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Ready for a spiritual awakening? Dima’s Book Review of Beyond Limits

Check out Dima’s Unbiased Book Review of Beyond Limits:

“Beyond Limits, Limitless Master’s new book, is not a regurgitated book…

It’s Aaron pouring his heart, mind, and soul onto every page.

– Uncover ancient wisdom

– Unlock your potential

– Manifest greatness


Beyond Limits by Limitless Master is obviously Aaron’s life project and a work of passion.

It’s not rushed, regurgitated, or templatized.

It’s Limitless Master, or Aaron, sitting down each day and writing straight from his heart, mind, and soul.

If you’ve been following Aaron…

Especially for a while, and you love his tweets, voice, and understanding of ourselves and the world around us Then this book will feel as if it was written for you.

Because it was. And you can feel it.

In the 1st part of the book, Aaron breaks down how the modern & ancient sages, teachers, masters and guides understand the world.

He does it SO well too. He literally compiles it all for you and tells you EVERYTHING.

And I know because for the past 2 years, I have been studying: – metaphysics – spirituality – alternative thinking I could have saved so much time reading different books.

I have over 10 years of direct experience of:

– listening to my inner voice

– questioning dogmatic thinking

– searching for the most potent connection to God

It’s a journey I have never regretted and recommend it to everyone.

After Aaron gets you up to speed and helps understand how the world truly works, He starts downloading the tools and tactics you can use today to alter your reality and your experience of reality.

My favorite part about the book was at the end.

After Aaron says goodbye after a wonderful journey together, he gives you 10+ mini, step-by-step guides that teach you actionable advice you can easily remember and recall on how to bring spiritual movement into your life right now

I’ve been reading self-development, psychology, relationship, and spirituality books for over 10 years.

Nothing in Aaron’s book feels copied.

It all feels original.

He wasn’t trying to copy anyone instead give his own unique views on everything, which I appreciated a lot.

That’s the other thing I loved.

Aaron brought SO MANY unique perspectives on concepts and topics I never knew about, shedding light on old teachings in a new, beautiful way.

I also love how simple and digestible he explained everything.

After reading the book, I don’t feel airy-fairy motivated like after reading a best-selling author’s books I feel like how you would feel after reading a LONG, value-packed, action-oriented thread on Twitter.

The same voice giving you secret after secret and nugget after nugget

I am truly impressed that Aaron was able to write this book.

It made me realize that each of us could write and teach about the things that we love or spend a lot of time:

– learning

– researching

– thinking about

If you like what Aaron talks about in his tweets or on the topics of spirituality, metaphysics, and human potential, I know Aaron’s book will be the most value-packed, bang for your buck resource available to you right now.

If someone is looking for a crash course, “get me to the most fundamental level of understanding”, I would hands-down recommend Aaron’s book. That’s what I plan to do.

I used to start people off with:

– Kybalion
– Power of Now
– Untethered Soul

But now I can literally recommend Aaron’s book and know that person will know basically everything I do.

They’ll establish a SOLID groundwork to build the rest of their journey on.

He talks about it all.

– How to properly work with your emotions
– Who you are and the value of that
– How to overcome your limiting beliefs
– How to quantum jump
– Meditation and why it’s important
– Building a new identity for yourself

And on and on and on…

I’m about to reread the book right now actually

Oh! What I was MOST impressed with was the lack of typos throughout the whole thing lol.

Great job, man!

I hope that more people will be exposed and enjoy your work of passion, especially your audience.

Because then I will know that more of the people on Twitter here with us, have a solid understanding of life and how it works

You’re changing the world in your little corner of the internet.

You should be extremely proud of yourself and what you’re doing with your life.

Thanks for writing this book and giving me something that I can share with people.”

The unbiased review was written by Dima – you can check out more of his work on Twitter.

Thank you Dima!

– Aaron | Limitless Master 33

If you want to read my book “Beyond Limits” you can get it here

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