I catch myself being superficial

Here I am sitting with a group of new people I just met and my brain is making snap judgments of everyone it comes across

“That guy looks a bit strange… bet he’s a weirdo”

“And this one is overweight, I bet he lacks discipline…”

“Hmm and that girl doesn’t seem so smart to me”

And it went on and on for a good few minutes

Unconsciously, I, judging others – imagine

And then it suddenly flipped the switch…

“And who are you to be so arrogant to judge others huh? Do you think you’re so perfect? Well remember that time…”

WHAT?! I snapped right out of it

That moment I knew it wasn’t even me, it was the mind trying to play games on me

it was trying to get the better of me… but not today.

I refused the invitation to play this silly mind game and unplugged the switch

Sometimes the mind has a life of it’s own, it just loves to assume and put things into patterns that allow it to stay sane

It loves labeling and putting in place.

That girl I just called “not smart” in my mind a moment ago? Was one of the loveliest people I ever talked to.

Full of love and a huge heart, who cares about what here iq is? that’s not really my problem

That “overweight guy”? Super cool guy, smart, interesting – why in the world was this the first label that came to my mind? no idea

now here’s the thing – I’m not going to sugarcoat this – the snap judgments that our mind makes are crucial.

First impressions matter. That’s not the point of the email though

Of course I endorse looking, feeling, and being at your best. Of course I endorse excellence, but what I offer you right here is a different perspective

A perspective that the body and mind are not the soul. The body is merely the vehicle. The mind is the operation system. The soul is the real you.

When the person is not looking or feeling the best it is first and foremost a spiritual, or energetical barrier within him that is blocking him or her

And if you judge them? that’s not really helping

What good are you creating?

You know, I see almost everyday people mocking others on social media and online in general.

It happens way more than in real life, because there’s much less consequneces involved

You just press a few keys and laugh away… behind it there are real people

Yea of course they may sometimes “ask for” it or “deserve it” – but is there anyone out there really not trying the best they can? there’s just nothing to gain from this

So the next time you judge remember this, that none of us is perfect

And if you radiate this energy of judgement, it will come back.

Whatever energy we radiate ALWAYS comes back… for good or bad

Those who judge others – are judged more harshly be the heavens above…

IT IS ENERGY – nothing else.

And most importantly, remember this:

by not judging you are radiating an energy of acceptance that the other person receives and FEELS subconsciously.

This causes them to accept themselves and eventually heal from within.

Many people that I accepted wholeheartedly even when they were a complete mess have changed their life around due to the pure love I radiated to them

It doesn’t happen in a day but remember – your thoughts and energy has an effect.

Keep blessing and staying blessed.

Aaron | Limitless Master

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