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The 3 Energy Levels of Business


The 3 Energy Levels of Business is a model I created to observe the market from the Energy Levels and consciousness perspective. These levels determine the market you are in, the customers you serve, and the type of business model you build.

The 3 Energy Levels of Business - Aaron Avraham

There are generally three types of businesses with 3 different Energy Levels:

  1. Necessity
  2. Material
  3. Spiritual

If you look closely into the world you will see that any product can fall into one of the three, without exception.

The level of demand is usually in the same order as the list.

The Necessity Energy Level

The necessity level is higher in demand. As the name suggests, it is essential for life, it is a necessary product that people cannot live without.

For example – food, water, housing, clothing – these are the essentials on which our life depends.

Even in necessity, there are different levels – for example, a luxury home or a standard apartment both can be considered at this level. Yet, the standard will have more demand due to affordability.

In food, everyone goes to the supermarket – not everyone goes to the bakery. People who go to the bakery, may not go to a high-end fruit shop.

An example is individual products such as Bread type A and Bread type B. The cheaper one will usually have more demand. Yet, this also depends on demographic and awareness + sophistication levels of the market. If bread type A is healthier and tastier than type B, of course it will sell better given if it is cheaper.

Yet if you target wealthy/health-conscious people, and bread type B is superior to bread type A in quality, taste, ingredients, etc then you may find that Bread type B is favorable. This is why one of the most important parts of marketing is knowing who you are selling to and what they value.

You can compete on many things: quality, price, service, speed, and many more parameters that are dependent on the product and the market.

Generally, the Necessity Energy Level has the most demand, the most competition, and the least level of “luxury” offerings in comparison to the rest of the levels. This can be known as the Economy of scale Energy Level.

The Material Energy Level

The material level is products we all get to know, feel, and love – yet are not necessary. They are one level above the necessity in terms of needs and desires. For example, I would say that a restaurant is on this level. You get something real and material in a restaurant, that satisfies a basic need of food and hunger, yet you rarely go to the restaurant out of necessity. You go to the restaurant because you are interested in an experience.

The Material Level is also a lot more experiential in its energy. It’s more about experiencing a vibe, an energy that is unique to the place or product. You go to Restaurant A which sells pizza but you don’t go to Restaurant B because of the vibe. (Given they are similar in their offering, taste, product, and pricing.)

Of course, there is never just one factor that makes it so simple to determine why you prefer one place or the other. If that interests you, you can start researching what makes you go to one place, yet dislike the other. Is it the price? Is it the food, taste, service, atmosphere – perhaps the overall energy?

The Material level is much more competitive in the sense that there are many products that try to grab your attention. This level is tricky because it’s not entirely physical and not entirely spiritual. You have a product but the benefits are in the overall experience, package, design, comfort, and added benefits that the essentials don’t grant you – yet they may not be pronounced enough energetically to fully immerse you in their aura and energy field.

Despite that, the material level is probably the most common way people get very rich and wealthy nowadays. People are looking for tangible experiences, more comfort, for products/services that make their life easier, better, faster, more enjoyable.

Traveling and flights will go to this level. Makeup, cosmetics, health products, supplements, and real life education will go to this level. There are many things in this level that you use every single day, that you may consider a necessity, such as your computer, your mouse, keyboard, kitchen tools and so forth. Almost all of modern humanity’s products are in this level.

Generally, the Material Energy Level has high demand, lower competition as you can find niches within it, and has a high potential to create luxurious, or premium offerings that solve a strong need or improve an element of the product/service in the market. If you are positioned properly, sales on this level will be way easier than on any other level, and the flow of money is the largest in this Energy Level.

The Spiritual Energy Level

The spiritual level business is the most advanced energetically and from a consciousness level perspective. The reason is that it is solving problems and providing needs that are very high on the levels of needs. (think survival vs self-actualization)

If a person is focused on survival, they will most likely not be able to focus on the spiritual level completely. They may not have the resources to further advance themselves on that level – or the mental capacity to think about it. Therefore this level is usually reached when one is either highly developed spiritually in the first place, and realizes that their true needs are very simple – or more traditionally when one has reached a solid material foundation, where most needs are effortlessly taken care of.

Usually in the past few decades, it was a field reserved for humans who have reached what society deems as the peak of human development or evolution: A good job/business, family, children, house, and good livelihood.

The paradigm for this has changed in the last 2 decades, especially from around 2008 where the housing crisis made many people realize the fragility of the “system” and began the mass awakening of humans to their innate potential.

Many younger humans are born more and more aware and the ages of my students are getting younger and younger – understanding fundamental truths of the universe and concepts of Energy Levels much younger in life, without having to go through the pre-determined scripts of society or wanting things they don’t need for status sake. This is a great sign of human consciousness elevating.

The spiritual level consists of businesses and products that are not a necessity. They are not a “hard need” that people must have.

For example – art, music, books, theatre, consulting, education, coaching, therapy, courses, entertainment and so forth.

The world *can* live without this level, theoretically, albeit it would be a less fine, delicate world to live in where consciousness levels would significantly drop. Yet, without disillusionment, the world can survive without it. That is not to judge the quality of living in such a world, simply from the aspect of possibility. The world would not survive without the Neccesity foundational Energy Level.

Sometimes a product can be in two categories as well – such as a guitar. It is both on the material and on the spiritual, energetical level. It is an instrument that creates music, yet it is also made of concrete material.

If I had to choose one level to place it – it would be on the spiritual level due to the fact it is less of a necessity and used for higher consciousness activities.

All that is high on the creative level is not subject to a strong market need and people will not invest in these fields if they do not have the ability – such in times of economic depression, uncertainty, war, or lack of cash flow. That can’t be said about food, shelter, water, and clothing as discussed earlier.

Additionally, a person may be able to invest in the spiritual level in some times, yet won’t feel inclined in others. It is a very dynamic field with many different variables.

The Spiritual Energy Level has a different Mechanism

The reason is that the Spiritual/Energetical Level is broadcasted more by the ENERGY and AURA of the creator, business person, service provider, or the product being sold.

If the AURA of the person and the product is strong and resonates with the world, it will be sold. If the creator has truly built their AURA and ENERGY LEVELS – it is felt in the energy field of the potential customer, student, or benefactor of his services and products. There aren’t many ways to market this type of business in a “HARD” push marketing way that keeps the authenticity very high and natural. It is based on the intuition and high sense of feeling of the market that consumes the Spiritual Energy Level products and services.

This is why this type of business level is determined mostly on energy and aura. It is determined on attraction based marketing. If the person is radiating energy you love and you want more of in your life – you will get their products, services, and offerings. If the person is touching your heart and soul – you will want more of their presence, advice, and connection.

It is therefore not a business that is easy or preferable to industrialize.

A great coach can become too salesy very fast if they are unaware of these energy levels. A therapist cannot push therapy down people’s throats. A musician cannot force people to listen to their music. An artist cannot make you love their art. It just doesn’t work that way.

A home renovator or gardener in comparison can do so. If you want to open a gardening business you can go prospecting door to door and no one will find it incredibly intrusive. Yes, it could be annoying to some people, yet if you are polite, helpful, and genuine, you will get many new customers and sales that way.

Trust Levels

There is more trust needed on the spiritual Energy Level than the necessity/material levels. If one is required to allow a person into their energy field they have to be very considerate to the energy and credibility of that person.

If you are going to allow a gardener to work on your grass, well – that’s a lower level of trust – even if you really, really, love your garden. That’s basic energy laws, the more you are aware of energy, the more you want to protect yourself from people who may not have their best interest at heart.

If the one who is going to receive the service is YOU then you will want the most delicate and professional care in the world.

Therefore for example – massagists also fall into the material-spiritual spectrum, yet again they offer something more tangible than coaching or consulting due to the physical touch. Another example for the demand for more dense energy experiences would be restaurants. A restaurant is a more tangible experience than a tour of a wine orchard. The more physical energy people receive, the easier it is for them to make a decision… yet this trend is shifting in many people nowadays.

The Trend is shifting

Consciousness Levels are on the rise. The phenomenon I described above is shifting and we are moving more and more higher, into the higher Energy Levels of less density. The Higher the Energy Levels are, the more subtle they are to experience. One of the reasons for this phenomenon in the first place is that people are DENSE in energy. The denser they are – the more they want more of what they can touch, feel, experience, and taste in exchange for their money (which is basically energy). The less-dense a person is, the more they are motivated to invest in the intangible essence of their soul and spirit- which deep down they know is the most valuable and precious thing in the world, the only thing they truly have or own.

This change in phenomenon is subtle, and can be attributed to the opening of the 3rd eye as a new sense for human beings to explore and experience. I go into this inside the “open your 3rd eye course” and in “Beyond Limits” book. I also suggest “Meditation Master” if you want to elevate your energy levels and see the consciousness spectrum and Energy Levels from the bird’s eye view.

For now, I hope you understand better the 3 main Energy Levels of business, the differences between them, and why some products sell more “easily” than others. I mark easily this way because every level has different pros and cons that can be leveraged. For example, on the spiritual/energetical level you can specialize in one very unique domain and be one of the few if not the only person in the world who can provide the service/product. On the essential level, you are selling to the masses and thus the competition is higher – yet you are granted to have a degree of success even if you are a bit above average.

This article is a broad overview on a topic where we barely scratched the surface! There are many nuances and different cases here, and we can’t go over every single case, so take the big picture and see where it applies to your skillset, ideas, natural abilities, and gifts.

If you want to work with me personally in raising your consciousness and energy levels, match it to your lifestyle, work, and business, and consciously create the life you want to live you can go to this page and book coaching with me.

If you have any questions, contact me by Telegram or email: contact [@] limitlessmaster.com

Thank you for reading,

Aaron Avraham

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