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Hey Aaron, We talked about it on our call but I want to thank you again. I am grateful for meeting you in this Life Cycle. You have all the reasons to be proud of your work and expertise. You are truly one of a kind. And truly Limitless. The Process with you was more than regular coaching. Exceeding expectations with infinitely positive ROI. You have a natural gift of connecting with people and seeing beyond words. Your eyes are unique (all 3 of them). I am blessed for you to take part in my growth. And blessed to take a close look at yours in real-time. You are a positive influence on my life on scales I cannot put into words. Thank you for your time, focus, and energy. Yuval.
Yuval Oscar
Personal Trainer
My engagement with Aaron Avraham was incredibly valuable. He is intelligent, intuitive and one of the most authentic and genuine personalities I have met. His knowledge and expertise in creation and influence is second to none. I would recommend Aaron to anyone who wants to understand how to build higher, the right way.
Shawn Carlin
High Performance Coach
"Aaron gave me a new angle on life and business. He taught me how to enter the flow state on demand and how I can tap into my creativity. His holistic approach helped me get more done in less time and to do it with ease. His methods are unique yet effective and he shifted my mindset to a new level. This guy knows what he's talking about and should be the first choice when it comes to leveling up your life."
Trader and online writer
"Aaron my experience with your mastermind was fantastic. You over delivered, well worth the price. It was clear, full of depth, and exactly what I was looking for. The mastermind covers multiple topics DEEPLY. You’ll learn about the subconscious mind, clarifying your vision, tools for strengthening the mind, and so much more. The activities shared are so useful. I have future projects in the works that I couldn’t have imagined creating before. Now I have the wisdom needed to build efficiently. I absolutely loved the combination of information and ACTIONABLE steps, it’s the perfect twist of the two. Too much of either and we lose balance, Aaron you mixed these two phenomenally. Thank you."
Justin Egliskis
Holistic Health advisor
Aaron! 🔥 Just dropping in to say how grateful I am to you for all your help and support through this journey.. I’ve learnt sooo much in this short span of time and have built a strong system to grow my brand… I’ve particularly enjoyed your insights on leveraging the right mindset towards high performance! There’s so much value in the course and it’s something I will continue to fall back on.. Thank you for everything! And for of course being the incredibly kind and humble human you are! 🤗
Sukun Chopra
Communication consultant and Podcast Host
I wanted to say thank you again Aaron. The last 12 weeks have been extremely informative and genuinely life changing. Your ability to break down complex concepts into understandable briefs has really helped me internalise the core ideas.I’m grateful for the support you’ve given me and the affirmations that have made it easier to see myself as the leader I aspire to be.I am eternally grateful for the time you took to guide me through this chapter!Wishing you all the success and fulfilment you can carry ⚡
Sean Gichuru
Tech Startup Founder
The mastermind by Aaron was life-changing! He put a lot of effort in the material and engagement throughout the whole month. He is a master of articulating complex topics into simple concepts.I went from having some clarity, inefficient systems, no personal brand, and no Twitter account to complete clarity on purpose and goals, efficient systems to help keep me on track, shifting to a personal brand and creating a solid Twitter account.I can't thank Limitless enough and look forward to growing together and keeping in touch!
Fitness trainer
Aaron THANK YOU for taking so much time out of your day to speak with me and provide heartfelt guidance. I resonated deeply with your advice and the practices you shared 🙏🙏🙏Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I am once again empowered to help change things for the better. A total transformation in my outlook and energy that is already bearing fruit in the external. Ho'oponopono has been a powerful practice that I am thoroughly enjoying. You are a very genuine and loving soul Aaron! Grateful to have connected with you and I feel blessed to be receiving your guidance and wisdom.
Brandon Landers
Tech Entrepreneur
Had a fantastic clarity session with Aaron this morningI was able to get a glimpse into his vast knowledge, and get some great directionHighly recommended
"The Evolved Dad"
Consultant to men and fathers
"It’s pretty cool that you sensed my energy from my recent post. Cause I was feeling love and joy.I’ve been in an almost consistent flow state lately and it feels really great. If I could describe it. It feels like love, peace, bliss, happiness and fulfillment. And a knowing that I’m co creating with god. Regardless of my senses and external world. It’s like a knowing that things are just good and will be. My internal world and natural dwelling place is becoming pretty lovely.And I’ve noticed I’m doing things I don’t normally do. It’s like I’m in the same routine for life but not. It’s like my body is moving different because I’m moving and talking by intuition with less resistance. I’m doing things I usually would resist or have a hard time changing. Like waking up earlier, checking in with friends and family more. Talking and having more genuine conversations with even strangers. Regardless of what I’m doing, work, the gym, or even doing the dishes. I just feel great and I’m at peace. Things are just easy, I feel more and think less and just enjoy the moment. I am even posting on social media more about things from my heart without judgement and resistance.Life is about the same but I feel different. But I still see new things reflecting.As we discussed on our introduction call I had a personal ailment that I had on my body. I believe it’s starting to heal. It’s going away for sure. Instead of feeling ashamed, or unworthy about it. It’s like I feel and know that I’m healed, clean, and worthy. And I’ve imagined conversations with others in meditation discussing that I am now healed. And I have done the light healing technique a few times, you described it to me in our call and it gave me a feeling of relief after doing it.I’ve been feeling pretty great since the beginning of the year. And making a lot of self improvement. But lately it just feels like pure bliss.So just wanted to share that with you. And thank you. Being part of reality masters and your guidance and hearing others perspectives as helped me with my energy and many ways. Thanks for being a guide and mentor for your brothers and sisters. 🙏 Thank you and bless you my brother."
Jeremy M.
Fitness trainer
“When I first started working with Limitless. I was a bit lost and in my head. No sense of direction.Over the course of a few weeks that changed drastically. I crafted the vision I intended on creating and working rigorously day in day out putting action in the plan that we created.If you're feeling a bit lost/unsure of where you’re at. This is where you need to be.What’s the worst that can happen: you stay in the same position. You’re already there. Or you decide to change and finally move forward in life.Plans will be drafted Peace in mind will be gained Most importantly any challenge you have limitless always has the answer“
Had a nice meditation today in awhile~ didn't set a timer and instead focus on counting my breaths. More centered than waiting for an end to appear. I create my own resolution. And I did the recording after
I realized my meditation sessions worked better - on harder surfaces - when i focus on filling my body with my breath, from my gut, through my heart, to my head, connecting to the chakras except the crown chakra and perhaps the root chakra coz my breath doesn't get that high or low - when I keep count. If I lose count, I just count from the last no. I remember so it teaches me to focus too! - and if I feel like it, do more - and afterwards I felt more centered and wanted to visualize a bit, did one where I Visualized my energy or aura expanding with each breath and feeling the connection to itBefore it was: - focusing on observing the mind, and when I recognize I'm distracted, zoom out of it - while setting 15 min timer - and barely breathing coz when I focus on the mind, I couldn't focus on my breath at the same time - so there were times it were better and centered, times I was just struggling to reach 15 min - better than nothing but still, feel like my progress is intermittentCan't wait for ur 33 meditation + chakra book.
Brandon Chew