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Receiving Downloads

There are many moments during the day where you receive high-frequency information to your consciousness.

These are called downloads.

Most people are to Coarse to see them, too rigid

Most people lack sensitivity to life’s finer frequencies. This renders you unable to receive higher-frequency information, vibrations, and experiences.

The sensitivity I’m talking about is not on the emotional level, but on the sensational/energetical level.

Can you identify nuanced differences in food, colors, smells, people, speech, and subtle communication, subtle changes in the weather and environment?

If so – you probably have high sensitivity to life – you are able to pick up nuanced changes and frequencies.

The more you hone on this ability, the more you’ll be able to receive even more nuanced and subtle frequencies.

This makes sense if you study physics ->

Generally, the higher the frequency of the light (insight/download) you receive, the the more energy (information it contains) (E=hν).

The more energy, the less material it has to have to manifest in reality (E=MC^2) – think about water – when heated – it rises in frequency and turns to steam

In simple terms – the higher frequencies are potentially less available in the regular five senses.

They are only available in your sixth sense, third eye, that receives high frequency information.

So to identify these subtle higher frequencies – you have to develop a base ground to discern above the noise.

This involves various meditation techniques and focused awareness.

Once you create that floor, you’ll realize that most of what’s around you is noise.

This is when you’ll begin to receive the golden insights. The gems. The downloads that are divinely directed your way.

But this time you won’t be so clogged up to receive them – you will have the sensitivity and mental acuity to gain new wisdom and insight that is constantly floating in the aether.

Like anything, this demands practice and repetition. And of course, studying from those who’ve done it will take you there faster.

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