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Reality Pawn Vs Reality Master

In life there are two ways you can approach any situation.

One, from a position of power, strength, resilience, and success

And the other from a position of weakness, lack, misery, and victimhood.

The way you approach any situation will determine your experience and the results you achieve – even in tiny little actions:

Did you know that athletes who practice positive self talk have a higher chance of winning a sports game?

Did you know that just by saying “Thank You” to someone – you immediately increase your likeability by several orders of magnitude?

Just by smiling and practicing a power pose you can reduce your Cortisol and stress levels by 25%.

Do you realize how much power you truly have over your own reality and the world around you?

These are all proactive actions you can take to change your situation right now.

I believe there are 2 archetypes that embody the two approaches:

The Reality Pawn and The Reality Master.

Let’s observe the difference between a reality pawn and a reality master

Reality Pawn: Why are things always happening to me?

Reality Master: Everything happens for me, for the better.

Reality Pawn: I’m tired of life and all the trouble and hardships.

Reality Master: Thank you God for these challenges, I am sure they will make me a better person.

Reality Pawn: It’s all my parents/partner/friend’s fault. I’ll never be able to make it better.

Reality Master: I forgive my parents/partner/friends for what happened – I am going to make the best with the life and situation I have received.

Reality Pawn: I have to do a job I dislike for a long time before I can do what I really want.

Reality Master: I can do what I want and I can succeed in it.

Reality Pawn: Why are things always going wrong?? I have no luck.

Reality Master: Things may be hard now but I know they are getting better and better.

Reality Pawn: Money is hard to get by

Reality Master: I am connected to a source of infinite light and abundance.

Reality Pawn: I am limited by my negative thoughts.

Reality Master: My thoughts come and go and do not define me –

Reality Pawn: I’m a tiny and weak person

Reality Master: I am a Limitless, multidimensional being.

This can go on and on.

All of us have some beliefs from both the reality pawn and the reality master.

Your job is to connect more and more to your inner Reality Master, your Limitless True Self that you are.

The Reality Master is within each and every one of us – and it’s our job to tap into that energy and essence – beyond all limitations and false perceptions.

I urge you to watch what beliefs and statements resonated with you and rework these beliefs through rewiring the subconscious mind.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to shed away the limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, and negative energy holding you back – and allow new powerful energy to take you higher to new levels of abundance and success.

My course The Subconscious Architect will guide you step by step through this process – to remove any limitation and negative emotions/ thoughts/experiences from your psyche and bring you to a new level of abundance, focus, energy, vitality and dedication to your vision and path.

Get the course here.
with new lessons and tools being added for the 2024 edition!

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

p.s – let me know if you have any questions, insights, or topics you would like to read about in the Limitless Master Letter!

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