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Meditation Master

"33 Meditations Across The Spectrum of Consciousness"


This book introduces a collection of 33 Master Meditations revealed to the author over his decade-long practice. With high energetic resonance and frequency, the meditations will guide you on a journey across the spectrum of consciousness and energy. Practicing these meditations opens your channels of abundance enhancing prosperity, health, well-being, relationships, and communication with yourself, others, and higher realms. These meditations were received during thousands of hours in deep meditative states, representing 33 unique levels of awareness. Each meditation in this collection resonates at high energy levels, elevating you to higher states of consciousness. If you care about experiencing more joy, love, expansion, creation, and bliss, this book is for you.


Additional information

Page Count

Paperback: 318 Pages, Hardcover: 272 Pages


Paperback: 5.5×8.5 in, Hardcover: 6×9 in



Publication Date

June 25, 2024

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Reviews of Beyond Limits

Will blow your mind and inspire you to rise to new heights

“Incredible book that leverages a logical, science-backed approach to explaining the ethereal phenomena of life.

Whether you’re new to these topics, or a seasoned consciousness researcher, there is something in this book for you!

Through analogies and examples, Aaron paints an easy to understand picture of the truths he is teaching.

A work that will simultaneously blow your mind and inspire you to rise to new heights in life!”


Like Magic Everything Connected


Will have to be an annual read

“Hello Sir! I was reading your book beyond limits and just completed this morning! Great book that I felt distilled many topics together. Will have to be an annual read :)”


Excerpts From The Book

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Meditation Master Sample

Table of Contents


  • The role of meditation is more important than ever
  • My journey with meditation
  • The origins of the meditations in my book
  • The 33 Master Meditations
  • How the book is structured
  • How to use the meditations in the book
  • So why do we need more meditations?
  • How to start & build your meditation practice habit

Section 1: General Meditation

  • Meditation No.1: Mindfulness Meditation
  • Meditation No.2: Box Breathing Meditation
  • Meditation No.3: Mantra Meditation

Section 2: Healthy Mind Meditations

  • Meditation No.4: Stress, Anxiety, & Fears Release Meditation
  • Meditation No.5: Shame & Guilt Release Meditation
  • Meditation No.6: Waves Meditation Against Addictions
  • Meditation No.7: Compulsive Patterns, Thoughts, & Behaviors Meditation

Section 3: Healing Meditations

  • Meditation No.8: Meditation for Cleansing and Releasing Toxins
  • Meditation No.9: Charging Water Meditation
  • Meditation No.10: Healing Meditation

Section 4: Wealth

  • Meditation No.11: Abundance Meditation
  • Meditation No.12: Money & Wealth Meditation

Section 5: Relationships

  • Meditation No.13: Love Meditation

Section 6: Communication

  • Meditation No.14: Magnetic Power & Personal Magnetism Meditation
  • Meditation No.15: Authentic Charisma Meditation

Section 7: Manifestation & Creation

  • Meditation No.16: Quantum Jump
  • Meditation No.17: Ripples Meditation
  • Meditation No.18: Calendar Rotation Meditation
  • Meditation No.19: Visualization and Intention Setting

Section 8: Shifting Energy Frequency & Vibrations

  • Meditation No.20: Radio Tuning Meditation Technique
  • Meditation No.21: Solfeggio Frequencies Meditation
  • Meditation No.22: Candle Meditation

Section 9: Energy Practices

  • Meditation No.23: Chakra Cleansing Meditation
  • Meditation No.24: Chakra Light Activation Meditation
  • Meditation No.25: Chakra Ripple-Aura Meditations
  • Meditation No.26: Kundalini Meditation
  • Meditation No.27: Sexual Transmutation Meditation
  • Meditation No.28: Grounding to the Earth and Sky
  • Meditation No.29: White and Black Energy Protections

Section 10: Consciousness Expansion

  • Meditation No.30: Heart-Mind Connection Meditation
  • Meditation No.31: Third Eye Sun Meditation
  • Meditation No.32: Connecting to the Informational Grid
  • Meditation No.33: Visiting Magical Places

Additional Meditations

  • Meditation for Heat and Power
  • Ho’oponopono Meditation
  • Chanting OM Meditation
  • Global Safety Meditation
  • Merkava Meditation


  • Choose The Experience
  • Meditation Q&A

Additional Resources

  • Resource 1: The Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Resource 2: The Mudras
  • Resource 3: High Vibrational Mantras
  • Resource 4: The Chakra Blueprint
    • Chakra Number 1 – The Root Chakra
    • Chakra Number 2 – The Sacral Chakra
    • Chakra Number 3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Chakra Number 4 – The Heart Chakra
    • Chakra Number 5 – The Throat Chakra
    • Chakra Number 6 – The Third Eye Chakra
    • Chakra Number 7 – The Crown Chakra

Meditation From The Book

Stress, Anxiety, & Fears Release Meditation
The energy of stress, anxiety, and fear can be heavy, debilitating, and harsh. It creates a strong feeling of helplessness, almost drowning within your own self. It can create a feeling as if there is nowhere to escape. This meditation is going to be an instant relief of these feelings and allow you to let go of the false perception that you are your emotions. This meditation will show you that you are always in control of your state. It will create a strong shift in your energy levels and vibrational foundation. If you are experiencing excess worry, stress, and fears in your life, this meditation will change this for good. It will take you 40 days to create a whole new energy foundation of reality for yourself and the world around you. Once you do so, you will never go back to the old levels. Every once in a while, you can commit to another round of 40 days of this meditation to create another higher foundation of a fearless, limitless life. The more you practice, the better your experience of calm, clarity, and inner resilience will get.
Here are the directions for this meditation:
1. Find yourself a quiet place to sit down and relax.
2. Allow yourself to close your eyes, cross your legs, and focus on your breath
3. Bring your mind to a state of deep relaxation and allow all thoughts to fade away from your mind.
4. When you are in a state of heightened awareness and relaxation, bring your focus into your heart, your mind, and your inner body.
5. As you focus on your inner world, identify the emotions of stress, anxiety, and/or fear within you.
6. Gently ask yourself, “How are they similar? What are they telling you? Why are they here?”
7. Allow yourself to examine each emotion slowly, with your awareness. When you feel ready, allow yourself to feel them, with your heart and body as well.
8. Where are they placed in your body? Allow yourself to feel that area and let go of judgment. Feel the emotion fully, with whatever it brings with it.
9. When you are in the feeling of the emotion, allow it to wrap every aspect of your being. Fully feel it. Commit to it. If it makes you want to say, do, cry, or express allow it. This is part of the meditation and is welcome. It is also welcome if nothing happens at all, or you feel “numb” to the emotion. Allow anything to happen to arise naturally, and effortlessly.
10. As you are feeling the emotion, notice how it is not you who is the emotion, how it is simply an energy flowing through you, e-motion, energy in motion.
11. Notice that after you feel the emotion intensely for a while, it is no longer that interesting. You got used to it. It’s “just” an emotion.
12. As you feel into the emotion fully, it will begin to fade away. It will no longer have the power over you, and you are now free to let it go completely. You can feel the relief of this emotion letting go.
13. You can also visualize the emotion. How does it look, what size is it, what shape, what color, what smell, and texture? Visualize at it in the area you felt it before. Observe how it is separate from your being. It is not a real part of you, it just came to visit. You may now grab it with your mind and discard it. You can visualize it going into a torch of fire, and becoming light again. This is the essence of every emotion, feeling, or experience. It can always be transmuted back into light.
14. Turn back to your breathe. Feel how lighter your body is now. How calmer and relaxed you are, and in your center. You are now able to be more focused on your vision, goals, and purpose. You are now free to be as happy and blissful as you possibly can. You now know you can always return back to this meditation and release any fear, worry, or anxiety that comes into your life.

By practicing this meditation often, you will notice you can transmute the anxiety and worries that come up in your life immediately. You will recognize that your emotions and feelings are simply a state you are currently experiencing, and it will take you less time to exit that state. Over time, when you learn to be in the flow of all emotions, thoughts, and feelings you will see that they simply come and go, and they are separate from you. They will not latch on to you and you will be free to choose your state of being and inner experience. This will create an incredible relief in your emotional state and a stronger foundation to build from.
If you are experiencing high levels of stress in your life, I recommend to practice this meditation for 40 days, every single day. You will release a lot of emotional charges and open up your energy to new experiences and heights.

About The Author

Hey, I’m Aaron Avraham, author of the books “Beyond Limits” and “Meditation Master”, a holistic psychotherapist, and Consciousness & Energy Researcher. I completed my BA in psychology in 2023, with a highly praised seminal work on meditation’s benefits. As a holistic psychotherapist I help individuals reach new heights of performance, awareness, and higher states of consciousness. I believe you can attract new experiences into your life by changing your inner state, raising your Energy Levels, and connecting to higher versions of yourself. I teach internationally about Consciousness, Energy, and Conscious Creation through my books, website, private group, and 1 on 1 work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Meditation Master is suitable for anyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners! No matter your level, you’ll find new insights and information to help you reach higher states of Consciousness and Energy Levels.

The book starts with an in depth exploration of the benefits and importance of a meditation practice in the 21st century and in the modern world alongside my personal story and experiences with meditation. 

There’s also a guide on how to meditate and build up your practice for those who want to learn how to begin meditating from the foundation.

Then there are the 33 Master Meditations spanning across the full spectrum of consciousness from lower to higher vibrational states. (see table of contents above)

Each meditation is presented with in depth explanations to the benefits, purpose, background and usage of the meditation. Some of the meditations arrive with recommendations to the time period one should practice it – for example, 30 days, 40 days or more.

There are also several additional meditations at the end of the book alongside in depth additional resources such as the chakra blueprint, mudra guide, and mantra recommendations. 

Meditation Master is designed in a way that you can open it up and choose the meditation you need the most right now. Whether for the release of fear or trauma, better health, greater energy, increased abundance, a higher consciousness experience or traveling to higher realms – you can open up the book at that meditation page and practice the meditation to immediately experience the desired state! Additionally it can be used to guide you on a gradual journey across the full spectrum of consciousness.

Meditation can improve both physical and mental health – by increasing your energy levels, vitality, and well being through your practice. There are 2 powerful sections in the book that will help you develop a healthy mind and healthy body using various proven meditations, visualization methods and energy techniques. Additionally, Meditation is a tool that will raise your awareness to every day problems, and allow you to improve your life’s situation from the root – instead of band-aid fixes.

No prior experience is necessary. Meditation Master is designed for both complete beginners and advanced practitioners. Each meditation includes detailed explanations and guidance to help you, regardless of your level of experience.

The book arrives with 4 additional resources:

  1. The Mantra Resource – High vibrational mantras recommended for your meditation practice.
  2. The Mudra Resource – The best mudras (hand and finger postures) to enhance your meditation practice, awareness, and energy levels. With hand drawn images to show you exactly how to do the mudras!
  3. The Solfeggio Frequency Resource – Information on using solfeggio frequencies to enhance your meditation.
  4. The Chakra Blueprint Resource – An in-depth guide outlining the chakras, the energy body, details of each chakra, and how to efficiently open the flow of energy through your chakras and energy body.

We ship the book internationally to any country in the world!

The book launches on June 25, 2024 – in the meantime you can enjoy special offers and deals during the Pre-Sale

The Digital Version will be available during the official launch of the book on June 25, 2024

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