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Magical Imagination

Most people don’t have any idea on what an incredible skill they’re sitting on

A skill every child knows intimately but is only lost in the rigidity of adult life.

Im talking about the power of your imagination and visualization

I’ve solved every possible problem and pain through visualization and imagination.

I have no doubt by now that it’s the most powerful faculty known to men kind.

In my view its our meta-computer sitting in the infinite field of consciousness

which the brain connects to as our user interface and performs physical changes to the algorithm of reality

Once the brain locks in with the desired information field imagination can begin to shift and shift the parameters of the field

One can become anything they can imagine themselves and believe they can be.

Action is simply an effect of imagination, but not the cause of change of phenomenon.

You have a powerhouse of infinite processing power running in your head connected to an infinite grid of power via quantum fields of information.

Most people use their imagination to fuel their fears.

This is the disease of modern society because fear is a literal VIRUS running in your mind – killing every imaginative spark you can ever leverage.

The devil is devious and tricky. He will see you making steps in developing this skill and put roadblocks to fail you.

Stay resolute in your vision and imagination. Hold the frequency you tapped into: with the feelings, emotions, energy, and thoughts it brings with it.

The wave of anxiety/negative energy/fear will pass and you will remain standing.

This machine of imagination is wilder than most currently realize or fully understand.

You have two choices.

Either trust me and build your imagination or keep struggling.

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