations you completely stop breathing, be it because of anger or stress. The more you control this trigger, the easier it gets to control your response and the situation and to bend it exactly to your will. This is a key point when you are working to enhance your reality.

Identify your purpose, and vision goals

Without a concrete plan, a strong vision, and a step-by-step roadmap to achieve it, there will be no purpose for these practices we discussed here.
Everything you do has to be in tune with the vision you aim for.
Remember, you are practicing control and mastery of the mind for the purpose of creating the reality you desire.
You need to have a CLEAR picture of that reality and where you’re going.
If you’re struggling in creating the reality you desire, I strongly suggest you get The Treasure Map.
It’s a powerful method based on these principles to guide you to the destination you desire and you’re meant to achieve.
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