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Releasing Addiction

Releasing addiction is about understanding what addiction really is – and why it keeps repeating.

Why are you addicted to something? When does a behavior move into the realms of addiction? Why does addiction happen? And how can YOU let it go from your life?

I am going to discuss these questions today, and share with you my unconventional advice about addictions and why they happen.

Conventional psychology goes deeply into the triggers that induce an addiction and what the effects are on the brain. This can be useful but somewhat lacking as to the core roots of the addiction.

According to APA (American Psychological Association) Addiction is:

“Addiction is a state of psychological and/or physical dependence on the use of drugs or other substances, such as alcohol, or on activities or behaviors, such as sex, exercise, and gambling.

I believe that on a level higher above, on the level of consciousness, an addicted person is using the addiction as a way to escape reality and cope with trapped emotions, trauma, and pain.

Reaching the release of addiction from your life is a process of letting go of these trapped emotions, energies, and lower vibrations.

Once that’s done and you ascended to a higher level of consciousness, you are no longer trapped by these emotions. You won’t need them.

Addictions come in many forms. They can come as smoking, drinking, drug usage, sexual addiction, food addiction, social media addiction, video games, and more.

The common factor to all of these addictions is that they satisfy core needs and desire in a strong, intense, and immediate way.

Addictions usually appeal to the lower, more animalistic side of the human being, where the desire for immediate satisfaction, dopamine, and primal urges arise.

When does normal behavior become addiction?

Smoking the occasional cigar, drinking a glass of wine, eating a large meal, or indulging in sexual fantasy once in a while isn’t a sign of addiction.

If a behavior is under control, you are unattached to it, and it doesn’t interfere with your emotions, psyche, and self control – then you are not addicted.

Addiction is behavior that is irrational, compulsive, and repetitive.

I know a lot of people who believe they are addicts for life. For example, they have been addicted to a substance for a prolonged period, released the addiction, and have a slip – once in a long period of time (more than 4-6 months). In my view, this doesn’t consist of addiction, but of trapped emotions that are stored in energy pockets in the body. The energy pockets still contain the memories of the addiction, of the past behavior, of the primal desires and are being released. Through deep introspection and emotional release that we’ve discussed in the Trapped Emotions article, you can let go of the remains of this trapped energy.

Additionally, behavior that is compulsive doesn’t always mean you are addicted. It can be a compulsion that is relatively in your control.

Addiction is when there is close to no self control and ability to navigate one’s own Self and patterns. There is a force beyond the self that dictates the ability to maintain the addiction or one’s behavior.

Why does addiction happen?

Releasing Addiction

Addictions happen usually from trauma, lack, and pain.

When you are lacking a form of energy in your life – whether that be love, comfort, happiness, growth, abundance, success, or fulfillment – the mind wants to create that feeling for you.

It goes the length to find ways to create these feelings, even if it means artificially to allow you to enter a different reality for a while. The mind doesn’t understand the long term consequences, it simply wants to feel better.

If the situation is unbearable and you are used to comfort yourself with food, then the first sign of distress can lead to a food binge. The first sign of discomfort can send the mind to drink a glass of whiskey, to numb the pain, induce a feeling of comfort, and then relax.

The mind is seeking a FEELING – to fulfill you with something. It knows only of the external world as the solution as that is what it sees.

Yet you, as a conscious being, can bypass the mind and realize that you are greater than it’s control. You are able to re-shift the paradigm and realize that nothing from the external world fills you up with anything.

It is your own chemicals and emotions that fill you up with a feeling. You can shift your emotional state this very moment by becoming more aware and present to what you are feeling. Simply feeling these emotions will result in a release and allow you to feel happier, pleasant, grateful and abundant.

Releasing Addiction RM Methods:

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I trust that you found this article useful in your journey to reach higher states of consciousness and energy levels, and sending you strength on your path.



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