How to use the Alien Eyes method to get better at Reality Creation

The reality you experience is simply your unique perception of it.

In order to change the reality you are currently experiencing

You simply have to look at reality from a different perception and perspective

The problem is that most of us get highly identified with a certain reality and viewpoint and it makes our consciousness rigid.

To change that allow me to share with you The Alien Eyes method

It’s a cool exercise to help you shift into a different and higher reality

I have been using this exercise for a while and it’s always interesting to see how quickly reality can shift according to your own perception

In this exercise, you are required to install the perception of an alien that has suddenly been dropped into a human body

In random times during the day, decide to suddenly look into the world from the eyes of an alien that has never been in this world before

Ask yourself – “where am I?”

“What am I doing here?”

“What is this place?”

Look at the world from this pov with new eyes.

As you begin to observe, notice how everything seems strange.

Notice how the plants suddenly look like alien plants, the birds are such a strange phenomenon, and the sky’s color are completely exotic.

I’ll let you keep examining the world from this filter and feel the sensations on your own.

This exercise is so powerful that you might even experience complete dissociation while doing it

A sensation that your mind completely dissolves and you are pure awareness.

So only experiment with this if you feel you’re in a good mental place.

After you finish the exercise, it will be much easier to identify with a new desirable version of reality.

You’ll notice how your perception is much more malleable than you thought – and you’ll know how to shift it accordingly.


I created this exercise one day when I was driving a beautiful road with really beautiful plants, all I could think of was, how did I get here.

What are these beautiful plants and landscapes in front of me.

Suddenly, the whole landscape didn’t feel obvious to me- it felt like I was in another world that created a completely new perception.

The more you have these types of moments, the easier it gets to see how the mind renders reality according to the thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions you hold within it.

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