New affirmations just dropped:

New affirmations just dropped:

I am living in the highest vibration possible and I am always reaching higher.

I am living in the highest level of abundance, prosperity, love, and personal power.

I am a limitless, one-of-a-kind creation, and I dedicate my life to the love of all good, beautiful, and kind.

I am a ray of light in the world. Wherever I go I cast away the darkness.

When I am in my power there is nothing that can stop me. I am always seeking the power within to light the path and shine my light into existence.

I am a wonderful one of a kind being that is here to make a difference.

My thoughts, speech, and actions are aligned for the highest good. I am always rewarded for my kind and prosperous actions.

I am a symbol of Good, Love, Hope, Light, abundance, and grace.

There is nothing out there that can put out my fire. My fire will always keep burning and lighting up my heart.

The path is so simple, clear, and beautiful. I release all complexities and merge with the infinite abundance of the universe.

I remove all doubts, worries, fears and insecurity that I ever had, have, or will ever experience from my existence. I am connected to a power that is always supporting, guiding, and showing me the way.

Namaste and blessings🙏

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