Reality is created through your beliefs and intentions

When your beliefs and intentions are aligned with your highest vision and the reality you desire, you begin attracting them into your energy field.

Interesting experiences and events will begin to happen that will move you onto the path of your highest vision.

When you anchor a vision into your mind, you create a magnetic pull towards that vision. From there you simply have to trust and have faith in the process.

This creates a belief in your ability to experience that vision. When that happens it will always work. It may take time, but it will happen.

Now add Intentions to the mix

Before anything you do that you wish to have a fruitful outcome, set a strong intention.

Intentions are like spells or codes in the universe, once spoken out loud or said firmly with resolution in your mind, they come to life.

Have you ever seen a professional athlete, actor, or player in action? they state out loud what they want.

They clearly SAY the desired outcome. They constantly talk to themselves and reshape the narrative.

Even if they are losing, they keep speaking out loud with the power of intention. There is a force beyond them helping to materialize these intentions.

A few days ago I randomly saw a guy playing a video game on YouTube, he was constantly asking for things, stating his INTENTIONS, and staying positive that he would win throughout.

It was incredible to see how all of his wishes and intentions came to life in that game.

This also happens in games where there is “luck” involved.

How come there are people that are always more “lucky” than others?

You see, this isn’t really luck. It’s their mind power, their intention setting ability, and faith in themselves.

Now if you can do that in a video game, you can do that in real life.

The nature of video games is that they are accelerated versions of reality.

But if you take them as a training ground, you can learn a lot about how to manipulate reality with your thoughts, speech, actions, energy, and intentions.

Speaking your intentions, living by them, and stating them out loud, is an incredibly powerful way to increase your manifestation abilities.

Practice using this power you have in everyday life – and you’re sure to experience a surge of energy and growth in your being.

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