How to unlock your own personal magnetism

The secret of all successful people?

They have their own “gravitational field”

Here’s how to unlock your own personal magnetism

One of the most powerful forces in the universe is gravity.

When gravity is initiated, nothing can escape it.

We are ALL subject to the laws of gravity and this is a fact.

But how can this law be applied to human interactions?

The idea behind personal magnetism is that some people just have a pull to them. Something in them draws you in and makes you want to stay.

This is what people usually refer to as a “Larger than life” personality

When I talk about Personal Magnetism, you all have a model in your mind of a person that evokes certain feelings in you, certain behaviors and thoughts about them that cause you to feel…

different You are sensing their unique vibe in full expression.

Most people are only expressing an imitation of someone else’s vibration.

It isn’t real. It isn’t unique. It’s just a poor and boring imitation.

Most people are just that – boring and fake. but some are different…

The key idea behind personal magnetism is that when you tap deep within your core into the powerful source of energy you possess, you are able to bring forth a powerful current of energy to your environment

You become charged with your own “vibe” with your own “frequency” that people pick up on.

It may be subtle, it may be loud, but people have an inner sensitivity to anything that is real, fresh, unique and isn’t another copy.

People love other people who show them what they can fully become, and how their true selves can perhaps make others feel as well.

A person that is “tapped in” shows others what living at their full potential can look like.

When a person taps into that source – his energy becomes an electric current that starts to shift and turn and creates a magnetic force around the person, when this energy is tapped into at its full potential, most people cannot resist the presence of such a person.

You must have experienced this vibration at least once in your life when you were on a roll, and everything just went smoothly for you. if so you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Most people have no idea how to induce it on their own, and it just happens randomly for them, but the true masters know how to flip this energetic “switch” on command.

True mastery is alchemizing all parts of your body, mind, and spirit, into one coherent energy current that can be experienced by others in your proximity and even from afar.

Even just by thinking about you people can get this sense of energy and rush if you have imprinted your energy stamp on them. This sense of mastery can only come from being extremely competent in your craft, in your mission, and holding a strong sense of purpose.

A lot of personal magnetism has to do with raising your energy levels as well. The more you become a student of your energy body and practice techniques to enhance it, you’re going to experience more of this powerful and mysterious force in your life.

If you’re not a natural? The best place to start is meditation.

Like anything in life, not everyone will have the same base level of magnetism.

But the more you practice and the more you become aware of the forces governing others in reality, the more you’ll be able to pick up on the cues and sensitivities of the magnetic energy.

A practical tip is to STOP wasting your precious energy on:

  • Porn\casual sex
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Video games
  • Netflix
  • Mindless social media consumption

And instead -> Practice how to control and manipulate this energy in your body.

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