Nature’s Secrets

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Hello Conscious Creator,

I welcome you to “Nature’s Secrets” a new edition of the Limitless Master letter, this one is a special edition, co-written with nature and myself – to you.

Make yourself a hot cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and let’s dive in.

Nature’s Secrets

Everything is happening in nature. Everything is constantly revealing itself waiting for us to observe and understand, patiently, peacefully, to grasp the truth in its essence.

Yesterday afternoon after a long day of meditation, relaxation, and contemplation I had to clear my mind further so I went to the beach.

As the sun was setting I entered the warm salty water, I was finally alone, in quiet and peace. As I submerged myself into the warm water I felt a sensation of absolute serenity and bliss. My mind lost all perceptions and limitations of reality and I had merged as one with nature and reality around me. A state of complete non-duality, “ego-death” or no-mind that has enveloped my state of being.

This rare state is one that happened to me before yet it is always new, always different, it is something that cannot be explained fully with words – yet those who experienced the merging and oneness with nature and reality will know it.

As I was floating in the waves, nature whispered many beautiful secrets and truths in my ears, and I wanted to share them with you today.

The Sun

Nature's Secrets

As I was gazing at the large setting sun, I was reminded how powerful and strong the sun is, how it always shines consistently, day after day without stopping. And even when the sun does not shine for us, it shines elsewhere. It is always shining and giving its light. It is always helping something or someone grow and increase. The Sun is always sharing and building others up. The sun gives life, without conditions.

The Moon

Nature's Secrets

When night comes and there is darkness everywhere, we are gifted the light of the moon to keep us safe in the darkness. There is always a light waiting for us to hold on to, even when everything seems dark. Even when the moon is smallest it is still there. Even when it seems like the end is coming, there is always something that shines a ray of light and allows us to hold on to it.

The Waves

Nature's Secrets

Everything in life is cyclical. The waves keep streaming and coming one after the other. One wave rocks you gently while the other turns you off your feet. One wave is large and fun, another is small and painful. The waves never stop. They are never exactly the same, but we are guaranteed that they will keep coming, and we are guaranteed that they will always bring something new with them.

Even if your waves are hard and uninviting, a good wave will come along and give you some rest and peace. A good wave is always bound to come. We can only stay with “bad” waves if we hold on to them. The waves always keep moving so if we let go and surrender to what’s coming we can always be at peace.

The sand and stars

The sand is always abundant and endless. Just as the night sky. We can never count them, we can only gain a glimpse of its infinite wealth and abundance. The world is endlessly abundance. There is food growing everywhere and there is beauty to behold. It is only we as humans that created a separation between the natural state of abundance of nature and reality to the world we live in.

A world of lines and separation

The world we live in is filled with lines and limitations. The houses we live in leave nature at the door. Nature is naturally curvy, wavy, and infinite. There are no lines, borders, or separation, yet many live in square houses, in polluted cities, in noise and scarcity.

The birds heal our chakras, the sun heals our body, the salty water clears our energy. The noise of car horns and look-alike buildings kills our imagination and creativity. The modern world is comfortable and a blessing. Yet we can never forget that we are part of nature and nature is part of us, nature has all the secrets of how to live well.

The Tree

The tree is constantly giving and producing. It is constantly growing and planting new roots, blooming new flowers that will become fruits, and withstanding the forces of nature. It is there in the sun, the rain, the storm, the snow, and every other condition. It always adapts. The tree always gives something to someone.

It gives shade, it gives fruit, it gives shelter to birds, it is always beautiful and majestic. The tree never complains. The tree always wants to grow and give and by sharing it’s abundance it becomes abundant by itself. It is cared for, it is loved, it gives and so it gets because that is the laws of the universe. When you give from the heart you get far more back than you can ever imagine.

The birds

The birds know where to go and when to go. They trust their instincts and natural intuition. They follow the path of who they are and what they are. They see the world from above and they are peaceful and graceful in their presence. It is a natural state to feel calm and serene when the sky is your home.

You can see the world from a higher vantage point. From a bird’s eye perspective. We can also learn from the birds, we can develop a bird’s eye consciousness that sees life from a higher vantage point and always choose the higher, the lighter, the stronger, the right, the true, the beautiful, and elegant. The simple.

The Flower

The flower blooms regardless of how it feels. Regardless of how it was planted. It has no other purpose than to make the world more beautiful and filled with awe. flowers are nature’s way to say thank you.

To give love abundantly and freely, without conditions. It is nature saying – there is enough for me to just show you how beautiful I am. Not everything has to be instrumental or serve a need. Not everything has to have a transaction. Sometimes we can just do something beautiful for others and that is enough. Sometimes just being who we are is enough and beautiful.

The Butterfly and Caterpillar

nature's secrets

The butterfly and the caterpillar are one. The Butterfly is a natural evolution of the caterpillar. It is a natural transformation that reminds us who we really are, and what we really are. If the caterpillar can transform, all on its own, then how can we not?

We can become a greater version of ourselves. We can grow to new heights and strength. We can become majestic, beautiful, and elegant beyond what we currently even believe or know to be possible just as nature’s secrets reveal. Beyond Imagination.

Some things that are so wonderful and beautiful are coming your way that you cannot even imagine them now, you only have to believe and have faith.

You cannot imagine how you can transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly, but if nature has shown us it is possible, then everything is possible. Everything exists in the realm of potential and possibility. There is only surrender to the power of nature and it’s miracles.

Nature is all around us, all within us, we are nature. I hope you have time to go to spend time quietly in nature and allow it to whisper some of it’s secrets.

A personal message

Over the last few weeks, I have come to a profound realization that my course The Subconscious Architect is built directly on these principles of nature and I have gained even more confidence and faith that it will allow for a one-of-a-kind transformation and growth when practiced over time.

I have also received yet another strong confirmation for the power of the course’s material and the power of consistency from one of my students that I will share here with you:

I have stamped on my flag to always share things that worked for me, that worked for others, and that I know will benefit you in your life and mental state in the long run. These are not cheap fixes that will burn you out. These are lifelong mind-changing perspectives, values, and lifestyles that you can implement and live by.

I sometimes find it a challenge to “market” because these changes are all-encompassing:

You will see an increase in health because you will stop allowing negative programming from the news and environment about viruses, health ailments, and inner self-talk.

You will see an improvement in your finances and abundance because you will improve your self-talk, your manifestation abilities, and your internal compass and beliefs around money. You will have a stronger flow of energy that naturally attracts more opportunities, relationships, and wealth.

You will improve your relationships because you will learn how to communicate more efficiently, how to relax into your subconscious mind and allow it to tap you into the flow of life. People naturally feel your enhanced magnetism and inner abundance and it’s positively contagious. They will want to be around you.

There’s much more that you can read on the sales page, testimonials, and ofc if you still have doubts you can always ask me in an email if it’s for you. Subconscious programming is one of the most valuable tools and skills you can learn in any field or profession you are in. Check out the course here.

Thank you for your attention – kind regards and blessings,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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