How to Transform your Stress into ENERGY

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Today I want to talk about mastering the skill and art of stress.

Recommend you make yourself comfortable, get a cup of your favorite drink and kick back – as this one will take you on a journey.

Harnessing the power of stress

Maybe you’ve heard about stress management before… But I don’t think we can really “manage” stress. It’s more about harnessing its RAW POWER and transforming it into energy toward fruitful and beneficial directions for us.

Stress, in its very essence, isn’t bad. It’s actually a motivator.

Imagine you’re seeing a wild animal running in your direction… If you wouldn’t get stressed out of your mind, I’m not sure how you’d survive

I believe that’s easy, but we’re not living in nature anymore.

Now imagine a wave of energy surging in your body, propelling you to move, SOMEWHERE… Yet you have no idea where or why – that’s stress, in its unproductive version.

Remember, stress isn’t good or bad – it’s energy. It’s only our interpretation of it that matters.

Unattended stress can cause anxiety, worry, deep fear, and hopelessness and can severely harm your productivity levels and life force.

Stress is like suffocation for your pure creative expression… Paradoxically, those who are the most stressed need it the most. It’s a downward spiral that’s hard to disentangle.

Think back to a time you were down… Say you just lost your job, suddenly your car breaks down, and your energy slows down… You try to apply to more jobs but your confidence is low, you radiate neediness – and so your stress just keeps increasing. This is a loop of pain and suffering – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Life as an art form

Today you will learn exactly how to transmute stress and transform it into one of your greatest assets, one from which immense breakthroughs and crystallizations come forth.

You will learn how to turn pain into beauty, which is in fact what I believe all art is about.

Living is an art. Creating is an art. Being is an art. When living in tune with our own nature, everything becomes a pure expression of art in motion

Now to get back to our journey of transforming stress into energy let’s understand more about WHY it is so debilitating.

You see, as humans, we’ve conquered the physical plane… We’ve built houses, civilizations, cities, cars, facilities, and whatnot so we can keep nature at bay. We have a personal eco-system to control the weather at the reach of our fingers. If we want hot water we press a button, if we want food we open our own little magic door and grab something to eat. If we desire a nicer atmosphere we just turn on the radio, where a transmission center from far away sends us radio waves on the frequency we choose to lock on.

As you see, modern life is pretty comfy and chill for most people. Even if you’re earning the lowest salary it’s enough to live in a standard probably 1000x safer, more comfortable, and more secure than our ancestors.

Not gonna go into the challenges they had to endure, but you can just guess it from the fact they were living in a cave lol.

The New battlefield

Nowadays, the struggle is different. The battle isn’t on the physical but on the mental playing field. We have conquered the earth but we now stand against the mission to conquer and master the mind.

Nowadays we mostly operate on the mental plane – especially online entrepreneurs, people working at offices, or high-level professionals who are working with information, and their minds – rather than physical equipment.

Just to clarify if it isn’t clear, there’s nothing wrong if you’re not working a job where you have to apply your mind – nor does this mean the battle of the mind doesn’t affect you.

In fact, we’re surrounded by this. There are companies and corporations out there that have based their mission around infiltrating your mind, subconsciously, and directing your attention to their products and goods.

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See the above promo? In some ways, you can say that is exactly what I’m doing here, but I believe there are levels and nuance to this game, and what one does ethically, upfront, and honestly the other does in the shadows, by throwing all morals out the window while hacking your perception – you be the judge though.

There’s no objective way to compare companies who sell you drugs, sugar, pornography, and other useless stuff meant to degenerate you – to individuals and teams who want to empower you and truly have your best interest at heart… I believe we’re on the same page here, or else you’d probably not read my letters and be inspired by my work.

The methods and hacks they use are of grandiose proportions of harm and havoc. They are literally HACKING your bio-physical systems and exploiting your primal brain’s outdated circuits to make you more miserable.

The dopaminergic system is used by them to seduce you, make you feel miserable and lacking – and eventually offer the cure, that is made by them.

This is the easiest way to exploit your mind to their own benefit. Obviously, there are more and more individuals who have learned these systems and use them just as big corporations are. And there are big corporations who are acting ethically. There are no hard and fast rules here.

Now all this introduction was to show you that 10/10, The reason you’re stressed is related to something OUTSIDE of you. Always.

Even when there’s no tiger chasing you in the savannas – it is your own perception of an outside problem making you stressed and worried.

It is never a fabrication of your pure, inner world, which is always pure – and never contaminated.

So with that understanding, you can start working with stress, instead of battling against it.

Stress is not the enemy – How to Transform your Stress into ENERGY

How to Transform your Stress into ENERGY
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Look at the graph above. As we said before, no stress = you’re dead

Too much stress = you’re paralyzed.

Without stress, I wouldn’t have survived some situations in my military service, I wouldn’t have been able to jump from a plane and manage myself to the ground. I would be too limp and chill. With too much stress, I would make mistakes that can cost my life.

You want to have stress. You NEED it to perform optimally and at your peak. When you’re stressed, just a little, and have this driving force of energy that moves you, you get more done. You have the energy, the chi, and the sauce to act upon your wishes, goals, and desires, and allow them to move from the lucid state of a dream into a potentiality in reality. This is the key I want you to understand.

From now on, stress is not the enemy. Suffering from stress is. Letting it consume you is. Focusing on stress is. Allowing it to dictate to you and not act in a calm, cool, and collected way -IS THE ENEMY.

Stress itself? It’s just energy. What you do with it is what matters.

What you focus on amplifies


Now imagine you’re stressed out of your mind towards a presentation, an exam, an important sales call, or perhaps a meeting with a big client.

The moment of truth arrives – the stress is trickling down your spine, affecting your nerves, and you’re feeling anxious and worried. Thoughts keep running and moving all around, and you feel like you may faint. You are a bloody mess. Your performance is detracted, you’re way off the optimal point and you fuck up.

In all honesty, The above is a state that we don’t have much to do about – this is the point of beyond return. Your hormonal and adrenal system is on overdrive and it gets harder to relax them. It IS possible – breathing techniques, relaxation, and rituals can get your head straight, but the focus is not there.

On the day of the performance, you need to be at the top of your game. A killer. An A player, someone they can trust to show up and DO THE JOB. No buts or excuses.


Listen, the reason you’re thinking this is hard is that you lack a basic understanding on how to manage stress.

Stress is used and handled way before it has a chance to inflict any harm.

Let’s say it’s a big day coming with your client – what do most people do?

  • Worry
  • Lose sleep
  • Overthink it Then, maybe the day before, prepare a bit and pray that everything will work in their favor. WRONG.

This is a seriously bad way to deal with stress – the stress you have during those days is propelling you to take MORE FOCUSED ACTION.

One of my biggest beliefs is what you focus on grows. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, literally whatever you allow to become prevalent in your consciousness will form roots of their own.

Whenever you are experiencing stressful situations, focus all of your might on the possible solutions and actions you can take.

I promise you, guaranteed, 10000%, that your problems will vanish. You will live a blissful and beautiful life – because you know you have given your all.

So if the big meeting is coming, go over your notes once again, and read about the client. Come up with more solutions in case those you have are not enough. Think of more tools and ideas you can benefit them. Imagine how much of a service you can be to them.

VISUALIZE the meeting. Think about how you’re going to ace it. Roleplay it, imagine yourself talking smoothly and eloquently, and talk to the mirror. Be proactive. Don’t sit and worry. ACT ACT ACT. When stress is there – it’s just energy bottled up waiting for you to take action.

I’m a big fan of meditation, waiting, and letting things happen, but not when stressed – that is a sign for me to take MASSIVE action – and I know that the results are literally waiting for me around the corner at these times.

Takes a lot of introspection, self-knowledge, and experience to know what each period means, but I have never met a person that benefited from sitting around with nagging thoughts doing nothing. Nope, not gonna cut it.

By now, you should already know – your mind is RAW POWER.

Wherever you direct it – there the energy flows. Focus on stress and problems, that’s where it will go. Focus on solutions – it will find them in the masses.

Tools to transmute stress

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Now that you’ve seen my philosophy about stress, and why I believe you should bluntly laugh at the face of it, then we’re ready to discuss more practical tools, that yet again – focus more on maintenance and prevention.

This means that in order for these tools to become effective, we’re talking about implementing them as a way of life, a way of being, and a road you commit yourself to.

I’m not here selling you a magic pill that will eliminate all your bad feelings. For that, you’re welcome to go to the local medical professional. I’m talking about serious life changes and a transformation of identity.

The identity of a stressed individual:

-> External locus of control -> Believe things are out of his hands -> Consumes JUNK – porn, drugs, excessive alcohol, excessive TV, news, etc -> Believes that to be happy he needs to have xyz -> Forgot that the journey is the destination and nothing can make him as happy as perfecting his craft and producing bountiful labor.

The identity of a Limitless individual:

-> Internal locus of control -> Life happens for him, he is the master of his fate -> Allows no junk in his life. If a slip happens, he hastens to correct his attention -> Enjoys what he has, grateful for the abundance and prosperity in the big and small things as one -> Focuses on improving and perfecting the craft. Loves what he does. Does what he loves. Intellectual + physical + Spiritual pursuit all in one.

You see, the stressed individual is focused on the wrong things. He allows life to spiral out of control and has too many negative feedback loops and downward spirals that easily get him out of balance.

He doesn’t have the necessary systems to keep him on track in case he slips – and a small lapse of judgment becomes a big downfall.

Systems and self-reflection are probably the most important things for your well-being and longevity in business and life:

caption for image

If you’re looking for a new system to create the Limitless way of being in your life, to program your mind for success and reach your goals and vision faster, to allow more deep work and flow, and to let go of subconscious programs, negativity, procrastination and doubt holding you back,  The Subconscious Architect course is on a 33% sale this weekend. Use code: FEB33 in checkout – Get it here. 

Practical tools and failsafe levers


I want to present to you the tools that will guarantee you are on track, and making leaps of progress, whether you’re on a roll or on a slower phase in your life.

Eventually, we have to come to accept that there will be times of expansion, building, growth, and acceleration, and also slower times of rearrangement, ideation, reconciliation, and rest.

One feeds into the other. The importance is to keep on practicing the habits that create the base layer of your life, here are some that for me are non-negotiable:

  1. Meditation – If you’re an avid LR reader, you’ve probably guessed this. I can go on days about the benefits of this fundamental habit. The key point is that it is a strong weapon against stress, doubt, and anxiety. It also enhances focus and awareness like no other habit. It helps sleep better, become more creative, and have more energy and vitality. If there’s a habit that is the kryptonite of stress, it would be meditation.
  2. Exercise – If you’re not doing STRAINED exercise 3 times a week, whether it’s cardio, lifting, cycling, etc., you’re missing out on a core aspect of the battle against the mind and stress. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which help you feel good, less stressed, and more powerful. I guarantee if you start hitting the gym just 3 times a week your outlook on life will start shifting.
  3. Daily Walks – Walking outside and exposing yourself to the sun, fresh air, trees and skies is vital for your body and well-being. Movement is a powerful tool to combat stress and move the energy in your body. It will also allow your mind room for fresh thoughts to enter and as you walk, it’s been found that the fresh oxygen and pumping blood allow new insights to facilitate.
  4. Reading – You need to let your mind expand or it will start feeding itself with worry and stress. When the mind is fed with new valuable information, it has the firepower to focus on that. You need to TIRE your mind. You take it to the gym, you take it for walks, you meditate, you train it with a book. No time to focus on worrying.
  5. Journaling – this will be your safe place to vent. Just let it all out. You’re worried, stressed out of your mind, and see it all going down – vent. Let the pain out on the paper. Don’t hold anything back. Don’t be afraid to sound like a whiny little baby. The beauty here is you let room for all your emotions to express themselves but in a tactful way. If your journal can absorb it, leave other people out of it.
  6. Talking with friends and family – sometimes the problem isn’t small enough to be closed between yourself in the journal. Marcus Aurelius said – “Everything that happens is either endurable or not. If it’s endurable, then endure it. Stop complaining. If it’s unendurable… then stop complaining. Your destruction will mean its end as well. Just remember: you can endure anything your mind can make endurable, by treating it as in your interest to do so. In your interest, or in your nature.:”. Now, we shouldn’t be complaining to others to solve our problems – but sometimes we need more support. That’s completely natural, and it’s great to seek advice and support. Sometimes just talking about it with a close person takes the weight off the shoulders. Just make sure you’re not succumbing to a position of victimhood, but approaching this from a strong standpoint
  7. Prayer – some of you reading this may be complete atheists, and I respect that – but you may want to still read this. When I talk about prayer, I talk about the idea that there are at times forces that are beyond our current understanding or ability to control. We are not as mighty as nature. We can’t control every single variable in our lives. We can control most of it, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations where I know of no other solution but prayer. To surrender fully to a divine force or the universe if you prefer to call it that way – to embrace your lack of comprehension and ask for guidance, from a source that is beyond our capability of normal understanding.
  8. Chanting Mantras – as your stress level rises, you’re allowing your mind’s CPU to run wild. It’s burning at high speed on worry and all sorts of imagined scenarios. One of the most powerful ways to let it all go is to chant a mantra, over and over again… Enter a trance-like state that will rejuvenate your soul and being to a new dimension, and enter hope and courage to act upon your situation.

All of these foundational habits are the starting point for deep work that allows you to live a fruitful life, of creation, production, growth, and service to others. These are habits that will allow you to embrace FLOW STATE LIVING to the fullest. When the mind is clear and receptive, you embark on the natural flow of life and allow things to unfold in the best way possible. When you stress, you are trying to resist and control the outcome.

That is why FLOW STATE LIVING is such a powerful way to live and embrace life. It’s not a life of looking for shortcuts or the easiest ways to cope, but it’s a life of mastery and movement with the natural elements, the forces of nature, and harnessing the energy from any source ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in your own favor.

“I’m feeling the power of this course”

The Subconscious Architect will help you identify the right path to purpose and your crystal clear vision, while eliminating all subconscious blockages and negativity that are setting you up for failure.  Unlock FLOW STATE LIVING today with 33% off this weekend. Use code: FEB33 in checkout. 

What do I do if I’m STRESSED NOW

When you need solutions NOW.

All of the above is too much to handle when you’re currently a wreck. I get it. When I was in the military I had a situation where the stress was beyond human, to put it lightly. In those situations you need anchors, reality grounders, that will help you.

So here are a few ways to let go of stress NOW – so you can allow new thoughts, more positive and uplifting, to enter your mind and change the atmosphere.

You need to take the edge off:

  1. Gratitude – stop whatever you’re doing and show gratitude to something in your presence. What are you grateful for? There must be something that you can be grateful for. Maybe it’s reading this email. Maybe it’s having something to eat or drink. We as humans are basic creatures – if you have a place to live, shelter, and an internet connection, you are beyond blessed. Be truly grateful and let the energy of abundance multiply your blessings with time.
  2. Tapping – One way to ground yourself and feel less anxious is tapping. Tap your body in various places, start with your hands, move to your face, and repeat a mantra that calms you. maybe it can be – I am safe. Maybe it can be – It all works out for me. The tapping grounds you in reality and calms your nerves. Just try it for yourself and see.
  3. Deep breaths – You’re probably not breathing deep and slow enough. Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 1-2 seconds, and release for 8 seconds. For you to feel calmer, the exhale should be longer than the inhale. This will activate your parasympathetic system and calm your nerves. It will signal to your body that you’re in a safe place and it can unwind.
  4. Relax your muscles – your muscles are probably tight. Your shoulders, neck back, hands, and legs let them relax. Practice releasing the pent-up energy and moving it around the body freely. Unclench your jaw, and massage your face – let all the muscles become limp. Release and breathe in deeply.

The above will allow you to take the edge off and reassess your situation. With the right mindset, RAW POWER, and a clear outlook – EVERYTHING IS SOLVABLE.

Building systems

Last but not least – you need to build the right systems to align with your goals, to be in tune with your nature, and keep tracking your progress – or else you’re just shooting in the dark.

You need systems, organization, focus, and habits to be at the backbone – so you can allow yourself to enjoy the flowing moments when they come.


I am looking for 3 driven entrepreneurs\professionals that are looking to 2-3x their performance within their business and life – measured by output.

I will help you build systems and learn tools to enhance your energy levels, maximize your focus and deep work-flow sessions, reduce burn out and remove all stress, doubt, and negativity in the process.

These will allow you to dedicate yourself fully to your craft and get more results whether that means more sales, calls booked, quality outputs, and deep work sessions completed in your business.

Working with me will allow you to save at least 10-20 hours a week by eliminating distractions like phone, social media, procrastination, not knowing what to do next, lack of clarity and purpose about your current mission, or having doubts about your process.

We will build a personalized system to help you perform at the highest level, every day, producing MORE output while working LESS hours.

Here’s what a driven yet burnt out entrepreneur I recently consulted on releasing the stress and doubt he was experiencing and creating a powerful personalized system he can stick with to get 2-3x more deep work done in his business had to say:

caption for image

Now imagine doing a week’s work in 1 day…

Sounds incredible?  Book a call here and we’ll see if you’re a good fit for this program. 


Hope you enjoyed today’s letter,

Looking forward to next week’s edition – and talk soon.


Aaron | Limitless Reader

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