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Sprite or 7UP? When timelines instantly shift


Yesterday I went to a coffee place with friends and ordered Sprite

The waitress tells me “we only have 7-up, that’s fine?”

“Okay” I tell her (couldn’t care less tbh)

I wait

A minute later another waitress comes back and puts a Sprite on my table

Im looking at the Sprite for a moment

“W8 didn’t you say you only have 7-up?”

“Yes but they actually changed it today…” She casually tells me and walks away

The Sprite was still hot, it didn’t even have time to refrigerate.

So – what are the odds?

A place I’ve never been to, suddenly switches the supplier the day I arrive, at the time I arrive…

Odds close to 0.

I grin to myself with what just happened and sip my drink quietly…

When your will is iron and your energy is high

You begin to change the energetical and magnetical field around you instantly (By aligning with God’s will)

When you are very casual and secure in your spot – timelines can switch in an instant.

You will get what you want.

High will, high energy, high faith – switches timelines & allows rapid manifestation.

Doesn’t matter if the matter is large or small – the mechanism is the same.

PS –

I believe that “you create your own reality” is true – but the most accurate is – we create reality with the Creator, God helps us.

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