Developing a relationship with your subconscious Mind

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The Programs that we run

As we go through life, we usually develop certain programs that go through on repeat in the back of our minds. Wake up, go to work, come back home, watch t.v, go to bed, and REPEAT.

The program may be much more complex of course, yet it still is a program with repeatable patterns.

Some programs will have positive chain effects: “When I see John, smile and ask how is he doing today”

Some programs will have negative chain effects: “When having a bad day, go back home and drink a beer (or 3)” (not recommended)

other programs may be more about our internal states: “When someone insults me, start a loop of self-deprecating thoughts. Ruin my day please!”

These are all subconscious mind programs that are constantly running, waiting for the right trigger to execute.

Our relationship with the Subconscious Programs

The more we dive into the contents of the BACKGROUND of what’s going on in our mind, the better the relationship we can develop with our subconscious mind.

The thing is that every person has different ideas and cues to how their own Programs run.

The brain (The hardware) may come for all of us with the same structure, size, and pathways at birth

But the software -> The mind, is obviously different for each and every one of us, depending on multiple different factors.

The only way to make sense of this operating system is by doing the inner work to map out yourself, and build the programs you are happy to live with for the rest of your life (or at least until another paradigm shift comes in)

You are the ARCHITECT of this wonderful structure of the Brain + Mind connection – and YOU have the power to design it as you wish.  (Re: The Subconscious Architect Course explores this concept and helps you become the architect of your mind and inner world) 

Some of you, you may want to become advanced architects, who will build beautiful and rich landscapes, with marvelous skyscrapers and a beautiful skyline to your brain\mind-city.

Some of you may prefer a simpler, more minimalistic design, akin to the Apple devices – where everything works smoothly with simple gestures and classy looks.

Every person may define the complexity to which they want to develop their own consciousness and enhance it according to the experiences they wish to experience.

The important thing here is to know YOU have complete control, from A to Z about the contents and structures of your marvelous mind.

The key here is developing and enhancing your awareness to the unique cues and triggers that make you reactive\responsive to certain situations.

The 3 minds\brains we all have

In order to understand your brain\mind more deeply, let’s talk about the 3 brains\minds often referred to in most psychological and metaphysical works.

Reptilian (Subconscious Mind) -> This is our oldest brain\mind, we may refer to it as the Ego-ic mind, as it’s mostly focused on survival and ensuring you stay alive and procreate. When that mind senses danger, it may move you to act in ways you are not happy with afterward. (if you have no awareness of its workings).

I experienced the power of this primal system when I was in the military. There were times when there was no food for long periods of time in training or operations. When the food came, some people lost their senses, and jumped on the food and on each other, in a barbaric fashion.

At those times I couldn’t understand that, as I have developed a more stoic approach to survival. Some of us who developed this approach looked from the side unable to understand it, yet every person usually moves to one extreme in those situations. Not saying one is better than the other, as it’s hard to judge true hunger, but I have heard of many who regret letting their carnal desires take over during situations such as these.

Mammal (Conscious Mind) -> The more developed mind, the one which contributes to our cooperation with one another, living in “tribes”, more complex emotions. It’s more of an updated version of the Reptilian brain rather than a major big update. The Mammalian is more concerned with social interactions and may choose social status over survival-based activities.

Human (Divine Consciousness) -> The most evolved part of our brains. It is also the most advanced and “groundbreaking” in terms of its features. This brain allows us to apply logic, and rational thinking and some also say that it is where our divine consciousness resides.

Intuition is developed from the gut-heart-mind connection but is deciphered in this part of the brain.(Learn more about how to tap into your intuitive power and higher states  here ) When we are operating from this highest state of mind we’re able to align ourselves with the natural flow of life and enjoy the blessings that come with that.

The problem? this operating system is the newest one we have acquired. When we are hungry, sleepless, sexless, or in any other survival state, it’s much harder to tap into this mind and we resort to the lesser counterparts (that aim to keep us alive).

Back to the example of those storming the food, to operate from the higher consciousness, the human mind is extremely hard in states of calamity. Some have it more naturally in them. Some will succumb to their nature without awareness and work – but we all have free will to choose the former as a way of being. Through practice, we can master the mind and always work from the Higher state.

How our relationship is formed through childhood

The relationship with our 3 minds\brains stated above is predominantly determined in our childhood. A person growing up in a stressful environment and family will have a hard time taking control of the Human mind, the fight-flight response is much more conditioned. But the beauty of our brain is in its plasticity. The mind governs the matter.

Whatever you tend to do in your mind reinforces in the body, the brain is part of the body. Eventually, you have the power to choose. It may be hard, but change is always possible. To blame childhood and never take responsibility for your own situation, is also a choice.

If you find the same negative patterns come up in your life again and again, maybe you have powerful programming from childhood\adulthood that is stopping you from prospering.

Maybe it is fear of poverty or fear of ill health – either way it is unnecessary to deal with on your own. Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind programs to create your ideal 2.0 identity and dream life, without the limiting beliefs, fear, doubt, and past blockages holding you back  here 

Developing a relationship with your subconscious Mind – The hints we will come to sense

As you develop a relationship with awareness to your own programming and subconscious patterns, you will start seeing hints and signs all around you. You will have ideas and hunches, and when they come don’t ignore them. The more you cultivate awareness, the easier life becomes to handle. It is like the unfolding of one’s own journey in front of their eyes – the hints and breadcrumbs will guide you on what needs to be done next.

The Subconscious literally Absorbs everything.

It’s important to note, that the Subconscious Mind absorbs everything. Every small interaction, word, image, idea, reference, etc will be absorbed if you do not govern it. The more awareness you develop, the better your ability becomes to deny anything that does not fit the paradigm and belief system you wish to create.

Remember, you are the Architect. You choose. You decide. You direct how the landscape is forming. It is your responsibility to gatekeep what enters and what doesn’t.

Maybe the content you are reading around the web is triggering you. Cut it out of your life.

Maybe a person on Twitter makes you cringe or get angry every time his tweet shows up in your timeline, CUT THEM OUT.

A “friend” always “Jinx’s” your success when you tell them about it, cut them out from your success stories rolodex (no need for drastic measures if you have to meet them occasionally)

Remember, everyone is a side character in your life.

No one deserves your attention if it makes you feel bad, negative, or disempowered.

The interactions, people, quests, and ideas we want are already out there.

A mindset you may want to cultivate from now on is the belief that what you seek is out there seeking you.

The people, the places, the ideas, experiences, clients, customers, and so forth are looking for you at this exact moment you are searching for them. They are on their way to you, just as much as you to them. If this universal law was true 100 years ago, how much truer is it now with the age of the internet?

You are connected to a grid of information with billions of people with the tap of the finger, how can the people you seek NOT be out there?

Believe that your tribe and experiences you wish to have are out there, don’t fall for the gloomy-doomy pessimists you hear on the internet.

Believe and you will receive.

What you want, wants you as well

The greatest paradigm shift of all is the Merging of the conscious mind with the divine mind. Letting go of pain, fear, doubt, and suffering allows you to find this special place inside your mind. The place where you as an individual end, and the infinite you begins. The power you have inside cannot be taken away, not by anyone.

Entering the Kingdom of God – The kingdom of God is within us, and we enter it by becoming like little children. The child doesn’t question if things are possible or not. He believes and so he receives. The child goes to bed at Christmas night not thinking whether his present will deliver. He goes to bed and wakes up to a present under the tree. This is the works of faith and belief in one’s own self and the vision.

When the vision is set and the plan sets in motion, the divine will sorts the way forward. The more YOU stand in your own way, with thoughts, suffering, doubts, procrastination – the slower you will get to the destination. The moment you get out of the way and call upon divine powers of endless wisdom and guidance, the faster you get to your promised land.

It is said that there is nothing that stands against the power of will. This is true in many ways, and when coupled with the faith, belief, and inspiration of the divine mind within us, your journey is already done. It is completed. All you have to do is take the necessary steps day by day, and the right opportunities, people, ideas, and situations will find their way to you. Have faith! There is endless opportunity to those who prepare, act, and believe.

I believe this is the secret ingredient that isn’t taught in schools, or in many homes. The mainstream teachings available are usually either too practical or too out there for people to follow.

The truth is always somewhat in the middle. Faith and action. Trust in a higher power\self + Striving for more. There is always a deeper, dualistic side to reality, that which when pursued on both sides will make our experience and richness of life much deeper.

Closing thoughts

The world is evolving in a rapid pace, and the physical is merging with the Metaphysical more than ever before. I hope you enjoyed the ideas I presented to you today. I hope you take the advice to cultivate more awareness of what you want to build, how you want to do it, and the triggers, obstacles, beliefs that are blocking the path.

Focused awareness lights up the path and removes all blockages. The more you understand yourself, the easier it becomes to actualize your full potential and make your dream life become a reality.

If you’re ready to become The Architect of your mind, to develop a prosperous relationship with your subconscious mind, let go of pain, fear, doubts, and effortlessly create the reality you wish to experience ->  Click here 

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

P.S -> Appreciate your love and support on the newsletter, content, and in general – much love to you all

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