Subconscious Programming – The secret to stop working hard

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between those who work so hard, grind like hell, and devote all their energy – yet achieve so little…

To those who barely lift a finger, just have a thought to create something, take little action – yet make huge leaps and progress?

Have you ever considered what may be the “secret” they possess that helps them move quickly and effortlessly toward their goals?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place as I want to share with you one of those secrets today: The art of Subconscious Programming.

Subconscious Programming

As I progressed throughout my journey in life, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon wherever I was.

In school, in the military, in university, in business – there were always people who had it easy and others who had it hard.

In uni some people would always breeze through every course and get incredible grades- others would always bury their heads in the books for hours, from morning to dusk, losing sleep, being stressed like hell, yet achieving much less.

Btw, these people were not smarter. They were not geniuses – they just intuitively knew the natural laws of the universe and energy.

Hard Work is not a pre-sign for success

Working hard is NOT a guarantee for success, in fact, if you show me someone working too hard I would bet he is NOT on the path to success.

If a person has to exert so much emotional and physical energy to barely make any advancement forward, then something is deeply misaligned in his energy and mentality.

In fact, if a person is working so hard he will barely have time to find the opportunities, people, and situations to prosper and accomplish greater wealth, abundance, and success in their business or projects.

I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from working hard on a goal or vision. Putting in action and inputs is essential for anything to grow, yet excess work is a sign of insecurity, fear, doubt, and lack of faith.

Think about a plant that’s growing in your home. Are you constantly watering it, moving it from side to side, anxiously checking if it grew another leaf?

That’s not how nature works. You give it water once or twice a day, position it in the ideal spot for it to flourish, and let go. That’s all you do.

Of course, some businesses are of a different nature, some types of services demand a work with one client after the other – yet notice the difference.

If I had 1000 plants, of course, it would demand more of my time. It is only natural, but I have 1000 plants that will produce 1000’s of fruits, so my efforts are multiplied.

I am not investing my time in growing something frantically that takes more from me than I will ever get back.

This is a sign of immature behavior, a scarcity consciousness.

An abundant, more evolved consciousness knows that there is only so much you can do toward your goal in one given moment in time. Yes, there may be many consecutive actions, yet if you are purposefully trying to fill your time with useless tasks, you are creating a scenario you can never win with.

Up until now, I explained the mechanism for why hard work never beats smart, concentrated work.

Now how exactly does subconscious programming come into play here? And what can programming your subconscious mind help you achieve?

Subconscious Programming as the solution

You have been trained your whole life to see work as a forceful action. You were trained from a young age that work and play are two separate ideas.

You were trained to know that you have 24 hours in your day. roughly 8 hours go to sleep. 8 more hours go towards working on something. 8 more hours to yourself to do whatever you’d like.

In that training you, I, and most of the world have gone through – work is done to receive a reward. The reward is money. You are working in order to get something in return, you are not working for the sake of the work itself. This is the same example of subconscious programming from the negative side of the spectrum.

Nowadays that paradigm is beginning to shift slowly, yet the training remains the same – Work is a linear effort towards making means end.

Work is not treated as an investment of time towards perfecting your craft and creating assets you can potentially leverage down the line. It is not the concern of anyone involved in your labor when you work for someone else.

When you work for yourself, you can begin to shift that mindset and realize that putting in time towards your craft isn’t really hard work, it’s enjoyable. It’s fun. Work can be fun. Work can be valuable. Work can be a state of bliss.

The word work has gained so many negative connotation that it creates so many deeply ingrained, subconscious associations that divert people from their true path of success.

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Subconscious Programming can solve that

When you begin to reprogram your subconscious mind with hypnosis and affirmation tracks, coupled with powerful healing frequencies, alongside more in-depth meditations and practices, you begin to change your inner beliefs of what is possible and raise your vibrations.

You begin to attract more opportunities and relationships that can help you manifest more success. You can attract more money, health, and love. It is because you begin seeing more of the natural abundance states that are possible to tap into in life.

Think about it as if you were listening to the radio. You are stuck for your whole life on a channel you hate. Then one day you accidentally click a button you didn’t see there before. As you click that button you suddenly begin hearing new music, sounds, and ideas that fascinate and uplift you. You changed your frequency, and your viewpoint from where you have seen the world.

The world becomes your playground and you can achieve more than you ever thought was possible. You have shifted your vibration on an energetical level, where all true change begins.

Subconscious Programming is the fastest way to start seeing immediate results in your life.

As you listen to more and more affirmations, sounds, and mantras you begin to create that reality through your imagination and beliefs. It changes your perspective on what is possible and you begin to attract these new experiences into your life. This is all a game of attention and energy.

So how can you start doing Subconscious Programming consistently?

Luckily, I have created a course “The Subconscious Architect” to help you immerse yourself with this knowledge and become as one with it.

Whatever knowledge and wisdom you expose yourself to on a regular basis, you become. So when you dive deeper into the realms of the subconscious mind you can begin to master these principles.

You can stop living in fear, doubt, or hate and start living in a higher vibration of love, peace, and joy. As you raise your vibration and frequency you can attract more prosperity into your life with ease.

You just KNOW it’s available to you, and you have no more doubts in the process. Just like when you know that if you go to the supermarket there will be eggs, milk, and bread there – you know that if you ask for help or guidance, you will be assisted.

This is the beauty of releasing old beliefs and memories of “hard work” and starting to align with easy, smart, effortless work.

This is all you have to do – and I welcome you to take this first step here today.

Until next time,

Aaron | Limitless Master

If you’re interested to dive into deeper states of relaxation to reprogram your subconscious mind with affirmations, check out my solfeggio frequencies track on YouTube

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